Inside Dentistry
May 2006
Volume 2, Issue 4

Practice Essentials

With the use of just 2 handpieces, KaVo Dental’s ELECTROtorque TLC Torque Limit Control brushless electric motor system. is an all-in-one solution to high-speed, low-speed, and torque-control endodontic needs. You can safely perform exact rotary endo procedures with optional auto-reverse and torque control with just the push of a button. The ELECTROtorque TLC easily integrates into your current delivery system and the faceplate can be remote-mounted for easy access. The short, brushless motor can be sterilized for improved asepsis. The system delivers smooth, precise, vibration-free operation with light water spray and easy-to-use preprogrammable speed and torque settings. The system offers a 3-year warranty and also incorporates all other outstanding features of the award-winning ELECTROtorque plus. For more information, please contact KaVo at 1-888-ASK-KAVO (1-888-275-5286) or visit www.kavousa.com.

Screw Post Extraction Kit

Dent Corp.’s Screw Post Extraction Kit removes screw posts made of steel, S-S, and titanium. The kit comes with 4 variations of trephine bur sizes ranging from 1.15 mm to 1.60 mm inside diameter. By using one of the 4 special counter-clockwise mandrels, the removal becomes easy and successful. To order or for more information please call your supply house or Dent Corp. Research & Development at 1-800-454-9244.

Vista’s Breeze™ Toothbrushes

Perfect as a patient take-home item, the Breeze™ toothbrush from Vista Dental Products offers soft DuPont® bristles and is available in 4 sizes—one for each member of the family: Adult Full Head, Adult Compact Head, Youth, and Junior. The brushes are individually wrapped and each style comes in a convenient dispenser box filled with 40 brushes in an assortment of 5 vibrant colors. The Breeze™ is a great toothbrush at an extremely affordable price. Additional product information and samples are available through Vista Dental Products by calling 1-877-418-4782 or visiting www.vista-dental.com.

NiTi K3 Shapers
SybronEndo, the endodontic marketing arm of Sybron Dental Specialties, introduces a rotary nickel titanium file line extension to the popular K3 system. The new K3 Shapers come in 0.12, 0.10, and 0.08 tapers with 25 tips. They are available in 17-mm, 21-mm, and 25-mm lengths. The K3 file is a 3-fluted asymmetric rotary NiTi file with recessed radial lands and a positive cutting angle. The K3 cuts efficiently, has great resistance to torsional stress, and demonstrates the flexibility required when negotiating virtually any case. The variable helical design of the K3 prevents the instrument from pulling itself into the canal and aids in debris removal. The K3 is easily adapted to any technique. With every taper now available, the K3 instrument can address canal shaping by apical tip diameter or by the use of varying tapers. To experience K3, please call SybronEndo at 1-800-346-3636, or visit www.SybronEndo.com.

Sensodyne® Fresh Impact Toothpaste
Sensodyne® Fresh Impact from GlaxoSmithKline has a unique formulation that may change patients’ perceptions of sensitivity toothpaste. Fresh Impact provides a unique combination of paste and gel in addition to a 25% increase in flavor concentration (when compared to the total flavor concentrations for the current US Sensodyne Fresh Mint and Extra Whitening formulas) for great taste and fresh breath. Fresh Impact is an effective, at-home treatment option for managing dentin hypersensitivity. In addition to great taste, Fresh Impact also provides fluoride for cavity protection and can be used as a patient’s everyday toothpaste for long-lasting sensitivity relief. Sensodyne maintains relief with regular use and is the only desensitizing toothpaste that has 8 different variants to meet the preferences of all patients. For more information, please visit www.dental-professional.com or call 1-800-652-5625.

Buffered Hydrofluoric Acid Gel.
Bisco Dental Products’ 9.5% Porcelain Etchant is a buffered hydrofluoric acid gel that saves time and improves the adhesive bond to porcelain, increasing the surface area of porcelain with an effect similar to sandblasting but producing more controlled and effective results. Bisco’s 9.5% Porcelain Etchant will microscopically roughen porcelain and glass surfaces. It is now available in 2 concentrations: 9.5% (to reduce etching time) and 4% (for more traditional use). Use either product to etch porcelain veneers, crowns, inlays, and onlays prior to cementation or for the repair of porcelain restorations.

