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June 2008
Volume 4, Issue 6

IS-2000® Impression Material System

IS-2000® Super Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material (Ada Products Company, Inc, Milwaukee, WI) (Figure 1) is an advanced-formula impression material for taking accurate impressions with attention to detail, ease-of-use, and patient comfort.


Fit is not an option for the dentist when it comes to a detailed impression"it is a must. The impression material used must be capable of providing precision in a wet environment. It must not be inhibited in the presence of moisture; otherwise, the potential for voids is greater and the fit of the restoration is compromised.

With its super-hydrophilic formulation, and thus low-contact angle, IS-2000 Impression Material provides this required detail. The contact angle of IS-2000 is < 20° (tested to ISO 4823 Standards), one of the lowest contact angles of any impression material on the market; thus, the potential for voids is reduced substantially.1 Additionally, moisture will not affect the flowability, stability, or set time of IS-2000.

IS-2000 Impression Material's advanced formula also contains special hydrogen scavengers that eliminate the formation of hydrogen gas and consequently help to prevent voids. IS-2000 is a thixotropic material, is stackable to prevent slumping, and has controlled flow under pressure to fill small gingival crevices. Models may be poured immediately with no outgassing and may be poured multiple times up to 30 days after the impression is taken. IS-2000 is compatible with electroplating, gyp-sum, and refractory models. The physical properties of IS-2000 meet or exceed ISO Standard (4823) for VPS impression materials (Figure 2).1


IS-2000 is available in four viscosities in regular and fast-set. Putty is also available, as is Bite Registration in standard, clear, and mousse. The convenient delivery systems include 50-ml auto-mix cartridges that fit standard 1: 1 dispensing guns and a 390-ml cartridge that fits the Pentamix™ 2 (3M ESPE, St. Paul, MN) and MixStar™ (Zenith/DMG, Englewood, NJ) mixing machines. The vivid colors of IS-2000 provide the dentist with sharp, clear distinctions where bite registration or a different viscosity is used as a wash (Figure 3).


IS-2000 was evaluated by The Dental Advisor and received a 4 1/2+ rating out of a possible 5.2 It received an overall 92% evaluation score from 24 clinicians performing 230 crown-and-bridge impressions. A well-known independent, non-profit dental education and product-testing foundation recognized IS-2000 as one of the 2007 Buying Guide"Best Products of the Year.3 In this evaluation, 68% of the evaluators stated that they would purchase this product for use in their practices.

IS-2000 Bite Registration Material was also evaluated by The Dental Advisor and received a 4 1/2+ of 5+ evaluation rating.4 According to this evaluation, 60% of the consultants strongly endorsed the accuracy by which IS-2000 depicts occlusal relationships. IS-2000 Bite Registration Material received an overall rating of 93%. IS-2000 Bite Registration Material is available in regular and fast-set and comes in both colored and clear formulation. A mousse-style in both regular and fast-sets, was recently added to the line of the regular viscosity of IS-2000 Bite Registration Material.


The perfect companion to IS-2000 Impression Material is Tri-Bite® Impression Trays (Ada Products Company, Inc) (Figure 4). Tri-Bite disposable trays are durable, composite plastic impression trays designed for the triple-tray or closed-mouth technique. Tri-Bite trays are made of high-quality plastic and feature wide occlusal planes, rigid plastic sidewalls, and special ergonomically designed handles. Tri-Bite trays also have a moisture-free interocclusal Micro-Mesh. Dental laboratories often recommend the use of these trays to their dental clients. They appreciate impressions that are taken using Tri-Bite trays because they provide accuracy and details that lead to beautifully fitted restorations. Like IS-2000 Super Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material, Tri-Bite Impression Trays were also evaluated by The Dental Advisor and received a 5+ of 5+ rating and an overall 96% approval rating.5

In addition to the nine styles of plastic trays, Tri-Bite also features a disposable metal posterior tray, which has many of the same features as the plastic trays plus a patented ergonomic handle for easy loading and handling.

For more information, contact:
Ada Products Company, Inc
Phone: 800-471-4411
Web: www.adaproducts.net


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Figure 1 IS-2000 Super Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material.
Figure 2 Physical property requirements comparison: IS-2000 Super Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material and ISO Standard (4825).
Figure 3 IS-2000 Impressions in Tri-Bite Trays. Ultra Lite Body with Heavy Body (left), Lite Body with Heavy Body (right).
Figure 4 Tri-Bite Trays.

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