Inside Dentistry
Nov/Dec 2009
Volume 5, Issue 10

New to the Market

This month, new product offerings include impression materials, laser technology, and disinfectant. To find out more information about any of the products featured, visit any of the manufacturer Web sites listed, or go to www.insidedentistry.net. Also, fill out the Reader Service card between pages 8 and 9 and information will be sent directly to you.

(A) Parkell Sharp™

Parkell, Inc is pleased to introduce Sharp™, a breakthrough line of premium vinyl polysiloxane materials that takes final impression making to a whole new level. Formulated by Parkell’s own chemists, Sharp combines excellent hydrophilicity with superb dimensional accuracy and incomparable tear strength. Sharp™ Wash material naturally reduces surface tension while flowing easily into difficult areas, due to its exceptional moisture-seeking and displacement capabilities. Available in Wash, Medium, and Heavy viscosities, each Sharp product has been optimized for ideal flow. Sharp features a 90-second working time and a 3-minute set. New Sharp also comes in a uniquely versatile Clear formula for special situations. For more information, call 800-243-7446 or visit www.parkell.com.

(B) Cetylcide II Hard Surface Disinfectant

Cetylcide II Hard Surface Disinfectant Concentrate will now be available in FOUR convenient packages from a single unit dose to a 32 oz. concentrate bottle. Cetylcide II is an EPA-registered, broad-spectrum hospital disinfectant effective against 140+ disease-causing organisms including; HIV, MRSA, VRE, HBV, and Influenza A/Brazil Virus (H1N1). For more information, visit www.cetylite.com.

(C) AMD LASERS Picasso

AMD LASERS is the global leader at providing comprehensive and affordable laser technology for dental professionals preparing to take their practice to the next level. With the introduction of Picasso, we are working toward our ultimate goal of equipping every operatory with laser technology. The features and benefits of Picasso include:

  • 0.1W to 7W of power allows all four major indications of use; surgery, periodontal, endo, and laser whitening
  • touchscreen interface makes Picasso intuitive and easy to use
  • continuous and pulse modes allow for speed and patient comfort settings
  • 8 customizable presets, can be tailored to meet individual practice needs
  • adjustable aiming beam varies the intensity, adjustable from off to high power
  • lightweight, less than 1 kg, extremely portable
  • multiple language menu—English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
  • compatible with US and international power outlets; 110/240 V
  • 3-year warranty for long-term worry-free operation

The integration of Picasso fully enables thousands of dental practices to provide advanced patient care with ease. AMD LASERS customers also receive unparalleled full-service customer support from our knowledgeable and friendly staff of industry professionals. For more information, call 866-999-2635 or visit www.amdlasers.com.

(D) AeroPure Vacuums, Compressors, and Accessories

Pelton & Crane is thrilled to announce the launch of the full AeroPure portfolio with the release of the new AeroPure Accessories. These new AeroPure products continue the spirit of innovation from the recently launched AeroPure Vacuum and Compressor. The AeroPure line of Vacuums and Compressors are the “Greenest” product line in the industry. For more information, call 800-659-6560 or visit www.pelton.net.

(E) HemCon® Dental Dressing

Zimmer Dental Inc is pleased to announce the availability of the HemCon® Dental Dressing, a revolutionary wound dressing material that uses a unique, propriety technology to effectively seal the wound and minimize pain in various surgical procedures, culminating in a more positive experience for both clinicians and patients. HemCon® Bandages have been a top choice for the US Armed Forces in battlefield wound care since 2003. For more information, call 800-854-7019 or visit www.zimmerdental.com for more information.


Sirona is proud to introduce the brand new HELIODENTPLUS Intraoral X-ray source. A compact, ultralight, intraoral X-ray generator for film-based and digital imaging, it was designed and built upon the experience of over 150,000 installed units from Sirona. The diagnostic requirements of modern practice were taken into account when designing features for the new unit. The user can switch from the film-based to the digital mode with the touch of a button. For more information, visit www.sirona.com.

