Inside Dentistry
September 2013
Volume 9, Issue 9

KöR Whitening System

Superior results through physics and chemistry

It is common knowledge that teeth whitening has had a frustrating history of fads and flops punctuated with mild successes along the way. For many dentists, the experience has been that results are largely unreliable, frequently unpredictable, and sometimes downright painful for patients. Considering that traditional whitening techniques were not developed based on the physical laws of science and chemistry, it isn’t terribly surprising that results have been historically disappointing.

The KöR Whitening System solves the problems of whitening effectiveness and predictability, and significantly reduces the sensitivity factor by relying on logical scientific principles and the laws of physics and chemistry.

Everything that makes the KöR Whitening System unchallenged as the most effective whitening system available on the market today is based on nearly four decades of primary whitening science research and development focused on solving the problems of effectiveness and predictability. That proprietary research yielded numerous breakthroughs, including the necessity of continuous refrigeration of whitening products. Because it was engineered from the ground up to rely completely on the laws of physics and chemistry, KöR Whitening is so effective, it has become recognized as the only system capable of significantly whitening any case, even tetracycline staining and fluorosis, within a short treatment time.

Because of the recent growth and expansion KöR has experienced, many improvements to the system have made it not only extremely simple to use, but also much, much more affordable. The KöR Whitening philosophy is that clinicians shouldn’t have to choose between a system that is effective and one that fits their budget, which is why KöR Whitening is now easier and more affordable than ever without sacrificing any of its effectiveness.

The benefits KöR Whitening provides to dental practices are two-fold—it is the system that really works for any whitening patient, and it gets patients excited about dentistry.

When patients teeth get truly white, they become completely infatuated with their new smile. And with that infatuation comes an attention to detail that makes them notice darker crowns and fillings, chips, spaces and other imperfections. In many cases, this leads to replacing darker restorations, closing spaces with bonding, orthodontic treatment, and occasionally full veneer cases. Having a practice full of excited patients is what every dentist dreams about and KöR Whitening is genuinely capable of turning that excitement into action.

The recent improvements that were responsible for the simplification of KöR Whitening, as well as the reduction in cost, are what allows KöR to offer what no other whitening company can – a 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee. It is only natural that dentists are skeptical of promises made by product manufacturers because so many simply cannot be kept. KöR Whitening is different and stands behind the entire system with a zero-risk guarantee. If a dentist doesn’t believe that KöR Whitening is the most effective whitening system they have ever used, they will receive a full refund. No other whitening company offers a guarantee like this, which is something KöR Whitening is very proud of.

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