Inside Dentistry
April 2013
Volume 9, Issue 4

Sesame Patient Login™: A Powerful State-of-the-Art Practice Portal

Transforming the way dental offices engage with patients

In today’s digital age, online inter­actions and communications with dentists are more important to patients than ever. At the same time, practices are looking for ways to become more efficient while continuing to build a long-term, sustainable patient community. Today practices can leverage cloud-based technology to manage critical patient engagement functions cost effectively, thereby building deeper patient relationships more efficiently than ever. These advancements impact key dental practice performance areas such as case acceptance, patient appointment adherence, streamlined collections, increased new patient flow, and much more.

Sesame Patient Login™ gives the dental practice the ability to provide the easy-to-use online access demanded by today’s patients while helping practices further improve ongoing operations. Whether it’s sending automated appointment reminders or financial payment reminders, Sesame makes life easier for the patient. Sesame also gives the practice the ability to streamline their patient communications while reducing time-consuming tasks, which in turn leads to greater practice efficiency.

Sesame Patient Login has a wealth of features for both practices and patients. Any practice using this portal is able to view appointment history, host online patient surveys, and ask for post-appointment feed­back, as well as send courtesy appointment reminders through e-mail, text, and even automated phone calls. In the same vein, the portal can send recall and reactivation notices, as well as no-show notices. The Patient Login Portal also allows the office to send automated overdue financial reminders and on-demand flex spending and expiring benefit statements, thus ensuring that members of the office staff do not have to spend time calling patients to relay this information. Sesame Patient Login gives the staff the ability to send custom newsletters and even e-greeting birthday and holiday cards to patients through e-mail campaigns. In addition to these features, Sesame Patient Login tracks everything, giving members of the dental team access to real-time practice analytics. The net result is that practice staff spend less time on the phone or computer and more time engaging patients in the office.

There are also extensive features available for patients with the Sesame Patient Portal. Patients are able to choose how they would like to receive automated reminders, whether it is by e-mail, text, or with a phone call. They are able to view and confirm their appointments online, and add them to their electronic calendar. The patients can also view their statements online, print insurance forms and receipts, and even pay their bills through the portal. As a further convenience, patients are able to access health forms, review their treatment information and forms, and give post-appointment feedback all online. They also have the capability to refer their friends, participate in website surveys, receive e-greetings, and share information with friends and family via Facebook.

Designed exclusively for dentistry, Sesame Patient Login offers a comprehensive suite of online patient communication and engagement tools to help clinicians retain, acquire, grow, and optimize their practices.

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