(G) Spectra™

This lightweight, ergonomic, handheld digital-imaging caries detection aid from Air Techniques is now FDA-cleared and available for sale. Spectra operates using fluorescence technology. LEDs project high-energy light with a wavelength of 405 nm onto the tooth surface causing cariogenic bacteria to fluoresce red. In contrast, healthy enamel fluoresces green. For more information, call 800-AIR-TECH or visit www.airtechniques.com.


(H) ChaseHealth Advance Payment Calculator

ChaseHealthAdvance announces the release of its free, downloadable payment calculator, customizable software developed for dental, vision, and other elective healthcare providers that offer ChaseHealthAdvance financing optionsSM to their patients. The payment calculator is the first tool designed specifically for patient financing that can be customized to a specific industry and chosen payment plans. ChaseHealthAdvance providers can access the payment calculator using www.CHAcalculator.com.

(I) Contact Perfect QEP

Contact Perfect QEP is a direct contact matrix system that is Quick, Easy, and Perfect. A unique removable window shield allows uncured resin to uniformly expand and create a contoured, direct resin-to-tooth contact while eliminating the need for aggressive tooth separation. The band adapts to Tofflemire-like retainers eliminating the need for excessive chair-side instrumentation. For more information , call Arnel Dental at 888-752-7635 or visit www.contactperfect.com.

(J) Atlantis™ Patient-Specific Abutments

Astra Tech announces the launch of Atlantis™ patient-specific abutments in shaded zirconia. The abutment is milled from a solid shaded zirconia blank and designed from the final desired tooth-shape using the patented Atlantis VAD™ (Virtual Abutment Design) software. For more information, call Janie Shen at 781-810-6605 or visit www.astratechdental.com.

(K) PowerBrite In-Office Bleach

AdDent’s patented in-office tooth whitening system is based on a stabilized 25% hydrogen peroxide and FDA-approved orange pigment in gel form. The product is applied with an activator brush treated with a patented catalyst that produces a rapid oxygen release, which can be seen as tiny bubbles. The gel is automatically activated when applied to the tooth. Each kit contains 6 activator brushes and 2 bleach ampoules, sufficient for 16 teeth. The kit retails for $39.95. For more information, call AdDent 203-778-0200 X104 or visit www.addent.com

(L) Insight™ Ultrasonic Insert

Discus Dental introduces Insight, offering a unique combination of ergonomic features including dual-LED illumination, 360° swivel, a comfortable balanced grip, and optimized water flow for an enhanced ultrasonic scaling experience. For more information, visit www.discusdental.com.

(M) SRPhonares® NHC

Ivoclar Vivadent introduces SRPhonares NHC, a highly wear-resistant and esthetic line of implant teeth. Precision crafted with innovative NHC (Nano Hybrid Composite), SRPhonares NHC teeth are the choice for highly demanding indications including implant stabilized, partial, and complete removable prosthetics. For more information, contact John Isherwood at john.isherwood@ivoclarvivadent.us.

(N) Mydent Ear-Loop Mask

Mydent International is offering the Defend+Plus Pleated Procedural Ear-Loop Mask, which meets all criteria for ASTM standards for Moderate Barrier protection. The mask is perfect for dust, airborne particles, moisture, spray, and splatter. It is manufactured from soft, 3-ply, fiberglass-free material and pleated for ultimate comfort. Elastic ear-loops are latex-free. For more information, call 800-275-0020 or visit www.defend.com.

(O) Trimira Identafi™ 3000 Ultra

Trimira™ LLC has introduced the Identafi™ 3000 ultra, an upgraded version of the small, cordless, handheld oral cancer screening device introduced in March 2009. The ultra features enhancements such as nickel-plating, double the auto-fluorescent power, and both hardware and software upgrades. The device uses a three-wavelength optical illumination and visualization system to allow dental professionals to catch early cancers not visible to the naked eye. For more information, call 888-984-9525 visit www.trimira.net.

(P) KOMET 924XC Diamond Lab Disc

KOMET USA has developed an innovative laboratory diamond disc suited for deflasking pressed ceramic material. The 924XC.HP.400 disc is a large 40-mm disc designed for cutting deeper into investment material with a super coarse grit of 357 µm. For more information, call 888-566-3887 or visit www.komet-usa.com.

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