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May 2007
Volume 3, Issue 5

Industry Insider

GlaxoSmithKline Partners with American Dental Hygienists’ Association to Launch “It’s Time to Ask Your Dental Professional”

GlaxoSmithKline (Research Triangle Park, NC) announces a partnership with the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) to launch “It’s Time to Ask Your Dental Professional”—a campaign to educate Americans about the importance of good oral care habits through visits to the dental office. As part of the campaign, the Sensodyne® Dental Spa will tour the country to provide dental education in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. Visitors to the Sensodyne Dental Spa will have the opportunity to have an oral healthcare discussion with an ADHA member. In addition, visitors will leave the Spa with tools to help them maintain good oral care, including information about dentin hypersensitivity, acid wear, when to see a dental professional, and how to ask them key questions.  

The Sensodyne Dental Spa will tour the country for 30 weeks from March to September 2007.

For more information, contact Katie Watson at k.watson@creativepr.com.

Golden-Misch Announces Atraumatic Extraction Forceps and Related Technique

GoldenMisch Inc (Detroit, MI) will launch its clinically-tested line of atraumatic extraction instruments and One Minute Extractions this May at the California Dental Association meeting.

The Physics Forceps™ and the One Minute Extraction Technique™ were created by Dr. Richard Golden (an general practitioner practicing in Detroit for 32 years) out of the necessity for a more efficient and highly predictable means of extracting teeth in his exceptionally high-volume practice. Over the past year, Physics Forceps has received extremely favorable reviews from the 40 professors, general practice dentists, and specialists who have been evaluating the instruments. These forceps offer great benefits to doctors who are committed to improving patient care and their bottom line.

For more information, visit www.oneminuteextractions.com or call 877-XTRACTION (987-2284).

SimPlant® Conversion, Custom Rendering, Planning, and Interpretation Services

3D Diagnostix (Brighton, MA) provides a complete range of support services for maxillofacial practices in addition to affordable SimPlant® conversions of DICOM Cone Beam CT and MDCT scans. These conversions provide scatter-free axial, coronal, and sagittal panoramic and cross-sectional images of the maxilla or mandible for accurate distance and density measurements and the virtual placement and sizing of implants and abutments.

Overnight conversions, including clean-up of artifacts, are available for $100 per arch. Custom rendering and colorization is available to highlight vital anatomy and clearly depict teeth, roots, stents, bone, and other structures indicated by the clinician.

3D Diagnostix also provides a portfolio of support services, including treatment planning and radiographic interpretation.

For more information, call 617-820-5279.

Terence J. Gunning Joins Cadent as Chief Executive Officer

Cadent (Carlstadt, NJ) has appointed Terence J. Gunning as chief executive officer. Gunning, who assumed his responsibilities on March 19, will also serve on Cadent’s board of directors. Executive chairman Amos Goren of Apax Partners (New York, NY) will continue as chairman of the board of directors.

Gunning brings 25 years of management experience in the healthcare industry to Cadent, specializing in medical devices, diagnostics and services, and consumer healthcare products. Most recently, Gunning served as president of Datascope’s (Montvale, NJ) cardiac assist division. During his tenure, sales increased significantly, three new products were launched, and the division successfully completed its first acquisition.

Sultan Healthcare Movesto New Global Headquarters
Sultan Healthcare (Englewood, NJ) relocated its global headquarters into a new facility with many upgrades to improve Sultan’s service to its customers. The new location features corporate offices, manufacturing, distribution, and research and development.

The headquarters incorporates a comprehensive training facility, including a functional dental operatory to educate Sultan employees and distribution partners.

Sultan Healthcare’s new address is 330 South Van Brunt Street, Englewood,NJ, 07631.

For more information call 800-637-8582 or visit www.sultanhealthcare.com.

Sterngold Dental, LLC Announces 2007 Mini ERA® Implant Lecture and Hands-On Series

Sterngold Dental, LLC (Attleboro, MA) is hosting a 2007 Mini ERA Implant lecture and hands-on series. This program will include clinical work demonstrating many uses of the ERA® Implant System: from immediate to delayed loading, and using the 2.2-mm and the 3.25-mm ERA implants.

