Inside Dentistry
September 2007
Volume 3, Issue 8

Progress Report

Dear Readers,

When AEGIS Communications launched its flagship publication, Inside Dentistry, nearly 2 years ago, I welcomed you to the new journal and outlined for you its mission and objectives. Those included providing unparalleled objectivity in our clinical presentations and coverage of the industry’s most timely topics; delivering clear and relevant reporting as well as a practical interpretation of cutting-edge research and clinical techniques; and offering quality continuing education (CE) credits free of charge, among other benefits. I was proud to assume the responsibilities of editor-in-chief then, and now that independent research has confirmed that our journal is satisfying its readers’ expectations, I remain steadfast in my commitment to pursuing our collective goals of journalistic excellence and research-based content development.

What the Research Says
At the end of March 2007, Martin Akel & Associates from Chester, NJ, conducted a Reader Response Survey of Inside Dentistry via an online questionnaire of 23,425 randomly selected individuals who receive the journal. The Wilson Research Group from San Carlos, CA, hosted the survey and tabulated the results, which indicated participants’ overwhelming satisfaction with the publication. In fact, according to Martin Akel & Associates, “In the years since its launch, Inside Dentistry appears to have filled an informational gap for today’s dentists.” But, most importantly, the researchers found that “the fundamental components of the publication’s mission are all resonating with professionals.”

What You—the Readers—Had to Say
Almost three quarters of respondents (70.4%) felt that Inside Dentistry’s editorial approach is unique among dental publications. Ninety percent of respondents find Inside Dentistry’s cover stories, which report on compelling, provocative issues in oral healthcare and their practical implications, to be meaningful and insightful. Regarding the clinical articles that are the backbone of Inside Dentistry, more than three quarters of the participants (84%) find these technique-oriented articles to be meaningful and valuable. Almost two thirds of respondents (62%) indicated that they would use Inside Dentistry to obtain CE credits in the next year. However, of particular significance to me is the fact that almost three quarters (72%) of respondents use Inside Dentistry to help form opinions or make decisions, while 70% of respondents indicated that they save issues of the journal for reference.

Research-Based Validation
I’ve alluded to it before, but it bears repeating. We owe it to ourselves as professionals to scrutinize our information sources and the messages we receive to determine if they are valid, trustworthy, and consistent with our expectations. It is a credit to AEGIS Communications that the publishers examined their own performance—based on the most important perspective of all...yours—using an independent research firm to critically evaluate Inside Dentistry. Judging by the results of this readership study, Inside Dentistry has indeed succeeded in presenting a platform that unifies the most important types of practical information for dental professionals, delivering high-quality, peer-reviewed content and addressing timely, often controversial topics in an unbiased fashion.

To all those who participated in the survey, on behalf of the publishers and staff of Inside Dentistry, I extend my sincerest gratitude. To all of our other valued readers, please be assured that your opinions are equally important to us. We invite you to send your comments to letters@insidedentistry.net. It is only through your active engagement with the material presented in Inside Dentistry that the publication can continue to exceed your expectations and build upon the foundation established during these first 2 years.

With warm regards,

Gerard Kugel, DMD, MS, PhD
Associate Dean for Research
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

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