Inside Dentistry
June 2008
Volume 4, Issue 6

Better, Faster, Stronger - G3 Is Here

Henry Schein® Practice Solutions (Melville, NY) has reached another milestone on the journey to re-invent the nation's favorite practice management system with the release of DENTRIX® G3. We were inspired by the vision of technologist Alan Kay, who said, "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." And we intend to predict the future.

Nearly 30,000 practices across the nation have chosen to use DENTRIX to manage their livelihood. We have an awesome responsibility to our customers to lead the way, always, and in all ways. Thus, we began to re-invent the best-selling practice management software in the dental profession. Our journey began with the release of G2 and continues with the release of DENTRIX G3.

DENTRIX has always led the way with new and innovative solutions in charting and practice management, and DENTRIX G3 is no exception. DENTRIX G3 has new enhancements and services that come together to make your practice more productive.


Easily create, customize, and save multiple questionnaire forms for patients, guarantors, and even providers to fill out. The newly rewritten Questionnaires module (Figure 1) allows you to use eCentral services to have your patients fill out questionnaires online before or after their appointments. You can quickly import their responses into DENTRIX to keep their information up to date, thus saving time that you would have normally spent manually entering the patient's information. Easily customize and create many different forms such as satisfaction surveys and questionnaires specifically for individuals with certain conditions, etc. Because questionnaire forms can be filled out multiple times, you can also view all past responses that an individual has given on a form.


DENTRIX G3 has added enhanced functionality within the Document Center (Figure 2) that will help your practice move one step closer to being completely paperless. The new Document Center allows you to import and store standard image files as you've been able to do in past versions, but now you can import and store Adobe® Acrobat® (Adobe, San Jose, CA), Microsoft® Word, Excel, and PowerPoint® files (Microsoft, Redmond, WA), as well as plain text or rich text files into any OLE-compliant file type in the document. DENTRIX G3 can also import any document from any program that has the ability to print by selecting "Send to DENTRIX Document Center" instead of your regular printer. The new Document Center also allows you to add digital signatures with a document, with the ability to quickly see who has and has not signed any given document.


New with G3 is our patient education software called Guru™ (Figure 3). Guru is a new approach to the not-so-new challenge of educating your patients. With the enhanced treatment planning features in DENTRIX G3, Guru further improves your ability to educate and fit the needs of each patient in your own personal style. You can provide a truly interactive experience and be as detailed or as simple as you need to be. Guru Lite is automatically installed with DENTRIX G3. It includes 20 patient education topics that can be accessed from the DENTRIX Presenter or from Guru. Guru offers many animations and still images to educate your patients. The full version of Guru can be found inside your G3 package. For information on purchasing and licensing the full version of Guru with hundreds of additional patient education topics, please call 800-DENTRIX before installing Guru.


New, easy-to-use image enhancement tools have been created for you to use in the new Document Center and the newly rewritten Patient Picture module for making adjustments to an image's color, brightness, and contrast. Fine-tuning your images has never been easier than it is in DENTRIX G3.


With the redesign of the Perio Chart (Figure 4), DENTRIX G3 allows you to easily enter exam data using standard input devices, such as a keyboard or mouse, but it is also tightly integrated with our newly rewritten VoicePro 5.0 add-on product. The Perio Chart's improved script customization and display settings can now be customized to better accommodate the way you want to enter exam data.


Presenting treatment plans and educating your patients is more effective than ever with the new ability to save case presentations and attach signed and unsigned consent forms to a case, improving case acceptance and patient retention (Figure 5).


Designing, coding, and testing DENTRIX G3 required 31,577 man-hours. As a result of that investment, DENTRIX G3 proves to be significantly faster.


DENTRIX G3 includes more than 400 different changes satisfying more than 4,000 customer enhancement requests. DENTRIX G3 has completed 95 days of on-the-job testing in 143 different practices across the country. DENTRIX v11 users can upgrade directly to DENTRIX G3. With its many enhancements and improvements, we know you'll be delighted as you learn how G3 can improve many aspects of your practice.

For more information, contact:
Henry Schein Practice Solutions
Phone: 800-DENTRIX
Web: www.dentrix.com/journey

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