November 2012
Volume 8, Issue 11

KöR® Whitening: Physics, Chemistry, Logic

The benefits of this whitening system is founded in scientific fact.

Besides running a successful private practice, Rod Kurthy, DMD, has been stead­ily conducting research and development for 36 years in numerous areas of dentistry. His first involvement with periodontal research was in 1976, and with teeth-whitening research in 1977. Frustrated by the common approaches to whitening, Kurthy set about developing a more reliable, predictable, and effective method. The result was the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System, a culmination of 35 years of whitening research based on pure science, not marketing spin.

The laws of physics and chemistry cannot be changed regardless of claims made by whitening companies. Kurthy’s innovative KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system is based on the laws of physics and how they dictate ideal whitening. He developed each KöR Whitening product specifically to work with the physics achieved by the KöR protocol, including the particular chemical needs to accomplish this.


Constant refrigeration is one of many examples that illustrate KöR Whitening’s foundation in science rather than business. All whitening gels are unstable chemicals. They’re supposed to be. That is why they can break down quickly when placed in the mouth. However, the downside of this chemical instability is these gels start to break down immediately after manufacture if they are not refrigerated. Whitening gels will break down at a slower rate in room temperature, but the degradation rate increases rapidly in warm or hot environments such as warehouse storage, bulk freight truck shipping, and in delivery trucks.

But continuous refrigeration presents considerable financial and logistical challenges, as it significantly raises overhead costs and even results in needing expensive refrigeration-proof plastic packaging. Even so, Kurthy knew that the scientific benefit outweighed the costs. As a result, Evolve Dental Technologies is the first company in the world to refrigerate a full line of whitening gels—from the instant of manufacture until dentists receive the cold gels in their offices.

Because of this refrigeration, KöR gels contain none of the common chemical stabilizers found in other whitening brands. Adding chemical stabilizers raises the osmolarity of whitening gels by as much as 11-fold. This can cause up to 11 times greater pull on dentinal tubular fluid, resulting in considerable sensitivity. Avoiding the need to add chemical stabilizers is one of several ways the KöR Whitening System achieves significantly lower sensitivity. In addition, refrigeration gives KöR gels an astonishing 18- to 24-month shelf life.

Three Chambers

A common belief among dentists is that all peroxide-based whitening gels are the same; but nothing could be farther from the truth. The specific chemical formula of a whitening gel greatly impacts effectiveness and sensitivity. Most in-office whitening gels rely on dual-barrel delivery systems that divide the chemistry into two separate chambers and are then mixed together immediately prior to use.

Using only two barrels to divide the chemistry greatly limits the formula of whitening gels, as there are many chemicals that cannot be mixed together until they are ready to use. Guided by this chemistry, Kurthy developed the only tri-barrel in-office whitening gel delivery system in the world (Figure 1). By separating the chemistry into three chambers before delivery, he was able to make significant improvements to the KöR Whitening gel formulation.


Those improvements make KöR so effective that it can handle any whitening situation—including tetracycline stains—and offers a solution for every patient type (Figure 2 and Figure 3). KöR’s ability to whiten difficult cases in a short time is something most dentists know, but KöR was engineered to be the most effective system for any case, which also makes it able to dramatically whiten even the most severe ones.

When KöR Whitening first became available, it was more time-consuming and technique-sensitive as well as being a fairly costly system. However, Dr. Kurthy’s ongoing research and development led to improvements that made KöR faster, easier, and just as affordable as other whitening systems, while still achieving the same impressive whitening results.

Like most dentists, Kurthy always had his “dust closet” full of products that didn’t work as promised by the manufacturer. As a practicing dentist himself, he wanted to provide his colleagues with a no-risk way to try KöR Whitening. As a result, Evolve Dental Technologies is the first whitening company in the world to offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. After using a KöR Start-Up Kit (which includes training) on two patients, dentists who do not agree that KöR is the most effective whitening system they have ever used may have a full refund of all purchased materials.

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