Inside Dentistry
September 2010
Volume 6, Issue 8


RTD launches its newest quartz fiber post exclusively for CLINICIAN’S CHOICE.

RTD quartz fiber posts have set new standards for retention, flexural strength, bond strength, esthetics, fiber-optic translucency, and atraumatic removal in just minutes. Recently, RTD launched its newest quartz fiber post, Macro-Lock™ Illusion™ X-RO®, available in North America exclusively from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE®, providing further advancements and clinical advantages.

Enhanced Micro and Macro Retention

Like all RTD quartz fiber posts, the Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO features a rough surface topography, similar to etched enamel, to provide outstanding micro retention of the luting cement and core material. Unique to Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO are several macro-retentive features which include: circumferential grooves in the post parallel section to retain the core, two flat sides in the head design to prevent rotation of the core, and spiral grooves in the apical section of the post for an improved cement lock. These three features help make the Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO the most retentive post ever developed by RTD.

Strongest Fiber (X-RO) on the Global Market Today

RTD’s X-RO post’s flexural strength is at least 1,800 MPa, making it the strongest fiber-post composition on the market today (data on file). Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO’s incredible flexural strength, coupled with an elastic modulus close to dentin (~18 GPa), ensures the post will flex slightly under load to prevent post fracture and, more importantly, reduce stress on the root—helping to prevent root fractures. Titanium posts are 5 times more rigid than dentin (100 GPa), and steel and zirconium posts are 10 times more rigid than dentin at 200 GPa. It is no wonder so many dentists are experiencing root and/or post fractures.

Color-On-Command Illusion Technology

The Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO color illusion technology is also very unique. The four sizes of Macro-Lock posts are color-coded for easy post/drill identification. Equally as important, the post color disappears after cementation; the post actually becomes translucent, providing ideal esthetics. In addition, this translucency helps to facilitate optimum light transmission deep into the canal to ensure complete polymerization of the cement. Should the post ever need to be removed, simply access the end of the post and spray cold water on it—the color instantly reappears. This color Illusion® technology provides the exact size of the post to be removed, as well as the exact post location, so it can be drilled out without removing excess tooth structure.

High 60% Fiber Content—More Radiopaque

A 60% fiber content (wt) and consistent fiber spacing contribute to unsurpassed flexural strength. Now, with the addition of RTD’s X-RO (eXtra RadiOpaque) technology, the X-RO is the most radiopaque fiber on the market.

A Better Post

Compare Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO to what you’re currently using:

Cast Posts
With Macro-Lock X-RO you only need one appointment versus two (when using cast posts). And with Macro-Lock X-RO, far less tooth structure removal is required. Cast posts promote root fractures while Macro-Lock X-RO posts resist root fractures. Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO are esthetic, cast posts are not.

Pre-fabricated Metal Posts
Stiff metal posts create zones of tension in the tooth structure, can fail at a lower load, and have a lower resistance to fatigue than fiber posts. Additionally, they require more root dentin removal if parallel shaped, do not adapt well to the coronal aspect of the root structure, and may be prone to galvanic reactions and corrosion that can weaken the post and the cement.

Other Fiber Posts
Many other fiber posts on the market lack the flexural strength to provide long-term function, making them prone to fracture. Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO posts are manufactured utilizing the pultrusion process, whereby the aeronautic quartz glass fibers are stretched and pulled through an epoxy resin, and then into a heating process that polymerizes the resin to 99.7%. This pultrusion process mechanically strengthens the post as the fibers are in contraction. Other fiber posts’ fibers are simply immersed in a resin bath, affecting their stability.

Additionally, the Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO features a proprietary silane coupling agent that chemically attaches the filler to the epoxy matrix. The result is increased flexural strength of at least 1,800 MPa and high fatigue resistance.


Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO posts truly represent everything clinicians want and need in a post and in a recent clinical evaluation by The Dental Advisor, these posts received a 4.5+ (outstanding) rating.

For more information, contact:

CLINICIAN’S CHOICE Dental Products Inc.
Phone: 800-265-3444
Web: https://www.clinicianschoice.com


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