Inside Dentistry
October 2009
Volume 5, Issue 9

Digital Impressions

A closer look at some of the technologies available to optimize your digital impressioning capabilities.

Today’s chairside CAD/CAM systems are capable of scanning teeth and rapidly producing a 3D image; some can even fabricate single-unit restorations at the chair. Our look at the current state of digital impression shows some of the reasons why you might not need a second chance to make a first impression. For additional information on these products, visit www.insidedentistry.net or any of the manufacturer Web sites listed on this page.

Lava™ COS

The Lava™ C.O.S. features 3M ESPE’s proprietary 3D-in-Motion technology, which allows dentists to capture and simultaneously view continuous 3D video images. Dentists can assess their preparation and margin using several review features unique to digital dentistry and can specify either a traditional (PFM) or CAD/CAM restoration, including a Lava Restoration, and then send the digital prescription to their laboratory for marking the margin and cutting the die. The process is complete once the laboratory receives a technologically advanced stereolithography (SLA) model for finishing and ships the final restoration back to the dentist.

For more information, visit http://solutions.3m.com

E4D™: Dentistry’s Destination

D4D Technologies introduces a full line of CAD/CAM solutions for dentists and laboratories. E4D Dentist™ is used for chairside scanning (intraoral, impressions or models) and E4D Labworks™ is used for benchtop scanning (impressions and models) along with E4D Studio™, which is a remote design center for either system. All E4D systems can send data directly to an E4D mill for the fabrication of an all-ceramic restoration in just minutes, or use the E4D Sky™ Network to communicate and send data between systems (dentists and laboratories) to complete the digital workflow. For more information, visit www.d4dtech.com


CEREC AC is the most advanced dental CAD/CAM system available. CEREC AC helps dentists harness the full potential of digital impression taking. Thanks to Bluecam, capturing half-arch impressions in 40 seconds and full-arch impressions in 2 minutes and then creating multi-unit restorations of the highest esthetic quality is now a reality. CEREC AC provides the best balance of speed, ease of use, and precision for both chairside CAD/CAM applications as well as stand-alone digital impressions for use with CEREC Connect labs nationwide.

CEREC AC is designed to meet the needs of any dental practice. It is the only CAD/CAM system that delivers access to scalable and affordable CAD/CAM solutions, including the “Pay as You Go” option and CEREC Connect. CEREC AC provides dentists with access to a multitude of CAD/CAM advantages not available from any other CAD/CAM manufacturer. CEREC AC is available exclusively through Patterson Dental. For more information, call 800-873-7683 or visit www.CEREConline.com


iTero™, powered by proprietary imaging technology, enables the dentist to take a powder-free digital scan of the patient’s teeth and bite, make any necessary adjustments in real-time, and then transmit the file digitally to a Cadent-partnering laboratory for further processing. From there, the digital file is transmitted to Cadent where a precision-milled model is created and shipped to the laboratory within 48 hours. The laboratory may also import the iTero STL file into their laboratory-based CAD/CAM milling systems for direct production of copings and full-coverage CAD/CAM restorations. With significant benefits such as increased patient satisfaction, improved clinical outcomes, and enhanced office efficiencies, iTero is making an impression—150,000 of them and counting. For more information, visit www.cadentinc.com

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