Inside Dentistry
September 2013
Volume 9, Issue 9

Features and Benefits of the E4D® NEVO™ Scanner and Design Center

A powerful tool for enhanced patient outcomes

Gary Kaye, DDS

As the founder of Kaye Dentistry, PLLC, located in New York City, I’ve been working with in-office CAD/CAM for more than a decade. Since I made the critical decision to update my practice’s equipment and integrate the E4D® Dentist System (D4D Technologies, LLC, www.e4d.com), our patients have been thrilled and my practice has been flourishing. Being able to incorporate the new E4D® NEVO™ Scanner and Design Center enables our practice to reach a new level of precision, proficiency, and productivity compared with prior CAD/CAM systems.

When we originally upgraded our CAD/CAM offerings to the E4D system several years ago, the team was engaged in discussions about my vision. They responded enthusiastically, especially when they learned about many of the benefits of the E4D system, such as greater accuracy and powder-free scans that result in precise restorations that resemble a patient’s natural anatomic tooth structure. Some staff members had treatments performed with the new technology, so they were able to experience firsthand the benefits of the system. Once they witnessed how easy it was to use and were fully trained to execute the benefits it would bring, they were eager to share this with our patients, and their enthusiasm was contagious.

The recently introduced NEVO Scanner technology expands upon years of experience with powder-free image capture in the intraoral environment and is the first scanner to use E4D’s patent-pending blue laser technology. It is the blue laser technology that provides an improved ability to capture the fine details for exceptional quality data capture and, therefore, more precise and accurate prosthetics. Capturing every detail of the preparation on to the screen enables us to predictably design and mill precise restorations. To me, it allows us to continue providing our diverse patient population with state-of-the-art treatments with durable, well-fitting restorations using the most highly developed technology available.

The solid-state NEVO Scanner incorporates many other advances to ensure an exceptional intraoral scanning experience. These include video-rate speed, ease of use, fog-free scanning, ergonomic design for easy positioning, removable tips for infection control, active heat dissipation for full-arch scanning, color-coded feedback to operator, and adjustable field of view. All of these features translate to better-quality restorations for patients through a more convenient experience.

But it’s also important that these enhancements enable us to strengthen our practice and provide patients with comfortable and successful treatments, including same-day treatments and restorations. The new E4D NEVO Design Center is a powerful laptop computer that uses high-speed Thunderbolt™ technology with the NEVO Scanner to provide more energy and double the bandwidth of USB 3 connections. For a busy dental practice, this is significant, since we now experience extremely fast processing and alignment of scans, which are important when offering same-day dentistry. These features contribute to the accuracy of the restorations and the speed with which they can be created within the dental practice for enhanced performance.

Even more significant to me as the practice’s business owner, team leader, and clinician is the fact that the E4D NEVO Design Center gives us increased flexibility and portability. Plug-and-play convenience allows us to customize the configuration, so we can enhance the restorative workflow across the entire practice. Essentially, we can offer same-day dentistry in more than one operatory, all while wirelessly connected to the milling center. Our productivity is enhanced and patient care is maximized with restorations with improved quality, fit, and predictability.

Gary Kaye, DDS, is in private practice in Manhattan, New York.

Thunderbolt is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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