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September 2011
Volume 7, Issue 8

EZ-Fill® Xpress Obturation System

The entire anatomy of the canal system is clearly defined when filled with the highly radiopaque cement and tapered gutta-percha points.

EZ-Fill® Xpress cement and the patented bidirectional spiral are the components of an obturation system (Figure 1), which allows dentists to deliver excellent endodontic fills easier, faster, and better than other available systems (and at the fraction of the cost). Until the development of the bi-directional spiral, the ability to control the flow of cement was quite limited. Consequently, the major burden of obturation was placed on the gutta-percha, which could be more easily controlled.

Gutta-Percha Complications

To create a more intimate fit, thermoplastic techniques were developed to maximize gutta-percha adaptation to the root canal and further minimize the need for cement. The shift to thermoplastic gutta-percha necessitated the creation of expensive heating devices, expensive gutta-percha points, and complicated techniques that required a good deal of practice to fit within a narrow window of success.

The EZ-Fill Xpress System

The EZ-Fill Xpress system does away with the cost and complications while delivering consistency and predictably great fills. Although the EZ-Fill Xpress system uses a master gutta-percha point, the seal is achieved through a thorough cement interface between the master point and the root canal.

Unlike other obturation instruments, the patented bi-directional spiral thoroughly coats the walls of the canal without letting cement flow beyond the apex during the application process. After coating the canal, the pre-fitted master point is coated at the most apical 12 mm and placed back into the root. Most of the excess cement is expressed coronally, some moves laterally to obturate the entire canal system (including any irregular invaginations and lateral canals that may exist). The master gutta-percha point is seared off at the level of the canal orifice and an immediate post hole can be made, if desired.

EZ-Fill Xpress Cement offers a multitude of clinical advantages. It is an epoxy resin with more than 55 years of clinical use. Unlike thermoplastic cement, EZ-Fill Xpress does not shrink. It is as radiopaque as the gutta-percha, clearly demonstrating the state of the fill as a homogenous mass. In addition, it bonds to the walls of the dentin and the gutta-percha both chemically and physically. When set, EZ-Fill Xpress matrix is stronger than gutta-percha, preventing its dissolution by any long-term leakage that may occur in the canal. If the fill had to be removed for whatever reason, the master gutta-percha point allows easy access back to the apex, unlike thermoplastic gutta-percha carriers which are extremely hard to re-treat or to create a post-hole. EZ-Fill Xpress is easy to use and is easily expressed in a user-friendly dual-cartridge syringe.


This system allows the dentist to quickly perform high-quality esthetically pleasing endodontic fills without all the problems of other systems, ensuring the practitioner of a consistently large window of success.

The entire anatomy of the canal system is clearly defined when filled with the combination of highly radiopaque EZ-Fill Xpress cement and tapered gutta-percha points (Figure 2 and Figure 3). Those who have used it state that they no longer have any anxiety during the obturation procedure and in fact, point with great pride that they can fill the most complex canal systems in a thorough and predictable manner.

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