Inside Dentistry
July 2013
Volume 9, Issue 7

OnTraQ BIOlogical™ 12 and BIOlogical™ 52

User-friendly technology to improve compliance, manage risk, and save time and money

Patient awareness of infection control has increased dramatically. Today’s patient is likely to ask questions about a practice’s infection control protocols. Putting aside recent well-publicized infection control breaches, dentistry has a much broader challenge in complying with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) biologic monitoring guidelines.

According to third-party biological testing laboratories, only 25% of spore test kits sold are returned for testing, resulting in a one in four dental compliance rate with CDC guidelines. This surprisingly low compliance rate is generally due to the day-to-day challenges of a busy schedule, staff turnover, vacations, non-documented processes, and simply forgetting to complete the task at hand.

Focus on Compliance

To bridge this compliance gap, dentists can take immediate corrective action by creating and adhering to standardized processes, employing electronic reminders, and maintaining digitally archived records. Leveraging today’s available process-building, tracking, tracing, and reminder technology to manage biologic testing, dentists can now permanently address the forgetting-to-test problem while saving time and money and better managing risk.

The problem of endangering patient health by failing to complete simple tasks occurs in all areas of healthcare and is the focus of the book The Checklist Manifesto by Dr. Atul Gawande, who has championed the use of checklists in healthcare. The “planned result” dentistry must achieve is the monitoring of autoclaves in compliance with CDC guidelines. HealthFirst’s® OnTraQ™ BIOlogical™ Monitoring Services is the technology tool to leverage to provide dental practices with process and task management. OnTraQ BIOlogical is the first monitoring service designed to make compliance with CDC guidelines simple, routine, and foolproof. OnTraQ’s underlying functionality is based on the principles inherent in ISO Quality Standards and the Joint Commission standards in medicine.

Emphasize Accountability

The OnTraQ™ Compliance Manager allows the practice to:

• Create an effective biologic monitoring and testing process
• Assign team members responsibility
• Establish the frequency of testing
• Set and send recurring automated reminders via text, email, and OnTraQ
• Confirm completion or notify responsible person of noncompliance for reassignment
• Archive and access all results securely online

Automated task creation and management saves time, reduces errors, and improves compliance. In this era of technology and transparency, forgetting a required compliance task is no longer reasonable or acceptable when user-friendly, cost effective solutions exist.

OnTraQ BIOlogical is available as both an in-office (the first 10-hour test results) and a third-party spore testing service in either 12- or a 52-week test kits. Both the third-party and in-office services provide free access to the OnTraQ BIOlogical Compliance Manager, a secure, cloud-based, paperless, time-saving compliance management system, so there is no need to file faxed and “snail mail” reports.

Using HealthFirst’s OnTraQ BIOlogical Compliance Manager, practices can stay on track with their biologic monitoring compliance requirements regardless of office size or type. OnTraQ provides the practice visibility, archived proof of compliance, and the peace of mind to know the task has been completed.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Don Cohen, Chief Compliance Officer HealthFirst
Phone: 800-331-1984
Web: www.healthfirst.com


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