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Inside Dentistry
April 2013
Volume 9, Issue 4

APPLIQUATOR™ Fiber-Free Micro-Applicator

Providing precise, consistent dosing without shedding

Transcodent, a German engineering company specializing in the design and manufacture of precision dental tools, has completely re-engineered a fiber-free solution for the application of dental liquids and gels—the APPLIQUATOR™.

Innovative Materials

Transcodent recognized that today’s complex materials should be applied with tools that do not contaminate bonding agents or the restoration site. Until now, all micro-applicators have been made the same way—with fibers and glue. This design becomes problematic when the glue dissolves and fibers shed, which can cause contamination.

German engineers at Transcodent created the APPLIQUATOR with medical-grade materials that pick up and release a precise dose every time without contamination. The APPLIQUATOR’s design combines a rigid handle with a soft, pliable head. The head contains fiber-free capillary canals (Figure 1 and Figure 2) that pick up and release precise doses of dental materials. The handle bends and holds its shape for tough-to-reach applications.

Because the APPLIQUATOR is precision-injection molded, the capillary canals always hold and release the same amount of fluid every time with every application. The fact that the APPLIQUATOR does not absorb liquid like micro-applicators made with glue and fibers means that it minimizes waste and reduces the risk of depositing excess material in the restoration site.

Diverse Options

The soft, pliable head is made from a medical-grade elastomer. Because the head is flexible, it can fit into tight and irregular areas. Transcodent found that the diversity that exists in dentists and dental materials requires different techniques. For that reason, the APPLIQUATOR head is manufactured in two options for stiffness—soft and regular—as well as in regular- and fine-sized, versions.

Transcodent manufactures the APPLIQUATOR in Germany with state-of-the-art automated proprietary equipment. Automation and strict process control guarantee a high-quality, standardized product every time. The APPLIQUATOR is available in color-coded soft and regular versions and two different sizes. To avoid waste and contamination and guarantee precise application, dental bonding agents should be applied with a sophisticated, precision micro-applicator.


The APPLIQUATOR is not a brush; it is a nonshedding micro-applicator that will not contaminate the restoration site. The precision-molded design allows for delivery of the exact dose every time, and the medical-grade elastomer head flexes into tight spots. The innovative design allows dental professionals to use only the amount of liquid needed for a procedure, thus eliminating waste and avoiding the risk of excess material in the restoration site. The APPLIQUATOR represents the first major advance in micro-fiber applicators in 20 years.

for more information, contact:

Transcodent USA
Phone: 855-210-2556


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