Inside Dentistry
February 2013
Volume 9, Issue 2

One Shape® for Endodontic Instrumentation

This single NiTi instrument is used in a continuous rotation for root canal preparations.

To aid in effectively cleaning and shaping canals, engine-driven NiTi instrumentation is becoming the procedure of choice in endodontics. Greater taper instruments incorporated with NiTi flexibility has increased the efficiency of root canal procedures.

The quest for simplifying the endodontic instrumentation sequence has been ongoing for almost 20 years, resulting in more than 70 different engine-driven endodontic instrumentation systems that are currently available to practitioners. The One Shape® instrumentation system has effectively reduced the instrument sequence to a single NiTi instrument in continuous rotation (Figure 1).

The unique design of the One Shape® instrument incorporates a variation of cross-sections along the active length of the file, which offers an optimal cutting action in three zones of the canal. Each instrument has been electropolished to enhance cutting efficiency. One Shape®’s flexibility and unique downward movement ensures an effective apical progression. Minimal fatigue along the length of the file virtually eliminates the risk of separation. The One Shape® instrument has a safety tip and is 25 at the tip with an .06 taper.

One Shape® for Canal Shaping

After accessing, finding, achieving patency to a size 15 hand file, and then achieving straight-line access into the canal, irrigate the canal thoroughly with sodium hypochlorite. With the handpiece set at the recommended 400 rpm:

1. Take the One Shape® instrument down to two thirds of the working length using an in-and-out movement without pressure while performing an upward circumferential filing movement in order to pre-enlarge the canal. Withdraw and clean the One Shape® instrument. Irrigate and check canal patency.

2. Place the One Shape® instrument into the canal and take it to 3 mm from working length with an in-and-out movement without pressure. Withdraw and clean. Irrigate and check canal patency.

3. Place the One Shape® instrument into the canal and take it to working length performing the in-and-out movement without pressure. Working length can be reached in one or more passages (file withdrawal, cleaning the file, irrigation and patency check) depending on the complexity of the canal anatomy.

The One Shape® instrument is delivered in a sterile blister pack and should be used on one tooth and then discarded. Also, the practitioner can use their current endodontic motor and endodontic handpiece with the One Shape® instrument.

One Shape® is optimally designed to work on the majority of all endodontic cases. One Shape® is the one and only instrument in continuous rotation for quality root canal preparations.

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