Nov/Dec 2007
Volume 3, Issue 10

Product Launches

Belmont Introduces Quolis® 5000
Quolis® 5000 Dental Chair Operatory Ensembles are part of an exciting new family of Belmont (Somerset, NJ) products that embody advanced technology and fresh, innovative ideas with care and comfort in mind.

At the heart of each operatory ensemble is the Quolis 5000 chair. Each chair uses the Belmont hydraulic system, which is world renowned for simplicity and reliability. Seat and backrest positioning are controlled by built-in armrest touchpads. Choose from four luxurious upholstery styles to match the needs of your practice.

Quolis delivery systems are high-tech but are easy to operate. Chair positioning membrane switches and controls for electric options are fully integrated into the delivery head. Delivery systems are available in a variety of popular configurations.

The Quolis dental light produces balanced, natural light output to illuminate the patient oral cavity. For superb positioning flexibility, the light head has 3-axis rotation. Belmont’s unique and hygienic touchless sensor technology is used to operate the light, including the special curing light mode. For more information, contact Belmont Equipment at 800-223-1192 or visit

BISCO Announces the Dual-Syringe Dispenser
BISCO’S (Schaumburg, IL) Dual-Syringe Dispenser is designed for use with all of BISCO’s Dual-Syringe Products and conveniently allows the user to dispense high-viscosity materials through auto-mix tips without fatigue.

This universal dispenser gives dental professionals the ability to dispense materials with ease and precise control. In addition, the Dual-Syringe Dispenser offers convenience, allowing you to deliver the material directly into the preparation/restoration, while controlling the amount of material extruded.

Increase your efficiency and reduce chair time by using auto-mix dual-syringes. BISCO’s Dual-Syringe Dispenser assists you with simultaneously mixing, dispensing, and delivering BISFIL™ 2B, our most popular self-cured base increment posterior composite. It is also ideal for use with BISCO’s other Dual-Syringe Products, including: BisCem®, DUO-LINK™, C&B Cement™ and RESINOMER™.

For more information, contact BISCO at 847-534-6000 or visit

New CD Helps General Practices Minimize Errors in Endodontics

CareCredit (Costa Mesa, CA), North America’s leading patient payment program, is offering a FREE educational CD, “The Economics of Endodontics,” featuring leading expert Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan.

As the demand for endodontic procedures continues to increase, more general dentists are considering how endodontics can benefit their practice and patients. In this instructive audio program, Dr. Buchanan identifies the three most common mistakes made by general dentists performing endodontics: deciding which cases to treat or refer, the use of rotary instrumentation, and timing of procedures. Most importantly, he discusses how common mistakes can be avoided. He also explains how to protect the most valuable commodity to your practice.

For more information or to request your free copy of Dr. Buchanan’s audio CD, call CareCredit at 1-800-300-3046 ext. 4519 (if new to CareCredit) or 1-800-859-9975 (if already enrolled) or visit

KOMET USA Introduces Revolutionary Operative Carbide Bur
KOMET USA (Rock Hill, SC) introduced a new line of operative carbide burs—the Revolution™ Carbide—developed using advanced new bur technology from KOMET. KOMET now offers one of the most technologically advanced operative carbide burs in the industry at a competitive price.

The new patent-pending Revolution carbide bur offers practitioners a new bur design. Specifically, the rake angles on the burs have been exaggerated and have been combined with a stag-gered toothing, resulting in a sharper bur and a more aggressive performance in the hands of the practitioner. This allows for fast cutting and minimal vibration; superior performance and efficiency for everyday preparations; and a durable, long-lasting bur, resulting in the best value and return on investment.

For more information, call 800-208-1630 or visit

4th Edition of Traumatic Injuries Sets New Standard
The Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth is dedicated to helping dental professionals visualize as well as implement therapeutic treatment. Currently in the 4th edition of a 30-year print run, this book deals with the full depth of acute dental trauma and all aspects of interdisciplinary treatment, with the important addition of a section on healing.

Every dental professional and specialist will benefit from this text, which presents a variety of interesting traditional and nontraditional material. The illustrations are breathtaking, balancing histology with contemporary esthetic management. Mixing 804 brightly colored drawings and clinical photographs with fascinating chapters, Traumatic Injuries includes hundreds of examples of clinically relevant material, making the book less of a reference and more an update course. The text is clear and well written with references throughout.