Bisco’s 9.5% Porcelain Etchant is sold with Bisco’s Barrier Gel, which is used where etching is not desired. Both products are also sold in individual 5-g syringes.

To order or find out more about Bisco’s Porcelain Etchants, call Bisco at 1-800-247-3368 or visit www.bisco.com.

IPS Empress SMILE Patient Marketing Kit
Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.’s IPS Empress SMILE Patient Marketing Kit is an effective way of providing the marketing support you need, while at the same time communicating the life-changing effects an Empress SMILE can achieve for patients. The SMILE Patient Marketing Kit includes 25 Patient Information Brochures, including 7 SMILE stories, and a SMILE Poster that is sure to be an attention-grabber. Three SMILE Counter Cards are also included that can be placed in ideal locations to generate awareness of IPS Empress. The SMILE Patient Testimonial DVD provides a convenient method to hear about the life-altering SMILE makeovers firsthand from Empress SMILE patients. They will inspire patients to learn more about today’s all ceramic treatment options with IPS Empress. For more information, call 1-800-533-6825 in the US, 1-800-263-8182 in Canada, or send e-mail to mail@ivoclarvivadent.us.

Engine-driven Endodontic System

Endo-Express™ from Essential Dental Systems is an engine-driven instrumentation system utilizing reciprocation and SafeSiders® reamers. The marriage of the SafeSiders with the reciprocating handpiece produces outstanding results without the well-known complications and fears typically associated with rotary NiTi. The Endo-Express system is available with or without the air motor and in either 21-mm or 25-mm lengths. Also included is the SafeSiders Steri-Tracker™, which accommodates 16 instruments of all lengths. Attached to the tracker is a millimeter gauge that measures SafeSiders and positions the rubber stop. Large slotting provides visibility of SafeSiders and adequate draining during ultrasonic cleaning and sterilization. The foam inserts are great for holding/cleaning files or reamers. For more information please visit www.edsdental.com.

OsteoTherapy™ for Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, and Periodontics
Pharmaden has developed a unique proprietary formulation that significantly enhances bone remineralization called Osteotherapy. Dr. Ron Schefdore’s step-by-step approach DVD for periodontal wellness and 1-hour phone lunch-n-learn will energize your staff and explode profits. This functional approach employs the use of nutraceuticals: pharmaceutical grade nutrients that insure superior quality for greater efficacy and absorption and are balanced in the proper proportion to create the optimum synergistic blend. Osteotherapy was designed to assist the body in efficiently restoring optimal density to the alveolar bone involved in the procedures of orthodontia and oralsurgery as well as depletion due toperiodontitis. Osteotherapy is excellent for patients with tooth sensitivity and may also be used as a supplementation for bone loss associated with osteoporosis. Go to www.pharmaden.net or call 1-800-910-5523 for wholesale pricing (dentists only).

Scrub’n Glove Soap In 500-ml Pump
Essential Dental Systems’ Scrub’n Glove liquid soap is available in a 500-ml pump. The soap is specifically formulated with ingredients mined from the mineral rich Dead Sea. The combination of rich essential minerals (sodium chloride, calcium chloride, sulfate, potassium, and magnesium) regulates and maintains the water content of skin cells. This formula is water based so it will not compromise adhesive dentistry or glove integrity. It is also hypoallergenic, boasting clinical support of reduced allergic risk. Scrub’n Glove contains triclosan, a proven anti-bacterial agent. Scrub’n Glove is also available in the original 250-ml pump. To order, contact your dental dealer. For a free sample call Essential Dental Systems at 1-800-22-FLEXI. For more information please visit www.edsdental.com.

