Inside Dentistry
July 2013
Volume 9, Issue 7


Adhesion cementation system for lithium disilicate restorations

In 1981, Dr. Byoung Suh had a vision for better resins. With focused research and a dedicated team, BISCO pioneered dental adhesion technology, and many of the dental products clinicians rely on today can be traced back to this beginning. Currently, BISCO is an international dental restorative company specializing in making high-quality products that are chemical based and ideal for successful adhesion to teeth and other dental substrates. BISCO chemistry is proven, reliable, and simple, and its products allow the dental practitioner to standardize clinical protocols, saving time and money. BISCO proudly manufactures its materials in the United States for worldwide distribution, and as a direct sales company, it provides affordable, quality products with exceptional value.

Simplifying Cementation

eCEMENT™ is BISCO’s newest restorative material. In order to simplify cementation protocol, BISCO developed this all-in-one resin cement system to complement cementation of lithium disilicate (eg, IPS e.max®, Ivoclar Vivadent). Using high-strength resins to bond lithium disilicate is beneficial to form a strong restoration to the tooth. In addition, the eCEMENT system addresses concerns about marginal staining, as well as issues with long-term retention of single or multiple units typically seen with the current cements available.

An All-In-One Kit

eCEMENT is the one cementation kit for lithium disilicate restorations. The highly filled light-cured Milky Bright and Translucent resin cements are formulated to flow within the milled cement spaces and be fully reactive at 2 mm to the absorbing light energy, while the dual-cured Universal shade has a dedicated dark cure to ensure polymerization where the light cannot reach. Porcelain Primer silanation of the lithium disilicate surface and the use of All-Bond Universal® on the prep to create a sealed surface to both dentin and enamel is confidently accomplished in seconds and creates the ultimate bonded restoration.

A Wealth of Benefits

BISCO’s eCEMENT is truly a complete kit with all components needed to successfully cement lithium disilicate restorations. It is compatible with veneers, crowns, and bridges, including all CAD/CAM blocks and pressable ingots made of lithium disilicate, providing universality and versatility in restorative cementation. eCEMENT also allows for the easy removal of excess cement with an extended gel phase and less light sensitivity, resulting in ease-of-use and excellent handling. It is easily identified on radiographs for quick and effective diagnosis.

In addition, eCEMENT’s low film thickness ensures the restoration will be completely seated, and because it is light-cured, it will not change color over time. This allows for a natural looking restoration and results in superior esthetics.

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