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September 2007
Volume 3, Issue 8

Industry Insider

DENTSPLY International Announces Agreement to Acquire the Assets of Sultan Healthcare, Inc

DENTSPLY International Inc (York, PA) announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of Sultan Healthcare, Inc (Englewood, NJ). Sultan Healthcare is a well-known US dental consumable manufacturer recognized primarily for infection control products, dental materials, and preventive products. It is expected that this acquisition will add approximately $45 to $50 million on an annualized basis to DENTSPLY’s sales. The transaction is also expected to be neutral to earnings per share in 2007 and slightly accretive to earnings per share in 2008.

For more information about Sultan Healthcare, call 800-637-8582 or visit www.sultanhealthcare.com.

For more information about DENTSPLY International, call 800-877-0020 or visit www.dentsply.com.

Sabra Now Offers Online Ordering

In response to growing awareness of and preference for its products, Sabra (Deer Park, NY) has established a convenient online ordering system. “We want to make it easier for our customers,” said Sabra’s IT director. “Busy and pressured dentists prefer the simplicity and speed of online ordering.” Sabra offers online ordering as an alternative to sales through its nationwide network of qualified independent dental dealers. Sabra now offers both options, since some dentists want the speed of online ordering, while others prefer a sales rep in the office either to demonstrate a product or respond to questions. Sabra also offers a variety of other dental products and equipment of recognized quality. For more information, call 800-888-4435 or visit www.sabradent.com.

Pankey Institute Introduces New “Essentials” Courses

Dr. Steve Ratcliff, education chairman of The Pankey Institute (Key Biscayne, FL), announced that starting in January 2008, the familiar Pankey “Continuum” will be gradually phased out and a series of four courses known as the “Pankey Essentials” will begin. The Essentials are designed to be taken in sequence, but special-interest courses can be taken before and after each, with an increasing number of special courses becoming appropriate as the participant progresses through the Essentials.

As in the past, all aspects of dentistry are addressed in the curriculum, and all courses are built upon the foundation of Dr. L.D. Pankey’s philosophy. Each of the Essentials courses has been designed so participants are well prepared to implement what they learn immediately upon returning to their practices. The new courses are:
• Essentials 1: Occlusion in Everyday Dentistry;
• Essentials 2: Bite Splints in General Practice;
• Essentials 3: Advanced Occlusion; and
• Essentials 4: Excellence in Restorative Techniques.

Special interest courses include: Financial Management, Team Development, Interdisciplinary Dentistry, Digital Dental Photography, Mastering Occlusal Concepts, Temporamandibular Disorders–Beyond Splint Therapy, and The Pankey Masters Experience Series with: Irwin Becker, Frank Spear, and Pascal and Michel Magne.

The new curriculum has been designed so current Continuum participants can easily move forward without missing course material. Some Essentials sessions will begin on Sunday. Selected sessions will begin on Wednesday. Having sessions start midweek and end on Saturday is something new for the Pankey Institute. For the latest course schedule and information go to www.pankey.org or contact info@pankey.org.

“Bridges to Peace” Dinner in Support of the Hebrew University-HadassahSchool of Medicine Honors American Dental Leaders

American Friends of The Hebrew University (AFHU), a national nonprofit organization that raises awareness of, and US support for, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, will honor US leaders in the field of dental medicine at a gala dinner on October 16, 2007 at the Pierre Hotel in New York City.

The dinner will pay tribute to six honorees: Clement Alpert, DDS, a private practitioner and community leader; Stanley M. Bergman, chairman and CEO of Henry Schein, Inc (Melville, NY); Morton Charlestein, chairman of the board emeritus of Premier Dental Products Company (Plymouth Meeting, PA); D. Walter Cohen, DDS, chancellor emeritus of Drexel University College of Medicine and dean emeritus of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine; R. Bruce Donoff, DMD, MD, dean of Harvard School of Dental Medicine; and Allen Finkelstein, DDS, chief dental officer for AmeriChoice/United Health Group (Vienna, VA). All have made outstanding contributions to modern dentistry in the United States and in Israel. The honorees are also widely recognized for their commitment to fostering peace through improved oral health, a common need basic to all people.

Co-chairs for the Bridges to Peace dinner are Tom Chappell; Gary Charlstein; Steven W. Kess; Robert Leaf, DMD; Jonathan Richter, DMD, PhD; Louis Rose, DDS, MD; Edwin Rosenberg, BDS, DMD; and Anthony Welters. The evening’s keynote speaker, Professor Sari Nusseibeh, is president of Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem. Proceeds from the dinner will benefit the expansion of The Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine (founded by the Alpha Omega Fraternity) and the D. Walter Cohen Middle East Center for Dental Education.