Customize Web Sites With CAESY Online 3.0
Patterson Dental Supply’s CAESY Online 3.0 is the newest version of CAESY Education Systems’ customizable Web-based tools, which enable dentists to create and deliver patient education materials from their own Web site. CAESY Online provides comprehensive, high-quality patient education content and easy-to-use online communication tools for dentists with web sites. For a monthly subscription fee, the hundreds of pages of dental health content are appended to the doctor’s web site and branded with the practice contact information. CAESY Online also includes a monthly newsletter, an e-mail manager, informative online health guides, and more. The latest version features the ability to track statistics on individual web site traffic, search engine optimization, an updated library of images, and the ability to register a domain name. For more information, visit www.caesy.com or call 1-877-229-9441.

2005 Dental Industry Review© Available

The Anaheim Group has released the 2005 Dental Industry Review, a 190-page comprehensive report of the key events in the worldwide dental industry for 2005. The 5th edition of the Review includes sections on acquisitions and sales multiples; bankruptcies and corporate restructuring; dental implant market shares; personnel changes; litigation; and market growth for equipment, consumables, over-the-counter oral care products, and implants. Distribution agreements, developments, and market shares are also covered. The 2005 Review also has a comprehensive Innovation Index that offers a complete list of dental FDA Product Marketing Clearances, United States Dental Patents, and the number of European Patent Office (EPO) and World International Patent Office (WIPO) Dental Patents issued in 2005. To order, visit dentalfax@sbcglobal.net or call 1-714-543-8007.

Software for Dental Implant Treatment Planning

BTI Scan® is a sophisticated yet user-friendly software program for dental implant treatment planning. It synthesizes CT images into visuals relevant to implant and oral surgical procedures. It measures bone density in Hounsfield units in the proposed implant and peri-implant sites to determine specific drilling sequences and provides precise visualization of mandibular canal, mental nerve marking, and implant placement simulation for all standard dental implant systems. It also allows plotting of the panoramic curve and versatility in selection of measurements between cuts. It has an unrivaled perspective in multiple presentation layouts—sectional, axial, and panoramic cuts and 3D models. For more information contact BTI of North America at 1-866-646-4067.

Color-Change VPS
Zhermack’s Colorbite is the first heat-related color-change VPS bite registration material. Colorbite is the first A-silicone to use thermochromic technology. Colorbite is visible magic; it is green at room temperature and becomes yellow at 35°C (95°F) in the mouth to indicate that setting is complete. Colorbite makes the dentist’s work easier and reduces the patient’s stress. It is designed to naturally record the bite occlusion quickly and precisely. Colorbite is lime flavored, fast setting (60 seconds), and extra rigid (45 Shore-D (99 Shore-A)). Colorbite is available in 2 x 50 ml cartridges and a 12 green mixing tips package. It fits the universal D2 dispenser. For more information, call Zhermack USA at 1-877-819-6206 or visit www.zhermack.com.

GUM® Dual-End Interdental Tools
Sunstar Butler’s GUM Dual End Snap>Ons interdental cleaning system features a Dual End Proxabrush® Snap>Ons system and a Dual End Sulcus Snap>Ons system, making it easier for those with special oral needs to keep their mouth plaque-free. The GUM Dual End Proxabrush Snap>Ons interdental cleaning system is ideal for people who need extra help reaching spaces between teeth or around bridges, implants, or for patients with galvanic sensitivity. The GUM Dual End Sulcus Snap>Ons system features soft bristles that gently and effectively clean along the gumline to reduce plaque and help fight gum disease. This product massages the gums interproximally and along the gingival margin help stop bleeding. It is ideal for patients who have had periodontal surgery, periodontal pockets, crowns, bridges, implants or orthodontic appliances. Dual End Proxabrush Snap>Ons and Sulcus Snap>Ons are available starter kits with handles and refills packaged together. For more information, please visit www.SunstarButler.com.

