Inside Dentistry
October 2009
Volume 5, Issue 9

Enhancing the Clinical Armamentarium

The dental marketplace is always progressing; new materials and technologies are developed in a steady stream of innovation. Here, Inside Dentistry offers snapshots of some of the new products arriving on the scene.


DentalEZ® Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is pleased to introduce an alternative to halogen-based operatory lights. The new everLight™ LED operatory light provides color-corrected lighting, precise light pattern, and energy efficient features. The LED everLight provides energy-efficient features simply not possible using traditional halogen lighting. The everLight encompasses a long life of 30,000-plus hours, 10 times longer than halogen, reducing the need for regular replacement of light bulbs. everLight uses less than 35 W of energy, 70% less than halogen-based systems. No reflector or fan is required for the ultra-quiet everLight, since it is 100% true direct LED lighting and remains at a consistent, cool temperature. everLight is equipped with nine temperature/intensity settings to meet all your operative needs. Its superior LED technology provides natural daylight illumination and a precise light pattern, which results in clear oral cavity visibility and exact color matching. Also, the everLight’s LED composite setting will not cause pre-maturing on composite materials. The new innovative design of the everLight is ergonomically equipped with a standard third-axis rotation, allowing limitless positioning for optimal illumination, and is easily installed in six mounting configurations. For more information, call 866-DTE-INFO or visit www.dentalez.com.


Known as innovators in the dental business, Patterson Dental announces its role as the exclusive distributor of Under Armour Performance Mouthwear,™ an innovative new line of custom mouthpieces and mouthguards that provides athletes in any sport the ability to unlock their full potential. Powered by ArmourBite™ Technology, UA Performance Mouthwear can improve strength, endurance and reaction time, reduce athletic stress, and with the mouthguard, reduce impact from blows to the jaw. ArmourBite Technology prevents teeth from clenching, relieves pressure on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and prevents the excessive production of performance-sapping hormones. For more information, call 800-873-7683 or visit www.pattersondental.com.


SciCan proudly introduces our new Bravo fractionated vacuum autoclave, available in 120V and 220V in both a 10” 17-L and 21-L chamber size. Features like “Intelligent Closed Door Drying” and a “pull’n push” water system make Bravo easy to operate. With extremely fast wrapped cycles, Bravo is THE round chamber sterilizer for today’s dental office. For more information,call 800-572-1211.

D. Glowing Image

Launching in October 2009, Glowing Image will help dentists leverage their on-line practice presence, cultivate new patient referrals, meet practice needs, and provide new services to existing customers. Glowing Image will be launching media campaigns which include: television, radio, and online advertisements to inform consumers of the latest dental products and create oral health awareness. For more information, call 800-226-0394 or visit www.GlowingImage.com.


BISCO introduces REFLEXIONS™, a simplified universal nano-technology composite for use in all classes of direct restorations. For more information, visit www.bisco.com.

F. Icon

DMG America introduces Icon, a caries infiltrant. This micro-invasive technology fills, reinforces, and stabilizes demineralized enamel without sacrificing healthy tooth structure. For more information, visit www.dmg-america.com.

G. Spectra™

This, handheld digital-imaging caries detection aid from Air Techniques is now FDA approved and available for sale. For more information, visit www.airtechniques.com.

H. Insight™ Ultrasonic Insert

Discus Dental introduces Insight, offering a unique combination of ergonomic features including dual-LED illumination, 360° swivel, a comfortable balanced grip, and optimized water flow for an enhanced ultrasonic scaling experience. For more information, visit www.discusdental.com.

I. Anterior Bite-Opening Appliance

An excellent appliance for patients suffering TMJ or bruxism, especially those with deep bites and extreme over-jets. For more information, visit www.nedentallab.com.

J. Bifix SE

Bifix SE is a new generation of self-adhesive that combines the superior self-bond nano technology of Futurabond DC with the proven cement engineering of Bifix QM in a new 4:1 mixing ratio. For more information, visit www.vocoamerica.com


EMA is an oral appliance therapy (OAT) device for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The elastic straps on the device offer patients more lateral movement than many other forms of OSA treatment. For more information, visit www.kellerlab.com.

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