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Inside Dentistry
January 2013
Volume 9, Issue 1

An Interview with NSK Dental LLC

Eiichi Nakanishi

President and CEO, Nakanishi Inc.

INSIDE DENTISTRY (ID): What are your company’s main advantages? How is it unique?

(NSK) We are very focused on developing and manufacturing dental high-speed and low-speed handpieces, electric micromotors and ultrasonic scalers and, basically, we develop and manufacture all products in-house and almost all components in-house so that we can provide the highest quality products with reasonable prices to dentists. At the same time, we can respond to the dentists’ needs much faster than our com­petitors. We believe that this level of in-house manufacturing integration makes NSK unique in the industry.

ID: If you had to rank the most important elements of your success, what would be your top three, and why would they be your choices?

NSK: 1. Product quality and performance; 2. Sales force and sales channels; and 3. Branding.

Dentists choose products depending on product quality and performance first. Secondly, without a strong sales forces and strong channel partnerships, even good quality products cannot be sold. Third, dentists tend to choose products by brand. It is important for us to build a strong, consistent brand image.

ID: What most emphatically defines your approach to business?

NSK: Customers’ satisfaction and delight defines our approach to business. A satisfied customer becomes a repeat and loyal customer, which is what we consistently strive to gain.

ID: What inspires the forward motion of your company in today’s marketplace?

NSK: Innovative product launches such as the ultra-miniature head high-speed handpiece called S-Max pico and the smallest size electric motor and attachments called NLX nano and Ti-Max Z95L inspire the motion of our company in today’s marketplace. Innovation and differentiation are key to our future success while having a strong focus on improving dental procedures, and the comfort level of dental professionals and patients.

ID: What are your top initiatives for 2012 and 2013?

NSK: Our top initiatives going forward are increasing our product innovations and growing our market penetration worldwide.

ID: How is the global economy impacting your operations?

NSK: The global economic conditions make it essential that we create strong relationships with our customers and channel partners. Combined with the NSK focus and innovative product offering we believe to be in a good competitive position despite the challenging environment.

ID: Can you share anything that you might have in the pipeline right now?

NSK: We plan to introduce several inno­vative products that will be very beneficial to many dental practices at the Chicago Midwinter meeting 2013 and at IDS 2013. We look forward to sharing more details at that time.

NSK Dental LLC
1800 Global Parkway
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

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