The Atlantis Abutment in Zirconia

The Atlantis Abutment in Zirconia, from Atlantis Components, Inc., combines esthetics, strength, precision, reliability, and simplicity in one product. Atlantis’ proprietary integrated design and manufacturing process provides a patient-specific, multiplatform zirconia abutment that needs no additional modification prior to placement. Independent testing confirms this all-zirconia abutment, manufactured from yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystals (Y-TZP), is the strongest and most reliable patient-specific ceramic abutment currently available. This abutment is delivered ready for fabrication of the final restoration. The Atlantis Abutment in Zirconia is available for most standard diameter external hex interfaces; additional interfaces are planned for introduction over the next several months. For more information about Atlantis, please visit www.atlantiscomp.com or call 1-877-828-5268.

New Solara Handpieces
DentalEZ Group has added three StarDental® handpieces to the Solara® product line: the SolaraPlus™, SolaraFlex™, and SolaraFlex™ Plus. They join the Solara Series of handpieces, which already includes the Solara model. These handpieces feature lightweight titanium construction, are lube-free, and have an elliptical shape for better tactile grip and bifurcated fiber-optic rods for increased light output with less bur shadow. The SolaraFlex features a small head for better access and maneuverability. The SolaraPlus and SolaraFlex Plus feature a 4-port spray for improved cutting and visibility. The SolaraFlex and SolaraFlex Plus connect to KaVo’s MULTIflex LUX® swivels. All four handpieces offer durability, flexibility, and easy access for maneuverability. Their strength and corrosion-resistance allow these handpieces to withstand the damaging effects of repeated heat sterilization and help retain their appearance. For more information, please call 1-866-DTE-INFO or visit us www.dentalez.com.

VersaBrush™ Rotational Utility Brush
VersaBrush™ from Vista Dental Products is described by endodontists as one of the most useful products they have seen in recent years. A rotational utility brush, VersaBrush was developed for cleaning post holes, endodontic access openings, and removing cement. VersaBrush can be used with EDTA, which will yield a squeaky-clean canal space. Additional product information and samples are available through Vista Dental Products by calling 1-877-418-4782 or visiting www.vista-dental.com.

The Practice Source Goes International

The Practice Source, a consulting company that provides practical resources for successful practices, has consultants available for international speaking engagements. Founders Debbie Castagna and Virginia Moore have more than 25 years of combined experience in the business and clinical aspects of dentistry and are coauthors of the management resource guides The Doctor as CEO and The Ultimate Staff. They have spoken at national dental conferences and regional dental meetings and given seminars for a variety of organizations and groups. This expertise is now being made available on an international basis. Seminars include “Take Control of Your Overhead,” “How to Assemble a Winning Team,” “Rejuvenate Your Practice,” “Perfect’ Payment Arrangements,” and “The Comprehensive New Patient Experience.” Programs can also be customized to the audience, organization, and venue. For more information or for fees and availability, please e-mail jtownsend@thepracticesource.com.

Table-Top Film Processor
The TG Group’s DentalMAX Film Processor is a professional-grade, table-top processor designed by Hope Technology to deliver high output in a compact space. Hope has been recognized for manufacturing the most reliable and diverse line of film processors covering the dental, medical, graphic arts, and photographic industries. The DentalMAX Film Processor handles all dental film and processing throughput potential is 3,000 No. 2 films (or 99 8”x10” films) per hour in a footprint of just 18” x 32”. The quiet, powerful, low-energy dryer easily dries film under any condition. A dual replenishment system allows the user to choose to replenish automatically or manually by push-button back-up. Separate drains provide for quick draining of solutions and easy use of silver recovery systems. With the optional closed-loop system, no external plumbing is required. The automatic energy and water saving standby system has a built-in jog feature that allows manual operation back-up. For more information, call 1-800-388-6236.

