September 2010
Volume 6, Issue 8

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Glass-Ionomer Cement Systems

This list includes some of the glass-ionomer products currently available. The short descriptions are either directly taken from manufacturers’ comments or the authors’ abbreviated interpretations of extensive published descriptions.

Ketac™ Nano

3M™ ESPE™ Ketac™ Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative is now available in the Quick Mix Capsule, offering considerable time savings over all competitive glass ionomers. This new, unit-dose dispenser offers faster use and easier handling, and no mixing device is needed to prepare the material.
Phone: 800-905-1544 ext 11075

Riva Self Cure

Riva Self Cure by SDI Limited is a self-curing, tooth-remineralizing glass-ionomer restorative. It chemically adheres to tooth structure, is available in fast and regular set and is excellent for minimally invasive dentistry. Containing proprietary ionglass™ technology, Riva Self Cure is able to release large amounts of fluoride, has excellent marginal integrity and exhibits high flexural strength..
Phone: 800-905-1544 ext 11076

Fuji II™ LC

Fuji II™ LC restorative has all the advantages of a traditional glass ionomer with triple curing, immediate finishing, and outstanding esthetics; ideal for Class III, Class V, and root surface restorations as well as base liner in a sandwich technique.
Phone: 800-905-1544 ext 11077

Pulpdent Glass Ionomer

All Pulpdent glass-ionomers cements release fluoride and have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, excellent strength to dentin and enamel, and high compressive and diametric tensile strengths. All products have controlled setting to prevent rapid dehydration. 
Phone: 800-905-1544 ext 11078


EcuSeal is a light-cured, compomer-based sealant for the prevention of carious lesions in occlusal pits and fissures. Its exceptional flowability and increased hydrophilicity guarantees a complete adaption to even in smallest fissures.  
Phone: 800-905-1544 ext 11079

Shofu Glass Ionomers

Glasionomer Type II Cement Restorative is a clinically proven filling material that chemically bonds to enamel and dentin. CX-Plus Glasionomer is an enhanced glass-ionomer luting cement with prolonged working time. Coreshade Glasionomer is formulated to provide a dependable, easily detectable, metal-free core build-up. Glasionomer Base Cement is a high-compressive-strength base cement formulated for dentin replacement.
Phone: 800-905-1544 ext 11080

Ionolux AC

VOCO introduced Ionolux AC, a new immediately packable light-cured, glass-ionomer restorative. The new, immediately packable, non-sticky consistency allows the clinician to pack and shape the material with an instrument right away instead of waiting before the polymerization reaches this state.
Phone: 800-905-1544 ext 11081

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