Inside Dentistry
October 2013
Volume 9, Issue 10

Komet® ACR & GSQ Ceramic Instruments

Efficient, long-lasting, high-performance cutters

Ceramic cutters ensure pleasant, gentle, intuitive work with absolute precision both chairside and in the laboratory. Throughout the course of its 90-year history, the global Komet® corporation has strived to provide superior quality rotary instruments that ideally match the evolving array of dental materials and chairside and laboratory techniques.

With an in-house R&D department, Komet works with dentists and dental lab technicians to deliver efficient, high-performance, cost-effective, long-lasting solutions to meet the daily challenges of dentistry, recognizing that excellent dentistry demands first-class instruments. Toward this end, Komet’s exclusive, brilliant ceramic cutters have been developed to ensure pleasant, gentle, intuitive work as well as absolute precision at chairside and in the laboratory. Two types of cutters are available with a choice of toothing: ACR and GSQ.

The sharp toothing of the ACR ceramic cutters is gentle yet highly efficient and permits outstanding control as well as stress-free, pleasant work. The ACR cutters can be employed for trimming acrylics, providing excellent substance removal. The instruments are offered in two styles: the K251ACR.HP.60 and the K79ACR.HP.040.

The GSQ cutters are especially suitable for trimming acrylics and soft relines. They are perfectly designed for application on materials that tend to clog, such as when trimming temporary appliances. They are also offered in two styles: the K79GSQ.HP.040 and the K261GSQ.HP.023. The K79GSQ.HP.040 is ideal for shortening the margins of deep-drawn bite splints, and the K261GSQ.HP.023 facilitates work on temporary appliance acrylics that tend to clog other instruments.

In the laboratory, these elegant, efficient ceramic cutters create perfectly smooth surfaces. The all-white Komet K261GSQ.HP.023 can even cut green-state zirconium oxide, gliding through the material with ease. When in operation, the instrument generates minimal vibration, thus facilitating the safe removal of zirconium oxide objects from circular blanks.

At chairside, Komet ceramic cutters are especially suited for making small adjustments and corrections to acrylic elements and for trimming temporary appliances. The working parts of these precise, smooth-running instruments are fabricated of a durable, high-performance ceramic material that maintains its color and integrity throughout the instruments’ long service lives, resisting the potentially corrosive effects of chemicals used during disinfection and sterilization procedures.

According to Dr. Joseph Massad, Founder of the Massad Center for Removable Pros­thodontics in Tulsa, Oklahoma, “When I used Komet’s ceramic bur, I was amazed at how smoothly it cut acrylics and soft liners. It was unique in that it didn’t collect debris in its flutes. With this ceramic bur, you can feel the smoothness of its cutting action while you use it. It’s like using a hot knife on butter.”

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