Inside Dentistry
February 2009
Volume 5, Issue 2

Silginat® impression Material—Advancing the Alginate Alternative


Kettenbach LP (Huntington Beach, CA), a subsidiary of Kettenbach GmbH and Co. KG, has a high reputation in the international oral healthcare community, particularly as a specialist in the impression material sector. Kettenbach has developed this reputation within the impression silicone sector on the basis of more than 60 years’ experience of supplying advanced products, which are always well ahead of their time.

Kettenbach is proud to introduce its newest impression material, Silginat®, to the US market (Figure 1).

Optimal Chemistry for Optimal Impressions

Silginat is an addition-curing, elastomeric polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) impression material to be used as an alginate alternative in a variety of anatomic impressions. Silginat boasts many advantages over alginate impression materials for both the practitioner and the patient. It was designed with a low-tear resistance to avoid inadvertently dislodging restorations or orthodontic appliances while providing excellent palatal definition and detail. Silginat has an optimized medium flow viscosity (medium-body viscosity per ISO standards) with heavy body hardness when set. Silginat is also highly thixotropic and flows properly under pressure, giving it an ideal workability. The thixotropic nature of the material also helps prevent patient gagging.

Silginat has a high dimensional stability so gypsum or model stone impressions can be poured immediately or kept for days or weeks without sacrificing accuracy. In addition, multiple models can be poured from just one impression with accuracy (three to four times depending on technique). Silginat’s flexibility is an excellent time-saving device for practitioners, allowing them to dictate the optimal time to pour their impressions.

Silginat is also compatible with most US disinfecting solutions, which reduces contamination and the need to handle potentially contaminated impressions.

Myriad Uses, Multiple Delivery Systems

Silginat’s characteristics make it an ideal material for multiple clinical scenarios. Silginat can be used for fabricating anatomic models, models of opposing dentition, simple removable prosthetic restorations, orthodontic work, removable retainers and splints, case study models, preliminary impressions, and temporary crown-and-bridge matrices. The polymerized material will provide a smooth finish when used to fabricate temporary crowns-and- bridges or veneers.

Silginat is available in two delivery systems: 380 jumbo cartridge for Kettenbach’s Plug and Press® automatic dispenser (5:1 ratio) and most commercially available mixing machines; and 50-mL cartridges (1:1 ratio) suitable for use with the Ketten- bach Applyfix® 4 universal dispensing gun.

Silginat is the first alginate alternative available in an optimized 50-mL cartridge designed to be the perfect amount to fill most medium-size, full-arch trays or two quadrant trays (Figure 2). With Silginat’s 50-mL cartridges there is minimized dust and mess, no leftover material that requires extra mix tips, storage space, or clean-up time. This translates into significant time-saving and cost-per-use benefits.

From a working perspective, when Silginat is dispensed in foil bags, it has a total set time of 3 minutes. Shore hardness for Kettenbach’s Plug and Press automatic dispenser is A-42. The total set time for Silginat, when dispensed in cartridges, is 2 minutes, 30 seconds. Shore hardness for cartridges (1:1 ratio) is A-42.

A Better Alternative

The unique features and handling characteristics of Silginat make it ideal for almost any impression-related task. Formulated to be patient- and practitioner-friendly, time-efficient, and cost-effective, Silginat is a clear advance in the ranks of alginate-alternative impression materials.

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