Beyond the details of dental traumatology, Traumatic Injuries also touches on the social responsibilities of the dental profession. These include child abuse, impact of post-trauma treatment costs, impact on psyche, and a chapter on outreach communications for public awareness of dental trauma.

Traumatic Injuries will serve as an excellent reference for practitioners and specialists who have a good working knowl-edge of dental traumatology, but it is a gold standard for building the student’s lifelong reference library.

Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth 4th Edition. J.O. Andreasen, F.M. Andreasen, and L. Andersson, editors. Blackwell Munksgaard, 2007. 912 pages.

Improved Curing with Autofocus
With the new Mini L.E.D. Autofocus, Satelec (Acteon Group, Mt. Laurel, NJ) presents its third generation of LED curing lights.

The Mini L.E.D. Autofocus is the first to automate the clinical process of polymerization. Based on a complex telemetry system and an innovative microprocessor, the so-called “active system” constantly calculates the power density ideal for curing a layer 2-mm thick (for all popular light-cured materials).

With an output of more than 2,200 mW/cm2, the Mini L.E.D. Autofocus is currently the most powerful LED light. This exceptionally high light intensity, combined with a 100% light spectrum, enables dentists to achieve extremely rapid curing without generating heat. Power can be perfectly controlled with three different curing programs: standard mode, pulse mode and soft start mode. For more information, call 800-289-6367, or e-mail

CARIFREE® BOOST™ Fresh Mint Antibacterial Mouth Spray
Is xerostomia causing a caries problem? Studies show that the pH of the oral biofilm is the selection pressure that causes a population shift from normal healthy bacteria to acidogenic, aciduric, cariogenic bacteria. Low salivary flow contributes to low pH. Stop the demineralization cycle with CariFree® BOOST™. CariFree® BOOST™ moistens the mouth, freshens breath, and increases oral pH with patent pending technology. BOOST™ is just one of the revolutionary CariFree® family of products. For more information, contact Oral Biotech (Albany, OR) at 866-928-4445.

Achieving Effective Hemostatis Without Residue
ProOptions Clear Hemostatic Gel (Oratech, Salt Lake City, UT) features a viscous and colorless 25% aluminum chloride gel that eliminates minor bleeding without leaving trace residue or staining of hard and soft tissue. Recommended use in esthetic zones to prevent coagulum and hemostatic residue from adhering to restorations. ProOptions clear hemostatic gel, offered in pre-filled 1.2-ml syringes with infuser tips, is one of the several hemostatic products now offered under the new ProOptions brand. For more information visit Booth 1326 at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, contact OraTech at (800) 526-6880 or visit

Sun Dental Labs Introduces New Suntech CAD/CAM System
Sun Dental Labs’ (Clearwater, FL) new CAD/CAM system for restorative dentistry is now available. Suntech offers a complete solution using the best in CAD/CAM technology and dental materials to produce restorations and dental implants with precision fit and excellent esthetics. The Suntech system offers a choice of materials, including precious, titanium, and base alloys, as well as zirconia, alumina, and even acrylic provisionals.

Together with the modeling software DentalDesigner, the Suntech Scanner is your passport to the world of CAD/CAM technology. The Suntech 3Shape scanner is a state-of-the-art 3-D scanner that operates on a laser plane principle using two cameras. The Suntech system can produce long-span bridges from zirconia, titanium, or base alloys.

For more information, contact Sun Dental at 866-561-9777 or visit

Blue Spray from EXACTA Dental Direct
Blue Spray is an alternative to traditional powders for CAD/CAM scanning. The light blue color of the material provides easy visual verification of application as well as ensuring that all of the material has been cleaned after use. The spray  is a unique blend of aerosolized components that provide a thin, yet highly contrastable coverage for great scans. Blue Spray can be used intraorally, as well as on models and casts. The 50-ml spray can comes with two nozzles for easy dispensing and costs $119.95. Available only through EXACTA Dental Direct (Clinton, MI). For more information, call 800-474-7665 or visit

New Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal by Mail System Approved by US Postal Service

XMED Disposal Inc, (Huntsville, AL) introduced the XMED Mail System earlier today. The XMED Mail System is a new solution to the confusing job of the handling and proper disposal of Sharps and Regulated Medical Waste. This new collection and disposal service includes everything needed to properly dispose of biohazard waste and is available in a variety of sizes, from 1/2 gallon to 5 gallons, to meet different needs.

