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Inside Dentistry
January 2007
Volume 3, Issue 1

The Galaxy® Delivery Unit: The Perfect Delivery of Ergonomics, Features, and Style

The Galaxy® Unit delivery system (Figure 1) features a die-cast metal control head for up to four handpieces and two static hangers, with an integrated aluminum block pinch valve system for long-term durability. The unit is designed to house four built-in operatory tools (three handpieces, one static) as standard; however, the Galaxy Unit is completely customizable and can be configured in a variety of ways with the incorporation of feature-rich add-on modules.

Designed for simplified turnkey integration into any operatory, the Galaxy Unit can be equipped with a combination of air-driven handpieces, electric handpieces, an intraoral camera, a piezo scaler, and a curing light and syringe, all of which provide original equipment manufacturing (OEM) technology that ensures seamless integration and guaranteed compatibility between the delivery unit and the accessories.

Specifically designed for multi-handed dentistry, Galaxy Delivery Units help reduce preparation and clean-up times, enhance comfort for both the patient and the dental team, and improve overall productivity and efficiency. The unit head glides smoothly into any position and pivots left and right to accommodate the most ergonomically sound access to instrumentation. Optional integrated chair touch-pad controls allow the dentist and assistant easy access to the chair controls. A stainless-steel tray and pad come standard, with a swivel tray as an option. The assistant’s instrumentation arm has four hangers and an easy-to-clean solids collector. The arm is height-adjustable and telescoping for a wide range of instrument placement.

Each Galaxy Unit features externally adjustable handpiece-driven air controls, a master on/off switch, and a wet/dry disc-style foot control. To facilitate service, pre-wired color-coded fiber optics are integrated into each unit. A handpiece flush system is built in for added convenience and sanitation as well as an oil collector for handpiece exhaust that eliminates messy oil spray inside the head.

The Galaxy Unit is also available in a Euro-Style delivery head configuration (Figure 2). Its sleek seamless design enhances the appearance of the operatory and allows for easy cleaning with no gaps or large openings. Side-to-side movement of whips allows a longer reach and less repositioning of the patient’s head.

Balanced spring strength means whips stay down when in use to avoid pop-ups or resistance while operating, and the whip lengths are fully adjustable without the need to cut tubing.

Fitting problems, excess wiring and tubing, and other malfunctions are avoided when either unit is equipped with the following OEM instrumentation, each of which is engineered specifically for use with the traditional Galaxy Unit and Euro-Style Galaxy Unit.

Sopro 595 Light-emitting diode Intraoral Camera

This featherweight (2 oz) auto-focus camera (Figure 3) includes an integrated memory module, which provides capturing and viewing of up to four images. The Sopro Touch sensor freezes the image without movement of the camera handpiece. An optional foot switch is also available.

Mini Light-emitting Diode Curing Light

This compact, ergonomic curing light (Figure 4) offers optimal comfort and steady control during curing cycles. The durable anodized aluminum housing is self-cooling, silent with no fan, shock resistant, and easy to clean. It generates up to 2200 mW/cm2 with a light spectrum between 420 nm and 480 nm, making it compatible with most composites, but without ultraviolet light or infrared spectrum for complete polymerization. Its built-in microprocessor includes three frequently used curing times: fast mode for 10 seconds at full power; pulse mode for 10 successive 1-second flashes at full power; and a ramping mode, which provides a 20-second cycle starting with 10 seconds with a linear power increase followed by 10 seconds at full power.

SP Newtron Ultrasonic Scaler

This multi-purpose ultrasonic scaler provides for a variety of dental treatment options and applications, including periodontics, root planing, endodontics, retreatment, and surgery. The diamond-coated tips are available in a variety of shapes, and carbon ultrasonic tips are available for implant maintenance. Additional features include a traction control feedback system for consistent and precise tip vibration, cruise control frequency tuning for reliable and efficient tip vibration with reduced tip wear, and smart drive amplitude control for smooth vibration throughout the procedure (Figure 5).

Titan®E-lectric Handpiece
The Titan® E-lectric (Figure 6) delivers consistent speed (selectable from 100 rpm to 200,000 rpm) and torque output for optimal control and tactile response. The powerful, concentric cutting action results in cleaner margins with no chattering or stalling. The whisper-quiet titanium motor eliminates the stressful and harmful whine of air turbine handpieces. Cellular glass-rod optics produce high light intensity for a clear view of the restorative field.

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Figure 1 The Galaxy Unit delivery system. Figure 2 The new Galaxy unit with Euro-style delivery head.
Figure 3 The Sopro 595 LED intraoral camera. Figure 4 The mini LED curing light.
Figure 5 The SP Newton Ultrasonic scaler. Figure 6 The Titan E-lectric handpiece.

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