Inside Dentistry
December 2012
Volume 8, Issue 12

The LOCATOR® Overdenture Implant System

Four decades of knowledge are incorporated into these narrow-diameter overdenture implants.

For years, mini implants have suffered a bad reputation due to historically weak materials, poor designs, and misuse. An increasing number of clinicians are now recognizing the unique benefits of using the next generation of narrow-diameter implants for retaining overdentures. This is in large part due to the fact that patients present to dental offices edentulous, with severe resorption and very narrow ridges for implant placement. Typically, the treatment plan for these edentulous patients would be bone grafting; however, this is a longer process with additional surgeries required and added expense. Because of these reasons, patients often decline dental implant treatment even though it may be the best treatment option for their particular scenario.

Finally, there is a treatment alternative for these patients. The Locator® Overdenture Implant System (LODI), featuring narrow-diameter implants with the world’s leading overdenture attachment, has been introduced by the originators of the trusted LOCATOR Attachment, Zest Anchors. Designed with the best-in-class LOCATOR Attachment, LODI offers a less-invasive, predictable, and durable implant-retained overdenture option for patients requiring an effective, cost-conscious technique for securing their dentures.

The LODI System is comprised of 2.4-mm and 2.9-mm diameter endosseous dental implants (available in 10-mm, 12-mm, and 14-mm lengths) with a detachable LOCATOR Attachment (abutment) that is available in 2.5-mm and 4-mm cuff heights. LODI is used to restore masticatory function and may be suitable for immediate function if sufficient primary stability of the implant is achieved at the time of implant placement.

The unique two-piece coronal design of LODI, not found with O-ball mini implants, is a critical feature that optimizes patient satisfaction. The LOCATOR Attachment is seated after implant placement making case planning, implant surgery, and the restorative process easier. LODI demonstrates remarkable resiliency and exceptional durability, while allowing for easy replacement of the attachment should wear occur throughout time. In addition, LODI is manufactured from titanium alloy for strength and features a proven RBM-roughened surface. The system also features uniquely designed, intuitive placement instrumentation, and may be used with a flapless technique for better patient comfort.

Included with LODI, the LOCATOR Attachment provides all of the superior benefits known worldwide including its patented pivot technology, customizable levels of retention, and draw correction of divergent implants up to 40°, all while having a dramatically reduced vertical height compared to O-ball mini implants.

The LODI system now allows you to treat patients with an implant-supported overdenture, at a reduced cost and with greater satisfaction. LODI will be available in the winter of 2012.

For more information, contact:
Zest Anchors
Phone: 855-868-LODI (5634)
Web: www.zestanchors.com


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