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Inside Dentistry
November 2013
Volume 9, Issue 11

KöR® Whitening

Tooth whitening for every type of patient

KöR Whitening is widely regarded as the most effective tooth whitening system available. Owned and operated by Rod Kurthy, DMD, KöR was introduced in 2007 following 30 years of research and development. Amazing clinical results on tough to “impossible” staining cases, such as that caused by tetracycline and fluorosis, have caused fellow dentists to take notice, and as a result the company has experienced explosive growth over the past few years.

New Features

Dr. Kurthy has implemented several firsts in the whitening industry that fuel this very unique system. First is refrigeration. Heat is any whitening gel’s worst enemy. KöR Whitening gels are stored between 34°F and 38°F and are kept cold at all times, from the moment of manufacture through delivery to dental offices in cold packs. Additionally, refrigeration eliminates the need for chemical stabilizers. When placed in the mouth, the gels are more unstable, thus more active and effective. The lack of these stabilizers also reduces patient sensitivity—a problematic side effect with many competitive systems.

In 2011, Dr. Kurthy introduced the Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel™ Hydremide® Peroxide chemical formulation and delivery system—the first and only system of this type in the whitening industry. Many chemicals cannot be mixed prior to use. By separating the chemicals into three divided chambers (Tri-Barrel) as opposed to two (dual-barrel), Dr. Kurthy was able to add more critical components to the formula, adding to the power of KöR’s whitening ability.

Another essential feature is the KöR-Seal™ Whitening Tray. The precise fit of the trays at the cervical gingival margin seal out destructive salivary and sulcular fluid antioxidants. As a result, the whitening gels stay active in the mouth for more than 6 hours. Industry research has shown that with ordinary whitening trays, the gels remain active for only 25 to 35 minutes.

All of KöR’s unique features work together to deliver exceptional whitening results. Hundreds of clinical cases may be viewed in the KöR gallery at

Applications and Benefits

Any clinician doing whitening should evaluate KöR. Although the brand gained recognition based on its tetracycline and fluorosis results, KöR is not only for the tough cases. With the company’s recent growth and continued R&D, there are now a variety of competitively priced KöR systems available with reduced chairtime. Nighttime, daytime, and in-office options are part of the product line, adding to the flexibility for both clinician and patient.

First and foremost, the benefit of KöR Whitening is exceeding patient expectations with truly white teeth. Many KöR customers have found this system to be a practice builder that leads to referrals. When results fall short of expectations, the patient may lose confidence in his or her clinician. By exceeding them, however, clinicians may find they have raving fans for life who share their experiences with others, and who are also more likely to follow recommendations for necessary, and optional, future cosmetic treatment.


KöR was the first—and remains the only system—that comes with a no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee.

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KöR Whitening
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