Nov/Dec 2009
Volume 5, Issue 10

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Obturation Systems

There are a variety of obturation systems on the market using new state-of-the-art technology.

Advances have gone a long way to providing stronger seals while better preventing coronal leakage. Here is a small sample of the obturation systems and products currently available. For more detailed information on any of these products, visit or any of the manufacturer Web sites listed.

RealSeal 1TM Bonded Obturation System

SybronEndo introduces its latest innovation in warm obturation, the RealSeal 1TM Bonded Obturation System. This system features a resin-based (Resilon®) coated core and sealer that create a superior seal with the dentin, and includes: bonded obturators in sizes from 20 to 90; corresponding size verifiers; self-etching Resilon-based sealer, a technique guide, a training video and a two-chamber oven for heating the obturators. For more information, call 800-346-3636 or visit

HotShot® Cordless Backfill Obturation Device

The HotShot enables fast and easy delivery of warm obturation material for endodontic backfill. Its cordless and compact nature makes it easy

for handling, cleaning, and storage. The needles have a 360° swivel feature that makes backfilling maxillary teeth easier than ever before. Whether you’re using Resilon® or gutta-percha, the variable temperature settings allow you to control obturation flow characteristics. For more information, call 800-817-3636 or visit

EDS EZ-Fill® Xpress

Essential Dental Systems, Inc (EDS) announces the introduction of EZ-Fill Xpress. With the same great epoxy chemistry as the original EZ-Fill obturation material, EZ-Fill Xpress is now available in an auto-mix syringe. EZ-Fill Xpress, combined with the patented EZ-Fill Bi-directional spirals, produces an apical seal as effective as lateral condensation and thermoplastic techniques without forcing excess cement apically. Traditional EZ-Fill obturation material is still available for those who do not prefer an auto mix syringe. For more information, call 800-223-5394 or e-mail


Featuring revolutionary technologies and symbiotic products, Ultradent’s EndoREZ Obturation System offers the tools you need for minimally invasive obturation procedures. Rather than introducing pressure or heat, which can cause additional trauma, root fracture and pain to the patient, the EndoREZ obturation method uses chemistry to yield strong reliable bonds. The chemistry found in EndoREZ is a methacrylate-based, self-priming canal sealer. Hydrophilic and thixotropic, EndoREZ chases moisture deep into dental tubules and canal spaces, creating a complete seal and chemical bond.

Activ GP Sealer (Glass Ionomer)

Activ GP by Brasseler USA is a unique, patented obturation system consisting of a glass-ionomer sealer and highly active gutta-percha points. The gutta-percha points are laser verified and have undergone two patented processes of impregnating and coating the gutta-percha with glass-ionomer particles. For more information, call at 800-841-4522 or visit

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