Inside Dentistry
July 2013
Volume 9, Issue 7

CRANEX® Novuse Digital Panoramic X-Ray Unit

Next-generation digital panoramic unit for daily patient care

Panoramic radiography continues to offer today’s dentist an amazing view—insight into the patient’s dental health at a very low radiation dose. As clinicians considering updating their x-ray equipment already know, there are many models available. Selecting the right one is critical because it is a long-term investment. With today’s new technologies, dentists are better equipped to detect and treat diseases of the jaw. They can develop treatment plans and predict the outcome of procedures before treatment.

Going Digital

The advantages of digital radiography compared with film techniques include the rapid communication of images and the ease of storage. It takes between 8 and 9 seconds for the CRANEX® Novuse digital panoramic x-ray unit to survey the whole maxillofacial complex, presenting a clear and accurate image with much less radiation than a full-mouth series of traditional dental x-rays.

The entire dental staff understands how the right technologies benefit patients and the quality of care. CRANEX Novuse from SOREDEX is an affordably priced option to consider before purchasing an x-ray system.

Excellent Image Quality, Maximum Efficiency

With a wider range of tube head output and easier program selection with the ClearTouch™ control panel, the CRANEX Novuse provides better images to increase clinicians’ understanding of the patient’s dentition and predict the outcome of procedures with improved accuracy.

Designed for fast operation and easy work;flow, the CRANEX Novuse also delivers max;imum efficiency, another factor to consider when deciding on a unit. With the 5” ClearTouch control panel, the user can easily access all settings. The advanced image processing ensures that images are immediately ready for diagnostics work after exposure. The SOREDEX 5-point patient stabilization system guarantees accurate and stable patient positioning.

An Integrated Solution

CRANEX Novuse can be easily adapted to a clinic’s software environment. TWAIN image capture software or CLINIVIEW™ XV offers a comprehensive set of imaging tools to assist clinicians with their daily imaging needs. SOREDEX flexible software options allow connection to most imaging software packages, and most include standard single-user and optional network multi-user versions. The multi-connect functionality of CRANEX Novuse enables direct connection to the unit from multiple treatment rooms. CRANEX Novuse has an easy-to-use Ethernet connection to a PC or network.

Taking the Next Step

Increased efficiency, image quality, and connectivity are just a few of the benefits available to clinicians who make the switch from traditional x-ray equipment to a digital panoramic. Speed, accuracy, quality, and many other attributes of digital radiography help clinicians increase the efficiency and profitability of their practices.

Thanks to major advances in technology, these machines are now more adaptable than ever. They come in a variety of feature sets and price points to fit the needs of virtually any office. This means that individual practitioners can find the perfect system with the most advanced features at a price that fits their budget and in a size that fits their office.

Dental practitioners can get started by visiting SOREDEX site to browse its selection of equipment or contact a SOREDEX equipment dealer to see how the CRANEX Novuse makes panoramic imaging fast and easy.

For more information, contact:

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