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Inside Dentistry
September 2008
Volume 4, Issue 8

The Right Handpiece for Today’s Practice

The dental handpiece is one of the most vital pieces of the dental armamentarium. Without a comprehensive and trustworthy set of rotary cutting instruments, pneumatic and electric-powered turbine drills, and hygiene handpieces used in the treatment of dental caries, modern dentistry simply cannot be performed.

MTI Dental Products (Lakewood, NJ), a leader in dental handpiece manufacturing for more than 25 years, offers a full line of dependable and cost-effective high-performance, high-speed handpieces, sophisticated low-speed motors, and attachments for everyday use in both laboratory and dental operatory procedures. From efficient air-scalers and 5,000-rpm hygiene handpieces to 20,000-rpm reliable low-speed motors, MTI is a one-stop shop for all dental handpiece needs.

“The handpieces currently used in dentistry have come a long way; however, there is always room for improvement in size, weight, reliability, and cutting performance, and MTI is determined to bring those improvements to our customers,” commented Haye Hinrichs, MTI’s new president and a 20-year veteran of the dental industry. “I am exceptionally impressed with MTI’s commitment to serving dental practitioners by constantly advancing treatment options and clinical performance. We are a strong US manufacturing company and we have clearly heard the dental practitioners’ request for high-quality products at reasonable prices.”


Dentists certainly prefer oil-free cavities, but they too often encounter problems associated with oil escaping from the in-strument. To address these problems, MTI is now featuring sophisticated technology of ball bearings and gears used in the Master Classic series of E-type motors, low-speed, straight, and contra-angle handpieces (Figure 1 and Figure 2). This manufacturing expertise enables the instruments to operate completely without oiling. At the same time, these handpieces perform very smoothly and will withstand years of operatory and laboratory use. Lube-free handpieces will save time, result in fewer maintenance errors, and limit unnecessary repairs. These handpieces are also resistant to the harsh autoclave environment and offer a higher hygiene standard by eliminating the need for constant lubrication.


The Prophy AirLite handpiece (Figure 3) is extremely comfortable because of its exceptionally ergonomic design. It reduces hand fatigue while providing truly superior polishing treatment. The quick-disconnect swivel coupling allows rapid exchange and further prevents hand fatigue caused by the drag and twisting of the delivery tubing associated with other handpieces.

MTI’s portable Sonic Scaler offers excellent power and low noise. It also connects to any two- and four-hole air turbine coupling, thereby eliminating the need for counter space or extra foot controls. The air-powered ScaleMaster (Figure 4) features improved ergonomics and lightweight design, and is available in several color choices. ScaleMaster is clinically proven to effectively remove hard calculus deposits, and it offers efficient subgingival and supragingival scaling while providing a gentle and fast-cleaning treatment for patients. This cost-effective sonic scaler provides a controlled water spray for fog-free operation and is delivered with a complete assortment of tips.


When selecting a handpiece, tactile feedback and ergonomic preference are just as important as clinical performance. Although air-driven handpieces are lightweight, when used during a typical day in the practice they can still be fatiguing. This is why MTI emphasizes the ergonomic design of their products. MTI’s superior maneuverability and visibility are very important when dealing with limited-access areas of the mouth, and optimal fit and balance make the instrument more comfortable. Furthermore, MTI offers a new line of swivel/quick-disconnect couplers for low-speed motors and hygiene handpieces. Connected to the handpiece, the Master Swivel (Figure 5) allows for improved positioning of the handpiece without having to fight torque forces in the tubing.

The advantages offered by these handpieces will benefit daily treatment in every dental operatory and are in line with MTI’s commitment to providing dentists with top-quality products at reasonable prices. MTI believes that practitioners should closely evaluate turbines, handpieces, and motors and choose the system that best fits the needs and techniques of the individual.


Looking ahead, Hinrichs sees enormous promise in MTI’s new products. “As we advance our clinical programs and expedite our efforts to transform the company and the MTI experience for our customers, we will focus on strengthening our relationships with our dental industry partners and building lasting associations with dental practitioners in the United States and abroad.”

For additional information:
MTI Dental Products
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The preceding material was provided by the manufacturer. The statements and opinions contained therein are solely those of the manufacturer and not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dentistry. The preceding is not a warranty, endorsement, or approval for the aforementioned products or services or their effectiveness, quality, or safety on the part of Inside Dentistry or AEGIS Communications. The publisher disclaims responsibility for any injury to persons or property resulting from any ideas or products referred to in the preceding material.

Figure 1 Master Pro-5 lube-free handpiece.   Figure 2 Master Classic motor, 1:1 contra attachment, and latch head.
Figure 3 Master Prophy AirLite with friction grip and swivel.   Figure 4 The air-powered ScaleMaster, featuring improved ergonomic design.
Figure 5 The Master Swivel coupler.    

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