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Inside Dentistry
February 2013
Volume 9, Issue 2

CAESY Cloud 1.3

Patterson’s online portal makes patient education easier than ever.

Cloud computing is becoming more and more indispensable as awareness of its convenience and security continues to grow. By using the cloud as a repository for data, users are freed from the hassles of keeping physical copies. This not only helps in reducing clutter and preventing important information from being misplaced, but also in accessing the most up-to-date versions of data.

In the dental office, CAESY Cloud exemplifies these benefits. Patterson Dental’s online portal provides users with immediate access to multimedia patient education presentations. CAESY Cloud can be accessed from PC and Mac desktop computers, smartphones, and the iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

Tagged and Searchable

The latest version of the software, CAESY Cloud 1.3, includes a number of updates and added functionality that make it easier than ever to use. The interface has been redesigned to better support mobile, tablet, and desktop users. CAESY Cloud 1.3 also includes a new TMD section in high definition—the first time CAESY content has been released in high definition in any format. Additionally, Smile Channel content is now available on the cloud. For this update, much of the Smile Channel content was re-mastered and uploaded in high definition.

CAESY Cloud 1.3 now features content descriptions for all videos, helping users easily identify what topic each video features. New video titles have also been added to offer more clear descriptions of topics. While presentations used to be organized by topic and subtopic, CAESY Cloud 1.3 uses a tag-based approach, which gives users the ability to filter videos by tag. Coupled with a new search functionality, these capabilities make it easier than ever to quickly find the content you’re looking for.

The list of CAESY content is continually growing as well. Updated presentations include information on diagnosing neuromuscular problems, the equilibration procedure, neuromuscular treatment, diagnosing bruxism, and more.

Convenience of the Cloud

With presentations stored on the cloud, dental practices can access videos from multiple locations at the same time. There’s no need to keep track of discs or to network computers together, and there is no installation. Practices can simply sign up for the service online and begin using the presentations chairside immediately. CAESY Cloud also eliminates significant start-up costs with only a low monthly subscription fee.

A common challenge that many practices face with technology is staying up-to-date, but CAESY Cloud alleviates those problems as well. Because the presentations are stored online, they are updated as soon as new presentations become available. Every time dental professionals log in to CAESY Cloud, they access the most current information, including updates to existing presentations as well as brand new presentations. With this instant access, practices can be confident that their patient education tools will keep up with their technology and techniques.

Of course, CAESY Cloud provides the same patient education benefits that CAESY products are known for. With standardized patient education presentations, dental professionals can provide consistent and accurate information to patients. The full-motion video, full-color graphics, and dynamic 3D animation demonstrate procedures in an easy-to-view manner, without graphic images that might deter some patients. (Figure 1).

As users know, one of the most valuable aspects of CAESY patient education is the third-party validation that it provides for patients. After making a treatment recommendation, the dental team can then use the corresponding CAESY presentation to reinforce the message, illustrating how the condition works, the treatment necessary to address it, and possible consequences of delaying treatment. With this outside validation of the treatment recommendation, patients have an easier time accepting diagnoses and also have a greater sense of participation in addressing the problem. Countless dental practices have found that CAESY presentations help increase case acceptance, and with CAESY Cloud 1.3, it is easier than ever for practices to implement this valuable tool.

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