Inside Dentistry
October 2008
Volume 4, Issue 9

Patterson EagleSoft: Keeping Your Practice on the Forefront of Technology

While digital technologies continue to become increasingly mainstream, every aspect of dental practice also continues to change. From patient involvement and expectations to legal documentation and scheduling, the dental practice needs to be prepared to meet these varying demands.

As the leading provider of integrated digital technologies, Patterson Dental recognizes the basic, fundamental need for cutting-edge software to be the hub of that digital future and is committed to helping dental practices achieve optimum efficiency and productivity. Delivering solid integration throughout the dental practice, free Patterson EagleSoft practice management software helps dental professionals to streamline practice activity, benefiting both patients and staff alike.

Patterson EagleSoft practice management software (Figure 1) is a comprehensive front office system available to dental professionals nationwide at no charge. The award-winning technology helps users streamline clinical and daily operational tasks by providing a variety of customizable features to accommodate the individual needs of each practice.

To receive free Patterson EagleSoft practice management software, data import, and CD and Web-based training, professionals simply need to commit to a 1-year service agreement at a low monthly cost. Professionals also can obtain Patterson EagleSoft digital imaging software at no charge with qualifying digital technology purchases. Clinical software, full-history conversions, and in-office training also are available for offices that prefer these options. All front office, clinical, and imaging procedures operate using a single patient record, making practices more productive and profitable.

Enhanced Features with Patterson Eaglesoft Version 15.00

Patterson EagleSoft practice management software, coupled with Patterson Dental’s renowned support services, is a long-standing favorite with dental professionals. Patterson continues to make regular updates to improve and enhance features based on suggestions from current Patterson EagleSoft users. The Patterson Technology Center welcomes ongoing feedback on current features and ideas for new features, tailoring every aspect of Patterson EagleSoft to make it even more convenient and user-friendly.

Several enhanced features based on user feedback have been incorporated into Patterson EagleSoft Version 15.00.

• View Production Goals—Now users can view practice production goals against actual production numbers for any day in the Month-at-a-Glance mode. This view quickly allows dentists and office managers to gauge their progress in reaching their goals and assess their productivity.

• OnSchedule Notes—Users can make notes within the practice schedule as they pertain to appointments, patient requests, and staff meetings and needs. Applicable notes appear for each day on the schedule and multiple notes can exist for any day. All members of the staff can stay up to date on current scheduling notices and changes by reviewing that day’s notes (Figure 2).

• CAESY® Printables—Printable patient literature from CAESY is now included as part of Patterson EagleSoft. Patient education take-home materials print automatically during the walkout process after the service code attached to that specific type of procedure or service is entered. Users can ensure patients have applicable information regarding treatment recommendations before they leave the practice.

Your Practice: Powered by Patterson

With an ever-changing industry landscape, two things are certain—Patterson’s rock-solid stability and unwavering customer support. Patterson provides the most up-to-date and technologically advanced equipment, software, and support offerings to help dental professionals run their practices smoothly and efficiently.

The Patterson Technology Center continues to set the standard of excellence for customer service, technical support, and continuing education opportunities. Offering step-by-step assistance with the installation process, specialized software training, and a multitude of ongoing support options, Patterson stands by its customers as a reliable, trusted partner in success.

In addition to standard support options, Patterson provides a variety of online support tools to guarantee that users’ questions and concerns are handled in an efficient and timely manner. For example:

• Remote Support—Allows a support specialist to access the customer’s computer remotely when needed to troubleshoot or to send and receive files.

• Live Help—Allows customers to interact in real time with a Patterson Support Specialist at the Patterson Technology Center to answer questions quickly and without picking up the phone (Figure 3).

• FAQ—An online knowledge base is available 24/7.

• E-mail support—Allows users to e-mail questions to support personnel.

Who We Are

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc, is a value-added distributor of a complete range of dental products, equipment, and services for dentists, dental laboratories, institutions, educational facilities, and other healthcare providers throughout North America. Patterson Dental has the largest direct sales force in the industry, totaling more than 1,400 sales representatives and equipment software specialists serving the United States and Canada.

For more information, contact:
Patterson EagleSoft
Phone: 800-294-8504
Web: www.pattersondental.com; www.eaglesoft.net


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