Inside Dentistry
October 2012
Volume 8, Issue 10

An Interview with DentalVibe

Steven Goldberg, DDS, and Inventor of the DentalVibe Injection Comfort System

INSIDE DENTISTRY (ID): How did you discover this pain-free injection technique?

STEVEN GOLDBERG (SG): Alle­viation of injection discomfort has been a passion of mine since delivering my very first local anesthetic injection at New York University more than 24 years ago. It didn’t seem right to me that I needed to hurt my patient in order to help him. After looking into the science of why shaking the lip while injecting seemed to help, I found the Gate Control Theory of Pain. Taking this technique one step further, I placed vibration at the injection site. This enabled me to more effectively stimulate the sensory receptors within the oral mucosa and I noticed a marked reduction of injection pain.

ID: How long did development take, from concept tocommercial availability?

SG: The short answer is 6 years, beginning the inventive process in 2004.

First and foremost,commercializing a new product begins with a strong vision. Next, there are several steps that one must go through, beginning with a concept drawing. Of equal importance is to answer the following questions: Does your concept satisfy a need; and is there universal appeal, with a market potential large enough to justify the time, energy, and finances needed to accomplish your goal? After all, bringing a product to market, especially in the dental profession, can be very costly, often running way into millions of dollars.

Upon.completion of a proof-of-principle prototype in 2008, I founded Bing Innovations, LLC. As acompany with more than 25 employees, we have successfully taken my concept of the DentalVibe from preliminary sketches on paper, through the functional prototype and testing phase, culminating in a production model ready for sale. I was awarded a United States Patent, approvals to market from the FDA and other certifying agencies, and began the manufacture andcommercialization of this device in 2010. DentalVibe is currently made in the USA and is used by thousands of dentists domestically and in more than 25 countries throughout the world.

ID: What has your feedback been from dentists who are using this product? 

SG: Phenomenal. Testimonials keep rolling in and we post many of them on our website (www.dentalvibe.com) for other dentists and potential patients to view. Doctors are reporting that the DentalVibe is easy to incorporate into their armamentarium and daily practice routine for pain-free injections. They are also reporting a faster onset and a more profound anesthetic effect, especially with the mandibular block injection. Endodontists say they are “in heaven” because their palatal injections are now pain-free.

ID: How can dentists measure their ROI with this product?

SG: For an investment as low as $395, dentists can deliver pain-free injections, show their concern for patient.comfort, and watch their practice grow. Doctors can expect increased referrals, greater treatment acceptance, and fearless patients choosing to undergo elective cosmetic enhancements. DentalVibe dentists also benefit from our consumer awareness campaign educating tens of millions of people monthly through TV news, online, and print media venues. A listing on our Dentist Locator provides invaluable recognition at no additional charge where these educated consumers can find them.

ID: What are DentalVibe’s key differentiators compares to other innovations in the dental space? How is DentalVibe unique?

SG: DentalVibe is a solution to a universal problem: The fear of pain when going to the dentist. Patients aren’t willing to accept pain anymore, as they may have years ago. According to worldental.org, studies show that 30 to 40 million Americans avoid dental care altogether because of this fear. This revolutionary product focuses on the dental space from a uniquely important angle—the patient’s perspective. Unlike many other dental products, DentalVibe can be marketed to consumers, educating them on its wonderful benefits and bringing them into the dental office for the treatment they desperately need and the elective treatment they truly desire.

ID: Can you share anything that you might have in the pipeline right now?

SG: As a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain, I am actively involved in the research and development of products that have the potential to help alleviate pain. A natural segue.coming off the development of DentalVibe for pain-free intraoral injections has led me to the development of MediVibe. This handheld, cordless device is similar in mechanics to the DentalVibe although it is designed for use with extraoral injections. The initial focal point for the MediVibe will be for pain reduction with cosmetic injections of the face, such as neurotoxins (eg, BOTOX), local anesthetics, and dermal fillers. Dentists as well as physicians, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists can use this device. Beyond MediVibe, we move on to the rest of the body. Stay tuned!

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