Inside Dentistry
June 2012
Volume 8, Issue 6

Patient-Specific Implant Treatment

A revolutionary new concept for implant-supported restorations.

The Inclusive® Tooth Replacement Solution from Glidewell Labor­atories is an all-in-one implant treatment that includes a complete set of intraoral components needed to restore a missing tooth. Featuring the unprecedented use of prefabricated custom temporary components for patient-specific soft-tissue management that begins at implant placement, this simple, convenient solution offers a streamlined process that covers surgical, temporary, and final restorative phases—resulting in a predictable outcome.

From full-arch impressions, a prosthetic drilling guide is fabricated to suggest ideal placement of the implant to achieve restorative success. A custom temporary abutment is made with tooth-specific contours, along with a BioTemps® provisional crown to immediately train the soft tissue to create the appropriate emergence profile. For cases where the implant cannot be immediately temporized, a custom healing abutment is included to train the soft tissue without loading the implant. Also included is a matching custom impression coping, which allows for accurate communication of the implant position and soft-tissue contours to the laboratory. These custom temporary components are delivered to the clinician with the prosthetic guide, the implant of choice, and corresponding surgical drills. When it is time for the definitive restoration, the clinician sends an implant-level impression using the custom impression coping, and Glidewell fabricates a final custom abutment (titanium or zirconia) and BruxZir® or IPS e.max® crown.

This revolutionary approach to restoring missing teeth provides the clinician a pathway to predictable results using patient-specific custom components. Training the tissue from the time of implant placement creates a stable tissue architecture for possible enhanced long-term results.

Glidewell is uniquely positioned to offer a single-source, restoratively driven approach to implant treatment—a total solution that makes implant dentistry more predictable, precise, and profitable for the general dentist than ever before.

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