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Inside Dentistry
Jul/Aug 2009
Volume 5, Issue 7

A-dec 300: Experience Essential Design

Not all dentists have the same needs and desires for their dental equipment. So before we began developing the A-dec 300, we invited dentists, assistants, and hygienists to help us shape a new product for a value-conscious dental market. Through interviews and hands-on customer sessions, these dental professionals helped us evaluate the different features and options available on dental equipment. These evaluations provided a clear value to cost structure around four key areas: access, style, comfort, and ancillary integration. A-dec included the most valued features and options into this price-sensitive product. The prototypes of A-dec 300 were then field tested by doctors around the world. Their feedback on performance and appearance were invaluable to the design teams and inspired production of a more stylish and robust product.

As a baseline solution, A-dec 300 is uniquely featured. But this product can grow as your practice grows. Beginning with a stylish and simple chair, the entire system can expand in sophistication and integrate everything the dental team needs to perform first-class dentistry.

Whether you are comfortable choosing a thin-line back with patient-adjustable neck support or a double-articulating headrest, both solutions provide excellent access to theoral cavity (Figure 1). Because the chair has arange of motion from 13.75” to 29.5” in height, you can treat sitting or standing and still maintain excellent access.

Your patients will feel relaxed and supported in the contoured chair backs, and the seat tilt will help maintain that comfort as they recline. The open toeboard makes it easy to clean and reduces the likelihood of damage to the upholstery from shoes. We improved patient entry and exit from the chair to assist individuals with limited mobility. At a height of 18” from the floor, the seat is nearly flat. Move the armrests back and patients can easily slide in and out of the chair. The small contoured baseplate is out of the way for exiting patients and provides better access under the patient for the dental team.

The sporty compact design of the chair lends a contemporary feel to the operatory and the bright new color will freshen up any décor. If you are looking to update your practice, A-dec 300 chairs and systems make an attractive centerpiece.

Simply appointed, an A-dec 300 delivery system provides basic air-driven dentistry with or without a standard touchpad. Add a quad-volt intraoral light source, deluxe touchpad, plus the ability to integrate two ancillary devices, and the delivery becomes a robust technology platform capable of performing a wide range of procedures. Even with two ancillary choices of electric handpieces, intraoral camera, scaler, or curing light, everything is cleanly merged inside this control head for a sleek compact appearance (Figure 2).

The flex arm, with push-button air brake, allows you to place the control at just the right height. Work ergonomically with minimum movement because the arm system brings the control into easy reach—even when you are at 12 o’clock. Because the control head pivots to face the oral cavity, you and your equipment are focused on the same job.

The foundation piece for adding a delivery system, cuspidor, light, monitor, or assistant’s instrumentation is the A-dec 300 support center. The support center rests solidly on the chair base, so as the chair moves, the delivery system and light remain steady with no repositioning necessary. The self-contained water system is located on the support center, which also has interior room for optional amalgam separation and an air-vacuum system.

An optional bowl is not only removable and dishwasher safe, but is shaped with a low leading edge for easier patient use (Figure 3). The timed cuspidor bowl-rinse and cup-fill can be programmed and operated from a touchpad, or with local manual buttons on the cup-fill tower.

The assistant’s instrumentation can be cuspidor-mounted, or on a telescoping arm. Both options are available with auto- electric holders for remote activation of vacuum valves, central vacuum systems, or amalgam separators. With an optional touchpad, assistants can control chair, light, cuspidor rinse, and cup-fill functions without reaching for the manual buttons or control head touchpad. The telescoping arm places the vacuum instruments and optional curing light beside the oral cavity, creating a very ergonomic two- or four-handed system—ideal for small rooms and tight quarters.

This is a bright new addition to A-dec dental lights. Exceptionalpositioning helps this light provide lowerlingual illumination, even with tall patients. The new multifaceted reflector helps minimize shadowing, while producing a focus evenly distributed at 5,000K. With two light settings, 24,000 lux for procedures,and 8,000 lux for composites, this light isversatile and completely controlled from a touchpad, reducing touch points. Rounded handles make the light comfortable to position, and the two axes of rotation directthe light just where you need it. The A-dec 371 light uses a quartz-halogen xenon bulb and includes a convenientlylocated spare bulb inside the light flex armend-cap.

Our simple clamp-on monitor mount accommodates 15” to 19” flat-panel monitors. With tilt and rotation built in, the monitor can be viewed from multiple angles. The simplicity of this design allows the monitor to move freely in the space between the delivery arms and the light, creating a complete system that looks clean and uncomplicated (Figure 4).

A-dec 300 is a healthy solution for how you work, at aprice that allows you to focus on your practice. And A-dec 300 is backed bythe quality and reliability for which A-dec is known. To learn more andexplore all that A-dec 300 can do for you, your practice, and yourpatients, contact A-dec today.

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