Inside Dentistry
February 2013
Volume 9, Issue 2

The STATIM Story

SciCan’s new STATIM® G4 sterilizes dental instruments in a fraction of the time as traditional autoclaves.

Identifying the need for an ultra-fast, compact sterilizer for reusable dental and medical instruments in the early 1990s, SciCan, Inc., developed one of the great infection control innovations of the 20th century: STATIM.

Designed to sterilize in a fraction of the time compared to traditional autoclaves (6 minutes vs. 60 minutes), STATIM reduced the quantity of expensive instruments needed as it enabled practitioners to sterilize on demand. STATIM has become the industry standard for fast, effective and gentle sterilization cycles. STATIM will not rust or corrode delicate dental instrumentation. General practice dental offices find that their surgical instruments, scalers, and anything with a hinge will look great and operate flawlessly for years. The life of high-speed handpiece turbines and fiber optics are also enhanced.


STATIM® G4 is the fourth generation of the signature STATIM sterilizer. The STATIM 2000 and 5000 G4 units continue to be powered by SciCan’s signature steam injection technology, which provides the fastest and gentlest sterilization available to date. Dri-Tec technology ensures that instruments come out dry each time. The STATIM G4 series has been dramatically upgraded with cutting-edge technology providing a level of Internet connectivity that has never been seen in the dental market.



The most unique feature of the G4 is the Ethernet connection that allows an entire new world of sterilizer options. The STATIM G4 series is capable of secure communication with anyone you choose, including technical service personnel, via the Internet. Should there ever be a “cycle fault” on a G4, the information can be automatically sent via e-mail to preselected dealer service technicians. The dealer can then be given a security token by the office staff that allows the technician 2 hours of remote access to review the cycles or run and watch a live cycle on their computer, smart phone, or other web-enabled device. This saves a costly service trip to the office just to diagnose a problem.

A New Look

The STATIM has been modernized with a new sleek and contemporary look. The textured cover resists stains and scratches. A new large 3.5” high-resolution touchscreen offers a vivid display for all G4 operations and options. The G4 is complemented with an optional matching Silicone STATMat to protect the unit and keep it looking brand new for years. Another optional new feature is the STATFlow waste bottle. Because all STATIMs use fresh steam-distilled water on each cycle, the new STATFlow waste bottle is a plumbed, under-the-sink option to handle all wastewater with no cleaning or dumping of the wastewater bottle.

Built-in Data Logger

STATIM G4 comes out of the box with a built-in data logger to record every sterilization cycle. A USB flash drive comes with every machine and plugs into the front of the G4 to add convenience with the copying and printing of cycle data on any computer. All cycles, including cycle faults, can be stored in the “cloud” to provide secure off-premises cycle storage.

Cycle Time— STATIM 2000 G4: 6 minutes unwrapped; 14 minutes wrapped

Cycle Time— STATIM 5000 G4: 9 minutes unwrapped; 17.5 minutes wrapped


Dentists will appreciate the powerful STATIM G4 series of sterilizers and the cutting-edge technology that SciCan brings to the table.

For more information, contact:
SciCan, Inc.
Phone: 800-572-1211
Web: www.scican.com


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