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Inside Dentistry
November 2012
Volume 8, Issue 11

E4D Dentist Chairside CAD/CAM System

A perfect fit for dental practices.

Only 10 years ago Mark and Henley Quadling, twins from South Africa, met serial entrepreneur Basil Haymann and began what would become D4D Technologies. Since then, their E4D Dentist System has helped clinicians provide better patient care, as well as changed how dental professionals work together as a team. “Our philosophy from the start has been to put the patient and clinician at the center of the development process,” Mark Quadling, the company’s CEO, says. “We are committed to delivering the chairside CAD/CAM system that not only creates restorations with the perfect fit for the preparation, but also provides the perfect fit for any patient, practice, and team.”

Empowering Dental Teams

When clinicians make an investment in their practice, they have to feel confident that there will be a positive return—for their patients, for their teams, for their business, and for themselves. The E4D Dentist delivers on all aspects.

Patients appreciate the convenience of a quick turnaround time or even same-appointment permanent restorations, without the discomfort of messy impression procedures. For many offices, the savings in conventional fabrication fees alone can pay for the system.

D4D also takes a unique approach to training and support to ensure that the E4D operators are well prepared and confident in using the system. Two-day basic training for two people at E4D University in Dallas is included with the system, and after training, a clinical integration specialist spends a day at the practice to help the team with successful and productive integration of the E4D System. Thereafter, the Dallas-based Customer Support team is just a phone call away to answer any questions, or to take control of the system remotely to assist in troubleshooting any issues.

Comprehensive training and support enable clinicians to more confidently delegate aspects of the restorative procedure and maximize team utilization. Enhancing the role of the assistants and their professional development builds loyalty to the practice; motivated assistants can take the self-paced CAD/CAM Dental Designer (CDD) certification program. In addition, advanced courses on a variety of topics are offered at E4D University, which is authorized by ADA CERP and AGD Pace to provide continuing education.

The Sky Is No Longer the Limit

• D4D recently introduced E4D Sky web-based services and communication to further expand the clinician’s options when using the E4D System. With a click of a button, an E4D office can send a scan or design through one of three E4D Sky digital portals:
• E4D Digital Services: Allows clinicians to send scans and designs for case completion, and offers a variety of materials, including zirconia, as well as model fabrication.
• E4D Certified Laboratories: E4D offices can send scans to certified laboratories for the completion of various restorative procedures.
• Export Open File Formats (.stl): Open-format files can be sent to any digital-capable laboratory or service for extended options.

E4D Sky enables offices to always say “yes” to their patients and their patients’ schedules as well as expand their treatment offerings.

A Perfect Fit

The E4D system is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of offices—from high production to boutique practices—giving clinicians the perfect fit for more control of their processes, more flexibility to involve team members, and more predictability and accuracy.

For more information, contact:

D4D Technologies
650 International Parkway
Richardson, TX 75081
Phone: 800-645-6594; Press “1”

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