Inside Dentistry
May 2012
Volume 8, Issue 5

Voilà: Making New Smiles the Possible Dream

A new prefabricated veneer system is affordable and minimally invasive, giving more patients the chance to realize new esthetic smiles.

Do you ever hear something like this? “I want to fix my teeth with either orthodontics or veneers, but I don’t want it to take forever and I can’t afford to pay a lot.”

Affordability is a key factor in elective decision-making and one which, as clinicians first and foremost, we dentists often fail to consider. In today’s economy, literally thousands of patients do not pursue esthetic treatment plans because of expense and treatment time. Voilà™, the prefabricated veneer system from DenMat, is changing that paradigm forever. Voilà (formerly known as the Cerinate One-Hour™ veneer system) is affordable, convenient, minimally invasive, and truly esthetic.

Placement is usually completed in just one treatment appointment; the clinician simply chooses the correct veneer and shapes it as appropriate for the patient’s existing dentition, a process that is usually a complished in 10 to 15 minutes per veneer. Voilà Veneers are fabricated with Cerinate®, DenMat’s proprietary porcelain backed by 20 years of evidence-based research, affording greater luminosity over time when compared to composite restorations.

The placement technique is simple. Voilà Veneers are fitted and tried in, allowing the clinician to make any shade or opacity modifications. Ultra-Bond® Plus is then applied to the prepared Voilà Veneers for placement. Interproximal surfaces are checked with dental floss for smoothness.

The patient shown here is a case in point. Her chief complaint was a general unhappiness with her appearance because of uneven and discolored dentition (Figure 1). She was familiar with Snap-On Smile® by DenMat and mentioned that she wanted a “wider, whiter smile.” She also expressed interest in orthodontic treatment and LUMINEERS® by DenMat, but was concerned about costs.

After discussing orthodontic treatment as well restorative options, the patient selected Snap-On Smile® removable arches as an affordable provisional esthetic option. As no pathology was present, impressions were taken at her first appointment. When her Snap-On Smile arches were delivered, the patient was extremely pleased with her new smile (Figure 2). In the author’s practice, Snap-On Smile frequently serves as both an esthetic and functional provisional option; in cases like this patient’s, it serves effectively as a provisional (and affordable) esthetic appliance.

The patient returned for 6-month recall appointments, and on the second of these she stated that she was interested in finding a permanent solution. While LUMINEERS were still beyond her budget, a new treatment option had b come available since she had first been treated with Snap-On Smile. Voilà pre-fabricated veneers by DenMat are pre-formed porcelain veneers that can be contoured and seated in a single office visit, and are significantly more affordable than laboratory-fabricated veneers. These restorations are effectively a hybrid of natural tooth structure, Ultra-Bond Plus (an ADA Type II restorative as well as a resin cement) and Cerinate® porcelain. The patient selected this option and expressed her surprise that she could finally afford to have a new smile. To this clinician, this technique is something of a clinical paradigm shift, and it represents an entirely new possibility for esthetic, new smiles for a much greater number of patients.

After minor recontouring, impressions were taken and shade OM1 veneers were selected. After fitting and shaping on teeth Nos. 5 through 12, the veneers were cemented with Ultra-Bond® Plus (Supreme White) by DenMat in the same appointment. The patient was extremely pleased with the results, as well as the cost of treatment (Figure 3).

Voilà veneers present a new option for patients like this one. She knew what she wanted but, until now, could not afford. Snap-On Smile delivered an effective provisional appliance to provide the experience of living with an attractive smile. Voilà gave her a new, more affordable choice for fixed, porcelain veneers. Snap-On Smile and Voilà pre-fabricated veneers are valuable new assets for clinicians’ esthetic armamentarium.


This article was written by Louis R. Kaufman, DDS, who is a private practitioner in Chicago, Illinois.

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