Inside Dentistry
February 2010
Volume 6, Issue 2

Practice Management Solutions

Dentrix offers tailored solutions to boost efficiency and profitability.

Dentrix is the leader in practice management solutions. Nearly 30,000 dental professionals use Dentrix to run a more efficient and profitable practice. Dentrix offers solutions that tailor themselves to the way each dental professional practices dentistry, creating a streamlined work environment that boosts productivity. Some of Dentrix’s popular features include the following.

Chairside Clinical Charting

The Dentrix Chart is designed to be patient and dentist-friendly (Figure 1). Improved navigation allows the dental staff to better post procedures for all selected teeth with intuitive prompts for multi-surface requirements. The Dentrix Chart also has functionality to drag and select multiple teeth, select multiple new Chart views (ie, upper, lower, quadrant, side of mouth, arch, and 3D modeling) and generate dynamic presentations based on the selected treatment plan.

The Dentrix Chart incorporates sliding panes that help select teeth, procedures, and patient information faster. When these panes are not needed, they easily slide out of the way, making room for the Tooth Chart. These panes can also be easily docked or placed on the desktop where it is most convenient for the user. The enhanced Clinical Notes feature allows for easy, automated data entry and more concise and complete documentation.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

With tight integration with Henry Schein’s Guru patient education software, Dentrix effectively presents treatment plans and case procedures. Dentrix allows dentists to attach consent forms, procedure animations, and case details to treatment plans to better educate patients. With Dentrix, multiple treatment plans can be created and linked to alternate treatment plans so patients can easily see their treatment options. Also, Dentrix easily shows treatment plans that have been referred, proposed, accepted, rejected, or completed with a status history for each case.

Intelligent Appointment Scheduling

The Dentrix Appointment Book provides an easy and effective way to schedule appointments and ensure a dental office is utilizing every minute of the day. The Appointment Book provides features that show all patients who have missed appointments, need to be scheduled immediately, and are flexible for rescheduling. Dentrix quickly identifies patients who are due back for hygiene treatment, which equates to more restorative treatment in the long run.

Voice-Activated Perio Charting and Clinical Note Dictation

VoicePro® for Dentrix is a speech recognition tool that records chairside clinical charting, perio examinations, and clinical notes by speaking into a microphone instead of manually recording the information. VoicePro eliminates the need for a hygiene assistant and eliminates cross-contamination concerns with voice-activated perio charting. Simply speak into a headset microphone during clinical charting or a perio examination and VoicePro will record clinical findings automatically. VoicePro works with Microsoft® technology to make training and using VoicePro 5.0 quick and easy. VoicePro integrates with Dentrix seamlessly and combines perio charting and clinical note transcription into one easy-to-use software.

Biometric Technology

Dentrix Identity uses biometric fingerprint recognition technology that secures practice data and patient information. Dentrix Identity is a self-contained security module that optically captures and verifies personal fingerprint images. Dentrix Identity can also be used as a time clock, keeping accurate time of the hours that office staff has worked and allowing quick log in or log out of personal computer settings. Dentrix Identity combines multiple methods of protecting computer information into a streamlined watchdog for your practice.

Dentrix Data Conversions

Dentrix combines years of experience with the newest technology to convert patient data. Henry Schein’s certified Dentrix Conversion Specialists can convert data from most practice management systems and provide data such as completed treatment plans, patient transactions, clinical notes, and prescription information. All Dentrix conversions are backed by a 30-day guarantee and must pass a rigorous 20-point checklist to become a Certified Dentrix Conversion.

More Frequent Updates

To meet the demands of today’s dental practice and provide tools to increase productivity and efficiencies, Henry Schein Practice Solutions is now offering Productivity Packs for DENTRIX. With the release of Dentrix G4 (Figure 2) and the ability to auto-push software updates directly to the dental office via the internet, Productivity Packs deliver software updates and new features to customers on a more frequent basis.

These updates are offered on a regular basis throughout the year and will include customer-driven enhancements and features that increase productivity and efficiencies.

For more information, contact:
Phone: 800-DENTRIX
Web: https://www.dentrix.com


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