March 2008
Volume 4, Issue 3

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Practice Essentials

Komet USA Introduces Sonic Tips for the Preparation of Crown Cores
KOMET USA’s (Rock Hill, SC) new Sonic Tips series is designed for the exact positioning and finishing of crown margins. In collaboration with internationally renowned Italian specialist Dr. Domenico Massironi, KOMET designed tips ideally suited for this indication and now offers a combination of rotary instruments and sonic tips that can produce an exact marginal seal, site preparation, and clinical restoration.

KOMET offers three instruments in its series, each featuring a different shape and performing a specific function in preparing the crown core. These include the Ellipse, Tapered with Rounded Edge, and Flame. The best synergy effects are achieved by using a combination of rotary instruments and Sonic Tips. The Sonic Tips can only be used in combination with the KaVo Dental Corporation (Lake Zurich, IL) SONICflex system. They not only achieve excellent results, they also leave the gums completely unharmed, even if direct contact occurs.

A sonically placed and finished crown margin is the best precondition of an exact impression and the successful creation of a durable restoration. For more information, call 800-208-1630 or visit

DEKA CO2 Laser
The DEKA Laser Technologies, Ltd (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) UltraSpeed CO2 laser offers the practitioner the ultimate in soft tissue therapies and treatments in all areas of general dentistry, oral/maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, endodontics, and implantology. The benefits of an optimal and predictable recovery give the practitioner and patient security and assurance. The user-friendly touch screen menu allows for easy navigation through the preset protocols and power settings. The articulated arm is a most reliable delivery system without power loss, repairs, or unexpected complications.

Through its innovative design, this laser has become the “workhorse” in the dental practice. The DEKA UltraSpeed CO2 is the only CO2 laser that incorporates all facilities for absolute accuracy in micro-surgical applications, resulting in optimal clinical conditions and prognoses for postoperative recovery. Eighty-four preprogrammed procedures make the learning curve very manageable. Because of its minimal absorption depth of 0.1 mm, underlying or surrounding tissue structures cannot be damaged or compromised. Most surgical procedures are performed with fewer anesthetics and perfect coagulation, resulting in optimal postoperative conditions. For more information, call 954-585-6000 or visit

Nano-Ionomer in a Class by Itself

By introducing a nano-ionomer, 3M ESPE (St. Paul, MN) has leveraged its expertise in nanotechnology to take glass ionomers to the next level. Ketac™ Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative delivers greater wear resistance, esthetics, and polish compared to market-leading glass ionomers, while offering fluoride release similar to conventional and resin-modified glass-ionomer restoratives. As the first-ever paste-paste glass-ionomer restorative featuring nanofiller technology, the product can quickly and easily be mixed and dispensed using 3M ESPE’s award-winning Clicker™ Dispenser.

“By introducing this product, 3M ESPE continues to expand its line of nanotechnology restoratives that began more than 3 years ago with the introduction of Filtek™ Supreme Universal Restorative,” said Kevin Reilly, marketing manager, 3M ESPE.

For more information, call 800-634-2249 or visit

Super-Fast Impression Material for Auto-Dispensing Machines
Parkell’s (Edgewood, NY) Cinch-90 vinyl polysiloxane impression material is now available in super-cartridges (380 ml) to fit the 3M ESPE (St. Paul, MN) Pentamix™ and other auto-dispensing machines. The large cartridge costs $79.98 and includes 10 mixing tips and a locking ring.

Cinch-90 is an extremely fast-setting, medium-body impression material that can be removed from the mouth after just 90 seconds. Its formula contains surfactants to improve hydrophilicity and hydrogen scavengers to eliminate out-gassing and permit immediate pouring of models.

Cinch-90 is also available in 50-ml auto-mix cartridges to fit standard manual impression guns.

For more information about Cinch impression materials, call 800-243-7446 or visit

New Bubblegum Flavor Enamel Pro Prophy Paste

Premier Dental Products Company (Plymouth Meeting, PA) is adding a new bubblegum flavor to their offering of Enamel Pro® prophy paste with amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP). Enamel Pro is the only prophy paste formulated to deliver ACP, which is proven to remineralize enamel. The demand for Enamel Pro prophy paste is reportedly making it one of the most successful product launches in the hygiene category in years. Enamel Pro resonates with the dental practitioner because it has a unique presentation, flavor, and aroma for the patient; cleans teeth readily without splattering; and is easy to rinse off. Most importantly, it delivers ACP to the tooth surface—a significant benefit for the patient and does not require an additional procedure or additional cost for the dental practice. In addition, dental professionals are said to appreciate that Enamel Pro delivers 31% more fluoride to help strengthen tooth structure.

For more information, call 888-773-6872 or visit

Captek™ Bridge and Implant™

Captek™ Bridge and Implant™ (Precious Chemicals Company, Altamonte Springs, FL) is specifically designed to meet the strength requirements for long-span bridges and implants while overcoming the limitations inherent in tradi-tional cast alloys and all-ceramic materials. This updated version of Captek uses the same composite-metal structure proven successful in the original Captek material. Now with advancements in nano manufacturing, the Captek Bridge and Implant is more than 30% stronger. Advantages for clinicians include: precise-fitting, strong crowns and bridges that are esthetic, plaque resistant, cementable, and will accommodate all margin types.

For more information call 800-921-2227 or visit

Indigreen Innovations’ Mirro-Vac™
Indigreen Innovations (Greenville, NC) has added another new innovative item to its product line for the US dental market. The disposable Mirro-Vac™ Saliva Ejector Mirror combines evacuator and mirror functions into one efficient instrument, enabling the dentist to reduce the number of hands needed, instruments used, and procedure time. Ideal for sealants, air abrasion, bonding, and other dry-field procedures, Mirro-Vac has an upper suction inlet that relieves tissue grab and ensures the anti-fog acrylic mirror stays clear, even under direct exhalation. The size 4 lens with a 35° inclination delivers standard mouth mirror feel and function without compromise.

