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April 2009
Volume 5, Issue 4

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CAESY Patient Education Systems: Keeping Your Patients Informed

Inside Dentistry — Tech Profile — Apr 2009 — Vol. 5, Iss. 4

As dental practices continue to evolve to meet patients’ changing needs, digital technology has become a vital tool in improving the quality and efficiency of patient care. Dental professionals rely on patient education to inform patients of prospective or pending treatment options in easy-to-understand terms. While technology can never replace face-to-face patient communication, quality patient education software provides the necessary format for complete patient understanding, as well as increased compliance and case acceptance rates.

As dentistry’s premier patient education technology, CAESY Education Systems can be used in operatories and consultation rooms, or sent home with a patient to ensure effective, consistent communication among the office staff, dentist, and patient. A patient education solution that is completely integrated with a practice management system, Patterson EagleSoft (Patterson Dental Supply, Inc, St. Paul, MN), not only creates efficiencies for the dentist, but also benefits the entire practice by increasing patients’ understanding and involvement in their care.

New versions of CAESY Enterprise 7.0 and CAESY DVD 2009 from Patterson Dental Supply offer complete ease-of-use for dental professionals to effectively educate patients. This award-winning multimedia software system for preventive, restorative, and esthetic treatment options saves time for office professionals by reducing the number of repeated procedural explanations. CAESY content is distributed via video and computer networks or DVD players throughout the clinical and reception areas of a dental practice.

Patterson Dental Supply continues to develop new product features and enhancements based on feedback from CAESY users to improve patient education and overall patient care. With updated technology, many enhancements have been incorporated into CAESY DVD 2009 and CAESY Enterprise 7.0, released in late 2008.


The latest version of patient education software for both operatories and consult rooms, CAESY DVD 2009 explains diagnoses, procedures, alternatives, and postoperative instructions to patients.

Used chairside, CAESY DVD 2009 presentations explain the need for treatment, treatment options, consequences of delaying treatment, what the treatment entails, and follow-up treatment at home. CAESY optimizes dentist and office staff time, reduces the need to repeat procedural explanations, and increases case acceptance rates.

With more than 25 new and updated presentations, CAESY provides the latest information and findings related to the hottest topics in dentistry. Updated presentations include:

  • A more comprehensive Hygiene section with new modules on both Full Mouth Debridement and Prophylaxis.
  • The CEREC® CAD/CAM presentation has been updated with an informational video of the CEREC MC XL milling unit (Figure 1).
  • A new segment, Pediatric Dentistry, is a resource for educating parents on their children’s procedures.
  • Additional new segments profile Perio Maintenance, Nitrous Oxide, and Sedation Dentistry.

CAESY Enterprise 7.0

CAESY Enterprise 7.0 (Figure 2), the newest version of server-based patient education software, features 24 new presentations and 61 updated presentations. With Smile Channel available in the reception area and CAESY presentations available on-demand in the operatories and consultation areas, CAESY Enterprise is designed for use throughout the dental practice, reinforcing treatment recommendations and prompting interest in discretionary services. 

In the Operatory
Digital images and radiographs, coupled with a CAESY presentation, create a diagnosis tailored to individual patient conditions. Doctors or dental practice staff can use these presentations in chairside discussions to ensure clarity of the patient’s symptoms and diagnosis, which leads to increased patient compliance and a stronger practice.

In the Reception Area
In addition to treatment room technology, the CAESY Smile Channel video loop, included with CAESY Enterprise 7.0, provides a non-stop presentation for use in the reception room. Smile Channel presentations can be personalized with practice photographs and are designed to spark dialogue with patients about necessary, as well as elective, procedures. 

At Home
Using ShowCase, also included with CAESY Enterprise, dentists and practice staff can create custom CDs so that patients can access personalized diagnoses and treatment recommendations from home. These personalized CDs have the capacity to contain up to 10 CAESY and Smile Channel presentations, digital images, personalized videos, a letter to the patient, and other materials. In addition, patients can take home “before” and “after” photographs that help them to visualize results from various procedures. With take-away materials that allow patients to discuss options with family members and ask follow-up questions, patients can feel comfortable knowing they made an informed decision.

Product Enhancements
CAESY presentations guarantee time savings and increased case acceptance rates. Enhanced presentations in CAESY Enterprise 7.0 include:

  • Expansions in the Bridges and Hygiene, Initial Visit, and CEREC® CAD/CAM sections, and updates to VELscope and Oral CDX in the Oral Cancer Exam section.
  • A new Invisible Braces presentation in the Orthodontics section.
  • A Thin Veneers video in the Esthetic Dentistry section.
  • Nine new topics in the Dentures module (Figure 3).
  • Hard and Soft Tissue Lasers in the Technology section.

Additional Product Information
CAESY also offers improved integration with the Screen Saver function, where users can choose from a variety of esthetic case displays to best suit their practice’s individual needs. Displays now load faster and more easily than previous versions. All CAESY presentations seamlessly integrate with Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 operating systems.

CAESY Education Systems

CAESY Education Systems has been dentistry’s premier developer of leading-edge patient education technology and content since 1993. Patterson support specialists are available to answer both general and technical questions about using CAESY, Monday through Thursday from 7 AM to 7 PM CST or Friday 7 AM to 6 PM CST.

For more information, contact:

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc
Phone: 800-294-8504
Web: www.caesy.com; www.pattersondental.com


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