Waste is conveniently transported to the XMED Disposal Facility by the United States Postal Service in compliance with federal regulations. XMED received approval from the United States Postal Service on January 23, 2007, after almost 15 months in development and testing. The XMED Mail System can be used anywhere the United States Postal Service delivers and is purchased on an as needed basis, with no contract required. All disposal, shipping, and handling fees are included in one price with the System.

With each initial order XMED provides free of charge an OSHA Medical Waste Manual ($200 value) to assist their customers with compliance to the sometime confusing regulations surrounding medical waste. This manual simplifies OSHA requirements for the prevention of exposure to blood-borne pathogens. It has helpful record keeping recommendations and a compilation of generic forms and applications that can assist the Sharps and Medical Waste Generator.

For additional information visit or call 866-735-9709.

SS White Proudly Introduces Jazz™
Jazz™ Supreme is a technologically advanced, one-step, universal system that delivers the “Ultimate Shine in less time” for all direct esthetic restorations. One simple system to trim, smooth and polish composites. Jazz Supreme does it all!

Jazz also offers two additional composite polishing systems. Jazz C2S is a composite 2-step system. Diamond impregnated for fast, high-luster polishing on all composite materials, it achieves a high luster in two quick steps. Jazz C1S is a composite 1-step system for single-patient-use. It is diamond impregnated to achieve a high-gloss polish on composite materials.

Jazz has two polishing systems that polish both porcelain and metal restorations. Jazz P3S achieves a high-luster with a 3-step system that is diamond impregnated in a specially formulated rubber matrix that allows for an excellent polish with minimal pressure. Jazz P2S achieves a natural, high-gloss with a 2-step system that is single-patient-use to save sterilization cost and time.

For more information, contact SS White Burs Inc (Lakewood, NJ) at 800-535-2877.

Aseptico’s New AEU-7000 Implant Motor
Handpiece calibration, digital torque control, and programmable preset buttons were once features reserved only for high-end implant motors. The stylish AEU-7000 from Aseptico (Woodinville, WA) now makes the following clinical benefits affordable:

• A bright, easy-to-read display and intuitive user interface;
• A powerful, brushless 40,000-rpm micromotor that is fully autoclavable;
• Advanced calibration technology that automatically detects the handpiece reduction and adjusts the speed and torque based on the unique properties of the contra angle at the time of treatment;
• Performs the complete implant procedure using a 20:1 reduction contra angle, such as the high-efficiency AHP-85MB and AHP-85MB-C Mont Blanc handpieces. The AEU-7000 is also compatible with 1:1, 1:2, and 1:5 increaser handpieces for a multitude of dental applications;
• After drilling, torque control allows the dentist to decrease the speed to 15 rpm and increase the torque level to 60 Ncm for tapping or placement. Once the torque limit is reached, the motor will stop automatically;
• Six programmable preset buttons for customized ratio, speed, torque, irrigation, and motor direction settings;
• A quiet, fully integrated irrigation pump that has an adjustable flow rate and is very simple to load;
• Upgradeable software to ensure a greater return on investment;
• Automatic sensing power supply—operates anywhere in the world.

The AEU-7000 includes the new AE-7PM On/Off Foot Control with 360º activation. The optional AE-70V multi-function foot pedal allows hands-free variable speed control, pump activation, preset number selection, and torque adjustment.

For more information, contact Aseptico at: or 800-426-5913.

Orascoptic Introduces 3-in-1 Diagnostic Kit
Orascoptic (Middleton, WI) has introduced an innovative diagnostic kit that features three unique visual aid instruments. The Orascoptic DKTM employs a battery-powered, handheld LED light source and three unique, interchangeable instruments.

• The DK oral lesion screening instrument works in conjunction with a mild acetic acid rinse to improve the visualization of abnormal tissue within the oral cavity. The DK exam enhances the ability to detect oral lesions at their earliest stages, when they are most curable.

• The DK transillumination instrument emits an intense, focused beam of light to help visualize crown fractures and caries in teeth. This device makes it easy to identify anterior and posterior proximal caries.

• The DK lighted mirror features a powerful LED light source to illuminate the mirror’s reflection. This is the perfect instrument to increase visual acuity in those hard-to-see places within a patient’s mouth.

The complete kit includes the LED light source (batteries included), the oral lesion screening instrument, transilluminator instrument, lighted mirror, and six bottles of the DK rinse solution. All three instruments are autoclavable, and additional rinse can be easily ordered directly from the Orascoptic online store. For more information, visit or call 800-369-3698.

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