For more information, contact Rhoda W. Korman at 212-607-8560 or at rkorman@afhu.org.

Sun Dental Lab Relocates

Sun Dental Labs (Clearwater, FL) announces the relocation of its US headquarters to a new 9,200 sq ft facility in Clearwater, FL. The new building houses the Sun Dental Labs operation and also its new Suntech CAD/CAM Technology Systems training facility. Suntech training is a 2-day, hands-on course during which the participants will learn how to scan and design cases for crowns, bridges, implant abutments, and bars using a selection of precious, titanium, or base alloys, or zirconia and alumina materials.

The manufacturing process is housed in Suntech’s new state-of-the-art facility in Düsseldorf, Germany, which celebrated its grand opening on the weekend of September 7-9. For more information, call 866-561-9777 or visit www.suntechdental.com.

Crosstex International Acquires Twist

Crosstex International (Hauppauge, NY) has acquired TWIST, the prophy angle that eliminates spatter and heat.

The TWIST prophy angle is the first and only disposable 90° reciprocating, back and forth prophy angle that completely eliminates the spatter of prophy paste, saliva, blood, and other potential infectious matter. TWIST’s gentle but firm oscillating motion allows one to maintain continuous contact and pressure between prophy cup and tooth surface at all times. No dabbing or dotting on and off the tooth surface is necessary and TWIST is effective and safe for use on gingival margins and exposed dentin. The result is a cleaner, safer, faster, and more comfortable chairside experience for both the patient and healthcare professional.

For more information, call 888-276-7783 or visit www.crosstex.com.

Free Audio Program Helps Minimize Failed Appointments

CareCredit (Costa Meca, CA) has developed a two-disc practice audio program called Minimizing Failed Appointments, featuring Lois Banta, one of dentistry’s most popular and respected management consultants and CEO and president of Banta Consulting Inc. Banta began her career in dentistry more than 30 years ago and today her informative and entertaining seminars give practices simple and practical methods for developing the processes and systems that result in increased efficiency and practice production.

On Disc One, dentists are given an overview of the issues caused by failed appointments and how they impact the practice not only in terms of lost time, but also in lost production, practice efficiency, and team morale.

“No-shows and cancellations are at epidemic proportions. The industry average for failed appointments is 15%, which costs practices up to $30,000 per hygienist per year. And, if you factor in failed operative appointments, the loss can be over $100,000 per year,” explains Banta.

Disc Two contains four Team Modules that instruct the team on improving scheduling processes and communications skills. The Team Modules can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes, depending upon the extent of the team’s guided discussions. Adjunctive materials for use by the discussion leader and team include a discussion guide, action plans, scripts, role-playing exercises, and a variety of other recommended tools and techniques. All are available free of charge at www.carecreditworks.com/edu.

For more information, call 800-300-3046, ext. 4519 (if new to CareCredit), or 800-859-9975 (if already enrolled) or visit www.carecreditworks.com.

Novalar Announces Exclusive License to Develop and Commercialize Antibiotic Fiber for Root Canal Therapy

Novalar Pharmaceuticals, Inc (San Diego, CA) has entered into an exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement with the Forsyth Institute to develop and commercialize a product for the prevention of inter-appointment pain and bacterial reduction in endodontic treatment (root canal therapy). The product, an antibiotic-impregnated ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) fiber, was originally developed by the Forsyth Institute and Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

Under the terms of the agreement, Novalar will have an exclusive worldwide license for the technology from the Boston-based Forsyth Institute, an organization dedicated to scientific research and education in oral, craniofacial, and related biomedical sciences. Novalar will be respon-sible for all development and commercialization costs and activities. In return, Forsyth will be entitled to milestone payments and royalties on products sold.

The elimination of bacteria from infected root canals is a cornerstone of endodontic therapy. Root canal treatment is required when the dental pulp, or nerve, becomes infected with bacteria, usually resulting from dental decay or trauma. During treatment, the infected root is removed, and the canal is cleaned and refilled with sealer cement. In this new therapeutic product, clindamycin would be incorporated into an EVA fiber and directly inserted into the root canal, enabling a low dose, targeted, and local delivery of antibiotic. The fiber would be removed before filling the root canal.

For more information, call 858-436-1100 or visit www.novalarpharm.com.

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