Indigreen Innovations distributes a variety of other unique dental products through numerous dealers. To view the complete product line or to contact Indigreen about dealership opportunities, please visit

New and Improved N-Tralig Syringe

The very popular Miltex Dental (York, PA) N-Tralig® syringe has undergone some product improvements. The syringe is now being manufactured from high-quality German stainless steel. Because of new manufacturing techniques, Miltex now has the ability to make all parts of the N-Tralig syringe out of stainless steel, thus increasing the life expectancy of this great instrument.

The N-Tralig syringe delivers precisely 0.2 cc of anesthetic, has a positive ratchet action and protects against the breakage of anesthesia cartridges. The slow infiltration of anesthetic during the PDL injection prevents dislodging the tooth and helps to numb that specific tooth. The 30° adapter handles even the most difficult-to-reach injections with ease. The syringe comes with a solid and a window barrel. For more information, please call 866-854-8300 or visit

Pulpdent Prep-Rite™ RC Canal Lubricant

Pulpdent Corporation’s (Watertown, MA) Prep-Rite™ RC is a 17% viscous EDTA gel that is easily picked up on an endodontic file to facilitate preparation of the root canal. Prep-Rite RC is a canal lubricant and chelating agent that has been buffered to a neutral pH. It effectively decalcifies canals and facilitates removing dentin from the canal walls, and it acts as a lubricant to minimize the binding and breaking of files. Prep-Rite is water-based and easily rinses out of the canal using traditional irrigating solutions.

Pulpdent also manufactures 17% EDTA liquid solution and File-Rite EDTA semi-gel, both of which are syringed directly into the canal. Prep-Rite RC is picked up on a file using the traditional technique.

Prep-Rite RC is available in a kit containing 4 x 5 gram syringes. The suggested retail price is $27.50, and is available through your dental dealer. For more information, please call 800-343-4342 or visit

SENSOR FLAPS® (MICROCOPY, Kennesaw, GA) are simple, self-sticking foam tabs that make quality digital imaging a snap. The additional length of the cushion tab allows full occlusion and provides visual reference for accurate sensor placement and cone alignment. Well-accepted by both children and adults, their soft cushioning and lack of hard surfaces provide the ultimate in comfort. SENSOR FLAPS are fantastic for horizontal or vertical bitewings and excellent for any periapical using a parallel or bisecting angle technique. SENSOR FLAPS accommodate all #0-, #1-, and #2-sized sensors. With use-and-toss convenience, they are extremely cost effective, too.

For more information, call 800-235-1863 or visit

OSAP Offers Interactive Guideto CDC Guidelines

The Organization for Safety & Asepsis Procedures (OSAP) announces the release of From Policy to Practice: OSAP’s Interactive Guide to the CDC Guidelines. The free online program uses a variety of methods to help dental professionals learn how to implement the CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health-Care Settings. The program is available in English and Spanish.

Appropriately, the program setting is a dental practice. The dental team—a dentist, a dental assistant, an infection control coordinator, and a dental hygienist—take turns presenting OSHA regulations and the CDC Guidelines, reinforcing the message that infection control and safety is a team effort and is everyone’s responsibility. Checklists, flowcharts, and demonstrations illustrate complex concepts to increase understanding of the principles of infection control and safety and show how to apply them in practice. Self-evaluation quizzes are interspersed throughout and can be used as a tool to determine an individual’s understanding of the Guidelines and to identify policies and practices that may need updating.

The program’s modular format provides the learner with options. Users can go through the course from beginning to end, or access the course map and menu and choose specific infection control topics. There are seven modules in the course. A glossary provides definitions and phrases used within the course, and a readily available help screen assists with course navigation. OSAP’s Interactive Guide to the CDC Guidelines can be used as a stand-alone program or can supplement other infection control courses.

From Policy to Practice: OSAP’s Interactive Guide to the CDC Guidelines can be accessed free of charge at There is a processing fee of $100 (members) and $150 (nonmembers) for the 10 CE hours. OSAP is recognized by the American Dental Association as a CERP provider.

Super Lubricity for Premier Composite Placement Instruments
Premier Dental Products Company (Plymouth Meeting, PA) reports that Premier Composite Placement Instruments now have super lubricity to eliminate composite sticking without abrading or discoloring restorations.

Available in 11 different designs including several with thin, flexible blades for anterior, posterior, and proximal applications; cylindrical condensers with round or flat ends; acorn carvers for shaping anatomy; and the unique composite contact instruments, which are ideal for establishing contacts in Class II restorations. All designs benefit from an enhanced anodization process that provides a superior finish to improve performance to simplify composite placement procedures.

Composite Placement Instruments are also easy to clean and sterilize but should not be processed with unlike metals in the same bag. These instruments are lightweight aluminum, not stainless steel.

Composite Placement Instruments are available through authorized dealers. For more information, call 888-773-6872 or visit

An Alternative Hygiene Assistant

The Prophy Aid™ prophy paste holder (Bubble Gum Smiles, Newport Beach, CA) attaches to the small suction, enabling the provider to simultaneously polish their patient’s teeth and use the suction without dropping the prophy paste. Use of the Prophy Aid is said to speed up the polishing process, reduce splatter and cross-contamination, improve provider ergonomics by eliminating stopping and reaching for the suction, create a dry environment while polishing, and improve visibility by allowing retraction with the small suction.

For more information, call 888-494-2438 or visit

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