Inside Dentistry
February 2011
Volume 7, Issue 2


The first flowable base, liner, restorative all-in-one.

Shofu is proud to present BEAUTIFIL® Flow Plus, their revolutionary all-in-one flowable base, liner, and restorative with mechanical properties that rival and, in many ways, surpass leading hybrids (Figure 1). Approved for all indications, this exciting new concept avails new clinical techniques that will revolutionize how restorations are performed while at the same time provide a host of benefits and advantages over traditional hybrid layering techniques.

Base, Liner, and Restorative

Traditional methods of filling and packing hybrids can be time consuming and present technique-sensitive issues that may result in postoperative sensitivity and/or failure of the restoration. With BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus, material can be syringe-delivered where needed and cured in 2-mm increments all the way up to the occlusal surface (Figure 2 and Figure 3). Using a single material not only simplifies the steps to perform restorations, it also reduces inventory needs and helps to facilitate both set-up and clean-up, making for a more productive office.


Flowable Adaptation with Hybrid Strength

The flowable consistency of BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus provides superior adaptation to tooth structure when compared with hybrids. Because the material is flowed into the preparation, rather than being packed in like hybrids, dentists can achieve a tight marginal seal with minimal instrumentation. This helps to reduce the occurrence of voids inherent in traditional hybrid packing techniques. Unlike other flowables on the market, BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is approved for all indications (Class I to V) making it perfectly suited for those difficult-to-reach Class IIs.

In addition to superior adaptation, BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus was specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of the occlusal surface and the marginal ridge. High filler content and unique chemical properties ensure that clinicians have all of the material strength found in leading hybrids. Internal studies confirm that compressive strength, flexural strength, toothbrush wear, and other mechanical properties are clinically equivalent to leading hybrids on the market. Using this new approach, dentists can now achieve better adaptation with a stronger material in fewer and less complicated steps.

It Stays Put

One of the many distinguishing features of BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is that it stays where you put it. Older-generation flowables tend to spill out of the preparation; BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus provides precision stacking capabilities with no slump. This is particularly important when working at awkward angles, or with fidgety patients. Two distinct viscosities add to dentists’ treatment options; “F00” Zero Flow (0 mm of flow held vertically for 1 minute) is ideal for stacking, especially in the marginal ridge. “F03” Low Flow (3 mm of flow held vertically for 1 minute) handles more like a traditional base or liner. That said, the mechanical properties for both viscosities are similar and can be used interchangeably. Both F00 and F03 display self-leveling characteristics that will make polishing easier than ever (Figure 4 and Figure 5).

Clinically Proven Benefits

Shofu’s proprietary giomer technology uses “surface pre-reacted glass” (S-PRG) filler, which provides a wealth of benefits for high caries index patients. Simply put, S-PRG filler is composed of a glass core coated with three semi-permeable layers that protect the durability and esthetics of the glass, while still allowing beneficial ions to travel freely between the glass core and the oral environment. Many competitive restoratives release fluoride initially but quickly deplete reserves within a matter of days. With S-PRG technology, everyday activities, such as toothbrushing or rinsing with fluoridated products, actually recharges the material’s glass core, carrying sustained preventative benefits to adjacent tooth structure over the life of the restoration.

Quality and Durability

For decades, Shofu’s “Brownies,” “Greenies,” and other polishers have been synonymous with quality and durability in dentistry. Long considered the gold standard for polishers at dental schools around the globe, Shofu’s abrasives are legendary for their quality. While many companies would be complacent as the “go-to” polishing company, Shofu is on a mission to expand their contribution as a manufacturer of innovative, chemical restoratives such as BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus. Capitalizing on their extensive knowledge of polishing technology, Shofu is striving to provide minimally invasive cosmetic solutions to meet the needs of patients while also delivering innovative products that exceed the demands of today’s discriminating dentist.


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