Inside Dentistry
September 2006
Volume 2, Issue 7

Industry Insider

Sterilox Technologies Completes the Transformation to PuriCore

Sterilox Technologies, Inc, unveils its new identity and launches a new, improved Web site. Under its new structure, PuriCore becomes the parent organization for a variety of subdivisions, each dedicated to its own vertical market. Sterilox Dental is the PuriCore division dedicated to the advancement of disinfection technologies within oral health care.

Sterilox Dental produces products for dental unit water line safety, hard surface disinfection, oral therapies, and more. The secret behind the company’s success is its proprietary technology?Applied Aquametics™. This remarkable technology is able to create a synthetic form of hypochlorus solution?a protective substance found naturally in the human immune response. With its profoundly different approach in biocidal protection, Sterilox Dental can offer products that are more natural, completely safe, and very effective against bacteria, fungi, and other hazardous microorganisms.

To learn more, call Sterilox Dental at 1-800-604-1879 or visit our new Web site at www.puricore.com.

X-Rite in the Dental Industry
X-Rite is a world leader in color measurement solutions offering hardware, software, and services for the verification and communication of color data. The company serves a range of in­dust­ries, including graphic arts; digital imaging; industrial and retail color matching; medical and dental. Serving customers in more than 100 countries from its 20 offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, X-Rite brought their technology to dentistry in 2001 by introducing their ShadeVision system. ShadeVision provides simple and consistent shade measurement diagnosis for precise, quantifiable communications between the dental office and laboratory. X-Rite will be introducing another exciting product into the dental industry in October 2006. Sullivan-Schein/Zahn Dental serves as the exclusive distributor of X-Rite’s dental products. Visit www.xrite.com for more information.

BioDental Modeling Company Signs New CT Scan and Surgical Guide Partners

With the growing acceptance of its BioDental™ models for advanced implant planning and placement, BioMedical Modeling Inc is adding new partners to a growing list that includes C-Dental X-Ray, Inc, with 11 dental scanning centers throughout California and the Harvard Dental Center at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston.

In Manhattan, WP Dental Services is partnering with BioMedical Modeling to provide dental practices with the multislice (MDCT) and dental cone-beam images used to create anatomically accurate models of a patient’s mandible or maxilla. These models clearly distinguish between bone and soft tissue while clearly modeling teeth, roots, sinus features, and the inferior alveolar nerve channel to help both surgeon and restorative dentist visualize, plan, and place dental implants.

The Marotta Dental Studio is partnering with BioMedical Modeling to fabricate custom drill guides. Instead of using complex software to provide a series of measurements from a reference point, surgeons can now drill a BioDental model to show exactly where implants will go so drill guides can be made to the exact position, depth, and angle required.

The use of BioDental models not only improves communications among the surgeon, restorative dentist, and dental laboratory, they are also invaluable in explaining implant procedures to the patients to build a feeling of trust and confidence.

For more information about BioDental models call 1-888-246-6633 or visit www.biomodel.com.

Clinical and Scientific Data Demonstrate Performance of Impregum™ Penta™ Soft Quick Step Impression Material
3M™ ESPE™ announces the availability of “A Collection of Scientific Results” on Impregum Penta Soft Quick Step Impression Material, a comprehensive, easy-to-read source of clinical and scientific data. Since first being introduced in 2004, Impregum Penta Soft Quick Step has consistently met the high demands of both dentists and their patients with respect to quality and reliability. Now, clinicians can easily access the full range of studies from industry experts that document the material’s effectiveness. This collection, available in a convenient, pocket-edition booklet or online at www.3MESPE.com/impregumsoft, contains a summary of all available scientific research, third-party endorsements, and ratings.

In addition to clinical data, “A Collection of Scientific Results” features clinical surveys and user testimonials that translate the performance of Impregum Penta Soft Quick Step into clinical reliability and success.

“Impregum Penta Soft Quick Step impression material assists dentists in making faster impressions with maximum precision, without sacrificing quality and reliability,” says Karen Sullivan, marketing communications manager for 3M ESPE. “Dental professionals now have a convenient resource where they can easily obtain scientific data that demonstrates the high-quality performance of this innovative material.”

For more information, contact 3M™ ESPE™ Dental Products at 1-800-634-2249 or visit www.3MESPE.com/impregumsoft.

Air Techniques Headquarters Moved to Melville, Long Island
Air Techniques, Inc, manufacturers for the dental, medical, veterinary, and nondestructive testing markets, has moved its headquarters to Melville, Long Island. Air Techniques’ entire product line is created, developed, and manufactured at the new 200,000 square foot facility. These new headquarters house the company’s manufacturing, administrative, engineering, marketing, warehouse, shipping, and sales departments. The company also has a sales and distribution center on the west coast.

With a workforce of over 350 people, and a vertically integrated manufacturing plant, products are designed and manufactured using computer-controlled fabricating and testing equipment. All design and manufacturing activities comply with FDA Good Manufacturing and Design Practices. Air Techniques is an ISO 9001:2000 company. Air Techniques’ most popular product, the ScanX® Computed Radiography System, which uses reusable phosphor storage plates in place of film, makes digital radiography accessible to private practitioners. Formerly located in Hicksville, Long Island, the company made a commitment to remain on the Island, and moved to Melville in May 2006. Air Techniques, Inc, is dedicated to providing its global customer base with superior products supported by responsive customer service and expert technical assistance. All products are sold through its network of authorized dealers. For further information, visit www.airtechniques.com.

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