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January 2010
Volume 6, Issue 1

MyRay’s HYPERION Panoramic Imager

Cefla Dental Group offers Italian design with can-do attitude.

Cefla Dental Group is one of the top European dental equipment manufacturers and is present in more than 80 countries. Over half a century of experience with dental equipment flowed into the development of the MyRay brand. The group has dedicated the past decade to excelling in digital imaging equipment and in 2007 launched the MyRay product line in the United States.

Each MyRay product incorporates a device, a technology, or simply an ergonomic feature that makes it unique. Developers follow MyRay’s mission: state-of-the-art technology integrates with design to optimize user experience.

MyRay has recently become known for their groundbreaking X-pod (Figure 1). The revolutionary pocket-size medical device is capable of recording and showing instant diagnostic-quality radiographic images in the palm of dentists’ hands. Users can acquire hundreds of sharply accurate x-ray images on a secure digital memory card and view them on the X-pod’s handheld touchscreen with multistep zoom functionality. A high-capacity lithium-polymer battery grants recharge-free, day-long use. Images are stored in individual patient folders and can be uploaded to a computer via Bluetooth®, USB, or card reader. For image viewing purely on a computer monitor, MyRay offers the WDS, a wireless digital system, for intraoral radiographs. WDS features a sophisticated three-layer x-ray sensor capable of image acquisition at minimal exposure dosage. True to MyRay’s philosophy of simplicity, the sensor is as easy to handle as a cell phone and as simple to use as a remote control. WDS is powered by standard rechargeable batteries and uses Bluetooth technology for safe and reliable data transmission. In 2009, MyRay was granted US and international patents for its special Bluetooth implementation that makes image transfer interference-free and completely safe in compliance with HIPAA requirements.

Just like its digital sensors, MyRay’s RXDC high-frequency x-ray generator has unique features and benefits that enhance dental practices. A revolutionary full-swivel ball joint allows for positioning in virtually any direction and an automatic touch-activated locking and unlocking mechanism allows for effortless positioning. A wireless palm control allows for simple installation and easy x-ray operations.

Effortless positioning is also one of the features of MyRay’s Cone Beam CT scanner SkyVIEW. Patients rest comfortably in a supine position, while laser-guided alignment prepares for a fast and minimal dosage scan. SkyVIEW incorporates a modern image-intensifier detector, which ensures top image quality at lowest dosage rates. SkyVIEW is available with 6” or 9” diameter spherical field of view for a complete CBCT scan of the maxillofacial region. Quick and comfortable patient scanning in the supine position creates sharp panoramic cross-sections, and 2D and 3D views measure distances and angles with highest accuracy. All reconstructions are DICOM 3.0 compatible.

The newest innovation out of the Italian design center is the HYPERION panoramic imager, which completes MyRay’s range of digital imaging solutions (Figure 2). In panoramic imaging, correct patient positioning is of utmost importance for image quality. Most equipment requires time-consuming manipulation of the patient’s head to conform to predefined postures. Hyperion takes it the other way around: the patient stands still, while the laser-guided, multi-motor, kinematics position the Hyperion around the patient. Two independent, touch-activated forehead supports steady the head regardless of possible asymmetries (Figure 3).No more retakes because of patient movement or improper positioning.

Morphology Recognition Technology (MRT) automatically determines the patient’s size and other x-ray exposure factors. Hyperion completes scans in less than 9 seconds and offers the choice of 15 programs to acquire automatically selected standard and pediatric panoramic projections, frontal and lateral views of the maxillary sinuses, and multiangle lateral and posterior-anterior views of the temporo-mandibular joint.

Hyperion works standalone or connected to a PC, so dentists can decide whether to store images on a memory card or transfer them to computers using Ethernet. Standard TWAIN connectivity enables direct image capture with any TWAIN-compliant third-party software without special interface solutions. MyRay TWAIN control contains its own image processing to provide excellent image quality. As with all MyRay imaging devices, the company makes its rayMage image management software available to customers at no additional price.

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