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April 2010
Volume 6, Issue 4

E4D Dentist

The system excels in all three key aspects of chairside CAD/CAM.

Even before the E4D Dentist chairside CAD/CAM system (Figure 1) came to market 2 years ago, it had captured the imagination and interest of dental professionals around the world. The promise of highly accurate laser-based imaging combined with easy-to-use software for use in the dental office attracted many visitors to D4D Technologies’ facilities in Richardson (Dallas), Texas, to see the system for themselves. Now after hundreds of installations throughout North America, as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Scandinavia, the company is continuing its global expansion, delivering the future of dentistry.

The E4D Dentist system’s award-winning hardware and software are built on proprietary, cutting-edge technology. With more than 18 patents granted and a similar number of patents pending, the company’s engineers and developers are continuously advancing the state of the art. The E4D Dentist system excels in all three key aspects of chairside CAD/CAM—capture, design, and mill—and is available in a modular format to meet virtually any configuration and workflow requirement.


The E4D Dentist system uses high-speed laser technology to capture anatomical features intraorally, from impressions or from models, without the application of a reflective coating. The resulting virtual 3-D model takes into account the opposing and adjacent dentition for highest accuracy and custom fit.

Rapid Scan allows automatic capture of digital images at the operator’s preferred speed. The ICEverything View shows a 3-D photograph of the actual dentition that distinguishes hard and soft tissue, well-defined margins, and recreates the oral environment. As the operator takes successive pictures from different angles, the software builds a library of images that “wrap around” the virtual model.


E4D Dentist’s DentaLogic software and Autogenesis enable the operator to customize the virtual 3-D model with complete artistic and functional control. With the ability to design up to 16 full anatomically contoured teeth at the same time, the operator has an easy-to-use digital solution for cases ranging from routine single-unit restorations to complete functional designs.

Multiple design tools are available, including Rubber Tooth, which enables the operator to push and pull the proposal as if it were made of soft rubber. Automatic occlusion adjusts proximal and occlusal contacts to operator-defined settings. The optional E4D Studio design center expands the production and design capabilities of any E4D Dentist installation and is ideal for extra workstations, satellite offices, or remote design activity.


E4D Dentist’s robust Milling Center mills IPS Empress® CAD and IPS e.max® CAD materials (Figure 2) from (Ivoclar Vivadent) and Paradigm™ C materials from (3M ESPE) using Two-Striper diamond burs from (Premier Dental) to produce restorations that will please the most exacting dentist and patient. Each material and restoration type has its own custom tool path for greater accuracy and finish. The solid, stable design offers extra strength and reduced vibration, automatically detects and replaces broken burs, and accurately mills to 150-µm thickness. Dual spindles simultaneously mill both sides of the restoration, while the graphical interface and touch screen make the E4D mill easy to operate.

But the E4D Dentist system is more than just hardware and software; the E4D 360˚ Experience surrounds the customer with outstanding partners, education, and support. D4D’s partners in success are Henry Schein Dental for sales and distribution, 3M ESPE and Ivoclar Vivadent for restorative materials, and Premier Dental for milling burs. High-quality, professional products and service contribute to the 360˚ E4D Experience and their expertise has accelerated D4D’s progress in revolutionizing the future of dentistry.

D4D Technologies is building on the progress to date with new products and services to meet the needs of the modern dental professional. The E4D Sky Network enables E4D Dentist operators to communicate with E4D Labworks technicians whenever laboratory involvement is required; for example, with large multiple-unit cases, two-appointment cases, or simply for additional assistance. With just a click, the entire case (whether scanned or completely designed) can be sent from chairside to the laboratory for fulfillment of the online prescription.

Other exciting developments are in the works for introduction later in 2010 and beyond, including the incorporation of cone beam data using E4D Compass® software (Figure 3) incorporated with the E4D Dentist laser scans for implant cases, diagnostics, and the full cycle of dental care.

For more information, contact:

D4D Technologies
Phone: 972-234-3880
Web: http://www.E4D.com


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