November 2012
Volume 8, Issue 11

VITA® Easyshade® Compact: A Shade Above

Easyshade matching accuracy has been found comparable to whitening experts’ judgment, and better than competitive brands.

The pressure of getting a perfect shade match is more important than ever these days, particularly with patients’ increased attention on esthetic appearance. The ability to match and reproduce shade accuracy between the operatory and laboratory is paramount to producing an ideal shade match. The all-new hand-held VITA Easyshade Compact meets that need, conquering the trickiest shade challenges by measuring natural teeth, checking restoration shades, and tracking bleaching progress with optimal accuracy (Figure 1).

Accurate and Repeatable Technology

Years of research and development have refined the VITA Easyshade Compact device, while clinical trials have demonstrated that the Easyshade technology is both accurate and repeatable. A study comparing four dental shade-matching devices found VITA Easyshade to be the only one with reliability and accuracy values greater than 90%.1 Another study compared Easyshade’s accuracy and consistency with that of three clinicians experienced in tooth-whitening trials and found it to be comparable to, if not better than, the dentists in gauging exact matches and matches within a half-shade.2

Quality Control at the Push of a Button

For the dental laboratory, Easyshade Compact verifies shade accuracy during the build-up process to determine where adjustment may be required. By displaying which color parameters need attention (value, chroma, or hue), Easyshade Compact makes it simple to know precisely which VITA 3D-Master® or VITA Classical shades should be used to make shade corrections for natural dentition and restorations, all with the push of a button (Figure 2).

Cordless, Sleek and Incredibly Fast

The VITA Easyshade Compact quickly and precisely measures 16 VITA Classical Shades, 29 VITA System 3D-Master® shades, and even those hard-to-see intermediate shades. The sleek, ergonomic design features a cordless set-up for convenient handling in all intraoral situations. The Easyshade Compact offers fast, accurate shade measurements with no down time that is typical with alternative devices (Figure 3).

Features and benefits include:

Spectrophotometer technology for greater shade accuracy

OLED display with easy-to-read icons

White-LED color-corrected lighting for ideal shade matching

Cordless, hand-held, ergonomic design for easy grip in all intraoral situations

Infection control shield hook for easy placement of non-slip shield

Small probe tip for convenient placement and rest-on-tooth lighting

On-board calibration block for consistent accuracy

Rechargeable battery holds a charge for 1 full week of typical use

Rest cradle and rechargeable base for convenient storage

Mini-USB for accessible data output

Versatility and Flexibility

The Easyshade Compact allows dentists to measure natural tooth shades and verify the accuracy of restorations delivered from the laboratory before they are cemented, potentially saving extra chairtime that would be required for remakes resulting from shade errors. Four available mode settings include:

• Single-tooth mode
• Tooth areas mode—to map the cervical, middle, and incisal shades
• Verify restoration mode—to check a restoration for shade accuracy
• Shade tab mode—to practice proper placement of probe on the VITA shade tab

The built-in memory stores the last 25 measurements, making it convenient to access previous results. The user-friendly navigation buttons and easy-to-follow icons are ideal for selecting the appropriate measurement setting.


1. Kim-Pusateri S, Brewer JD, Davis EL, Wee AG. Reliability and accuracy of four dental shade-matching devices. J Prosthet Dent. 2009;101(3):193-199.

2. Browning WD, Chan DC, Blalock JS, Brackett MG. A comparison of human raters and an intra-oral spectrophotometer. Oper Dent. 2009;34(3):337-343.

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