Inside Dentistry
Jul/Aug 2006
Volume 2, Issue 6

The Importance of Proper Denture Hygiene


Forty-nine million Americans currently have either full or partial dentures, and this number is expected to rise as the baby boomer generation ages. It is important that all denture wearers understand the role that daily, proper oral hygiene plays in denture appearance and overall oral health. A daily cleansing routine is critical in preventing the accumulation of plaque and bacteria on denture surfaces, which can lead to denture odor. By incorporating products such as Polident®, Super PoliGrip® cream and Comfort Seal Strips® (GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Moon Township, PA) into their daily routine, patients can feel more comfortable and confident with their dentures.


Polident helps keep dentures feeling clean and fresh by eliminating odor-causing bacteria. Daily soaking with Polident removes more stains, food particles, and plaque than brushing alone, leaving dentures feeling fresh and odor-free. Polident’s effervescent power cleans in between cracks and crevices—places where brushing alone may miss. Patients should brush and soak daily with Polident to help ensure proper oral hygiene.


Denture odor is a concern for many denture-wearers.1 Studies show that soaking with Polident eliminates 99.9% of odor-causing plaque and bacteria.2

Soaking dentures with Polident helps to remove tough stains such as food particles, tea, coffee, blueberry, and tobacco stains.

Polident is available in several formulas tailored to meet patients’ unique needs, including Polident® 3 Minute (Figure 1), Polident® Overnight Whitening, and Polident® Partials.

All varieties are available with Polident’s TripleMint Freshness formula, which works even harder to control denture odor. Seventy-one percent of denture cleanser users rated Polident with TripleMint Freshness better than their current cleanser for helping to control denture odor.3


New denture patients frequently set unrealistically high expectations—they often believe that their dentures will function as well as their natural teeth.4 Dental professionals can help manage patient expectations by ensuring that the patient understands that wearing dentures requires an adjustment period. Using a denture adhesive may help build patient confidence while providing psychological support. Super PoliGrip denture adhesive cream provides patients with added confidence, comfort, and improved biting efficacy.5 Strengthened bite force can allow patients to incise challenging foods, help improve stability and retention, and help patients eat and speak with confidence. In a recent study, Super PoliGrip increased patients’ bite force by a minimum of 55%.6


Denture adhesives like Super PoliGrip can allow patients to incise challenging foods,7 such as apples, pretzels, and even steak.

Super PoliGrip’s Ooze Control Tip™, a unique “flat-ribbon” nozzle, helps patients dispense the adhesive more efficiently and easily.

85% of adhesive users rated food occlusion as an important benefit of an adhesive.8 Super PoliGrip adhesive creates a soft barrier to help prevent trapped food particles from getting underneath dentures.

Super PoliGrip is available in four unique formulas: Super PoliGrip® Original, Super PoliGrip® Free (contains no artificial flavors or colors), Super PoliGrip® Ultra Fresh, and Super PoliGrip® Extra Care with PoliSeal™

Super PoliGrip Comfort Seal Strips provide the strong, all-day hold of cream adhesives without the mess or ooze of cream (upon application). Pre-measured strips deliver just the right amount of adhesive to form a strong seal and provide all-day hold. Comfort Seal Strips form a soft, light gel that acts as a barrier to fill gaps between dentures and gums. By providing strong, all-day hold, Comfort Seal Strips can help improve denture retention and patient confidence.

Face-to-face conversations with denture patients during routine dental exams are very important in helping them to understand their role in achieving denture success. Unfortunately, getting denture pa-tients in the office can be an added challenge—one report shows that only 19% remember their dentist’s instruction to come back for regular checkups.9 These patients may be unaware that regular visits to the dentist’s office are necessary to ensure proper denture fit and function. By recommending that patients incorporate Polident into their cleaning and soaking regimen, and use a denture adhesive such as Super PoliGrip cream or Comfort Seal Strips, you can help to ensure that your denture patients feel comfortable and confident with their dentures.

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