Inside Dentistry
June 2006
Volume 2, Issue 5

Industry Insider

OraPharma’s John Lenart Elected Secretary of the American Dental Education Association’s Corporate Council
OraPharma, Inc., is proud to announce that John Lenart, Senior Product Manager, was elected Secretary of the American Dental Education Association’s (ADEA) Corporate Council during the Association’s 83rd annual session in Orlando, Florida.

According to Dr. Richard Valachovic, Executive Director of the American Dental Education Asso­ciation, “The ADEA looks to our corporate members and their leadership to help provide vital support and thoughtful direction for our programs. We are grateful to have OraPharma, Inc. as a corporate member and pleased that John Lenart’s corporate colleagues have elected him to the leadership position of Secretary of the Corporate Council.”

The role of the ADEA Corporate Council is to serve as a liaison between the corporate and academic members of the Association; to impart corporate members’ knowledge to other Association members and to work with other component groups of the Association to encourage coordinated approaches to dental and allied dental education and care delivery.

“I am proud and honored to be elected by my peers as Secretary of the ADEA Corporate Council,” said Lenart. “The Council’s ability to improve the state of oral health in North America depends on the collaborative efforts of manufacturers and educators addressing the prevailing issues in dental education, research, and the delivery and access to quality oral healthcare for the improvement of overall public health.”  

Founded in 1981 by research chemist Byoung In Suh, BISCO is celebrating 25 years of service to dentistry. Consistent with the company’s roots, research and development is the heart of the company’s strategy.  For over 25 years, BISCO scientists have used state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to develop innovative products for restorative dentistry.

BISCO became a leader in adhesion dentistry in the 1990s with the introduction of its flagship products, ALL-BOND® 2 and ONE-STEP®. With ALL-BOND® 2, BISCO propagated the use of the total-etch and wet bonding techniques, now generally accepted protocol. Both then and now, BISCO offers its customers a high level of technical service and support for all of its products. Today, BISCO offers more than 30 brand name products including AELITEFLO™, BisCover™ LV, and the D.T. LIGHT-POST®. In 2002, BISCO continued to expand and reach new markets with the introduction of the TESCERA™ ATL™ (Aqua Thermal Light), Indirect Composite Restorative System for the dental laboratory. BISCO sells direct to dentists and laboratories in the US and through its exclusive distributors worldwide from its 91,000 square-foot headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Beyond the company’s focus on research, there is a strong corporate commitment to enhancing the industry through education. BISCO is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider and an Academy of General Dentistry Accepted National Sponsor. The BISCO INSTITUTE provides clinicians with education on current techniques and materials. BISCO also provides a number of unrestricted grants for dental institutions and research organizations worldwide.

BISCO stands behind their commitment to produce only the highest quality products that exceed the most demanding aesthetic standards. To learn more about BISCO products and the BISCO INSTITUTE call 800-247-3368 or visit www.bisco.com.

Celebrating 20 Years of CEREC
Anyone interested in CAD/CAM dentistry will not want to miss this amazing educational opportunity. Top dental educators such as doctors Karl Leinfelder, Mark Hyman, Ross Nash, and Tom Hedge will provide 16 hours of CE lectures, in addition to hands-on workshops. Tuition includes all lectures, meals, and entertainment–including a keynote address from Jay Leno and an exclusive Penn & Teller show. You won’t want to miss the highlight of the meeting, the “Fast Times at CEREC High” party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Register now at www.HappyBirthdayCEREC.com or call 888-CE-CEREC.

Lares Celebrates 50 Years
Lares Research, a company that offers leading-edge dental lasers and handpieces, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The company was founded in 1956 by Joe and Al Lares as a machine shop specializing in micro-precision machining and now markets technologically advanced dental products around the world.

Lares Research was originally located in San Carlos, California, where it offered its machining expertise to the growing electronics, instrument, and defense industries of the San Francisco Bay area and Silicon Valley. In the early 1970s, Lares became involved with supplying specialized components for a high-speed dental handpiece manufacturer. The company’s manufacturing expertise and experience with micro-precision machining was ideally suited to the manufacturing of handpieces. Soon, Lares was manufacturing a complete high-speed dental handpiece and became the licensed manufacturer for a major dental industry firm that then distributed the handpieces through its chain of retail stores under the S.S. White brand. This gave Lares additional experience with dental product manufacturing and increased the company’s understanding of the needs of the dentist.

In 1979, Lares launched its own patented high-speed handpiece. The handpiece represented a breakthrough in dental handpiece technology due to its small head size, high cutting power, and unmatched precision. It quickly established Lares as the No. 2 manufacturer of high-speed dental handpieces in the American market.

Headed since 1985 by Craig Lares, son of one of the company founders, Lares has broadened its product line to include air abrasion cavity preparation systems and hard and soft tissue lasers, while continuing to enhance its handpiece line by adding fiber-optic lighting and offering both low- and high-speed handpieces as well as electric handpieces. Part of this expansion was due to the acquisition of the dental division of Sunrise Technologies in 1997. The company has ISO 9000 and CE certification and is now located in Chico, California.

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