During the hands-on section, participants will have the opportunity to “surgically” place both sizes of the ERA Implant into plastic mandibles and to complete the prosthetic procedures using models and dentures. This is designed to give each clinician the basic knowledge needed to begin placing these mini implants. These programs will be available in the following locations:

Date Location
May 4, 2007 Seattle, WA
May 11, 2007 Stillwater, MN
(LIVE Surgery)
May 11, 2007 Key Biscayne, FL
(LIVE Surgery feed into Pankey Institute)
June 1, 2007 Phoenix, AZ
June 8, 2007 Houston, TX
June 22, 2007 Pittsburgh, PA

3M ESPE Presents New Impression Materials Troubleshooting Guide
The Making Better Impressions: Troubleshooting Guide is an educational resource designed to help dental professionals improve technique, solve problems, and make more informed decisions when making impressions. By 3M ESPE (St. Paul, MN), this problem-solving guide can help dental professionals avoid costly and time-consuming remakes or adjustments to crown and bridge restorations. 3M ESPE produces the guide as part of ongoing efforts to add value to the products and materials dental practices use on a daily basis.

The guide identifies common impression problems faced by general dentists and prosthodontists. Additionally, it offers solutions for issues such as lack of impression detail, delamination, inadequate capture of margins, improper tray seating, and stone model discrepancies in an easy-to-follow cause/solution format.

To receive a free copy of the Making Better Impressions: Troubleshooting Guide, call 800-634-2249 or visit www.3MESPE.com.

DentaPure® DP-40 Is First To Be EPA-Registered in All 50 States
The DentaPure® DP-40 Microbiological Purification Cartridge, by MRLB International, Inc (Fergus Falls, MN), has become the first continuous-use water treatment product to be registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and all 50 state EPAs. Registration has also been completed for Puerto Rico. The DP-40 device is installed in the bottle of independent water systems, where it addresses dental unit waterline contamination by reducing harmful bacteria and assuring water meets biological quality standards.

DentaPure water purification products are registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Class I medical devices for attachment to dental units. DentaPure microbiological water purification cartridges can be retrofitted to all existing dental units. They provide water that contains fewer than 200 colony-forming units per milliliter, an amount that meets all standards and recommendations for dental unit water quality.

For more information, visit www.dentapure.com or call 800-972-3543.

Sterngold Dental National Sales Meeting a Success
Sterngold Dental, LLC (Attleboro, MA) held its national sales conference in Laguna Beach, CA. The theme of the meeting was “Take Charge of Tomorrow” and focused on ways to build customer relationships and strategize on future projects. The meeting provided clinical consultants opportunities to learn about new product introductions and deepen the camaraderie with their peers.

“Our clinical consultants are advocates for the customer. Consultants feel a sense of ownership and responsibility to our customers. Because of this belief, they go the extra mile to serve them,” said Gordon Craig, vice president of business development. For more information, call 800-243-9942.

LED Dental Inc Authorized to Sellits VELSCOPE Oral Mucosal Examination Device to all US Government Agencies

LED Dental Inc (Vancouver) announced that it has been awarded Federal Supply Schedule Contract V797P-3134M by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in Hines, IL.

Although issued by the VA, the contract enables LED Dental to market its VELscope® (Visually Enhanced Lesion Scope) oral mucosal examination system directly to any and all US government agencies. In particular, the 5.5 million military veterans eligible for VA services represent a high-risk population for the incidence of oral cancer.

VELscope is an adjunctive oral mucosal examination device that uses a narrow band of blue light and specialized filtering technology to help dental professionals evaluate oral mucosa for abnormal areas of concern, such as potentially cancerous lesions that may not be apparent under white light.

The contract is effective through February 14, 2012. For more information, call 888-541-4614 or visit www.VELscope.com.

Last month's edition of "An Inside Look At . . ." featured an interview with Warren White of KOMET USA LLC, which mentioned an exclusive supply agreement between the German manufacturer of KOMET products and Brasseler USA. Mr. White would like to clarify that the agreement, which required the German manufacturer of KOMET products to sell exclusively to Brasseler USA in the US, expired at the end of 2006. The German manufacturer of KOMET products, which was founded by Peter Brasseler, Sr. and which is KOMET USA's parent company, was the primary, but not the only, manufacturer of burs sold by Brasseler USA during the agreement. Because the agreement has expired, KOMET products will now be sold in the U.S. exclusively by KOMET USA direct from the German manufacturer. It is presumed that Brasseler USA will continue to sell burs made by multiple manufacturers.

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