MCC Equipment’s Orthodontic Chair
MCC Equipment, manufacturer of the Elite Traverse™ Patient Chair, introduces the MCC Orthodontic Chair, which is designed to complement MCC orthodontic mobile and fixed cabinets. The MCC Orthodontic Chair features a fixed pedestal base with manual height adjustment and motorized adjustable back. The chair’s contour and upholstery assures patient comfort while giving clinicians excellent access to the oral cavity. An adjustable headrest enables optimal positioning of the patient’s head. Folding articulating arms are available as an option. The MCC Orthodontic Chair can accommodate all standard dental lights. The powder-coated contoured base plate gives the operator excellent patient access. The chair is available in a variety of colors of easy-care Naugahyde® upholstery. Operator stools in matching colors are also available. The product is covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and is available through most major dental product dealers. Please call 1-800-388-6236 or visit www.mccequipment.com for more information.

EVA Intraoral Digital X-Ray System
You will be rewarded both clinically and financially with the EVA Intraoral Digital X-Ray System from DENT-X. With multiple enhancement tools, EVA produces sharp, high-quality diagnostic images. Feel secure with EVA’s free lifetime manufacturer’s tech support and free 3-year warranty. And EVA can save you thousands of dollars when interfacing with Dent-X’s ProImage and leading image management software suites. For more information, call Dent-X at 1-800-225-1702.

Smile Style Guide 3rd Edition
The Third Edition of the Lorin Library Smile Style Guide is available for $99, priced right for new buyers, dentists needing replacement copies, and labs needing multiple copies. The 88-page Smile Style Guide is intended to help patients select among the various tooth shape and size options when undergoing comprehensive cosmetic dental treatment. Illustrated with full-color photography, the spiral bound guide details the 18 anterior shape variations as well as 4 relative length options. The Smile Guide pioneers the3-step method of classifying a smile design beginning with the selection of the cuspid shape, followed by the selection of the incisal shape combination, and finally the selection of the relative length of the 6 anterior teeth. The various smiles are all shown on the same patient for comparison in close-up smile, side smile, and portrait views. For more information or to order, contact Digident at 1-800-741-7966 or visit www.digident.com.

Remote Support from Patterson Dental

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc., introduces Remote Support, an online tool allowing Patterson technology customers to share their desktop with a Patterson support specialist for live support. Powered by WebEx, Remote Support enables customers to troubleshoot, send, and receive files, or go through step-by-step training with a Patterson support specialist. During a Remote Support session, the Patterson support specialist can annotate and highlight information on the customer’s screen, view system information such as available random access memory (RAM) to ensure the customer has enough to support the software, or confirm the software has been installed properly. Remote Support is available to Patterson EagleSoft, Patterson hardware, Schick digital X-ray, eMagine, and CEREC customers Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST and Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST. For more information about Remote Support, call 1-800-475-5036 or contact a local Patterson Technology Representative.

SquirtBrush® Interdental Brush
The patented design of the SquirtBrush from Case Dental and Medical Supply Inc. allows liquid oral rinse to flow from a squeezable bottle in the handle to the interdental brush tip. Designed by a dentist to assist patients in the maintenance of difficult areas, this brush allows site-specific application of different medicated rinses while brushing. SquirtBrush® - Refillable (R) allows the user the flexibility of filling the bottle with any oral rinse agents as suggested by their dental professionals. SquirtBrush® - Professional (P) comes attached to a standard luer-lock syringe for use by dental professionals in chair-side applications. SquirtBrush® - Disposable (D) comes prefilled and unit-dosed with specific oral rinse for a wide variety of one-time applications, such as for travel, for patients in home-care settings, and for those patients who may have difficulty in managing the refillable version. For more information, please contact Case Dental and Medical Supply Inc. at 1-909-598-0958, or visit www.squirtbrush.com, or www.cdmsupply.com

INSTAFRESH™ Hand Sanitizer
Sultan Healthcare’s INSTAFRESH instant hand sanitizer was designed to decontaminate and refresh hands quickly without the use of water in a hygienic, no touch dispenser. INSTAFRESH is a 70% ethanol formulation that complies with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Hand Hygiene Recommendations. It provides 99.9% effectiveness in 30 seconds against pathogens such as: Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Herpes Simplex Type 1, Influenza A2, and HIV-1 (AIDS Virus). INSTAFRESH contains special moisturizers to keep hands soft and clean, reducing dryness and cracking. No sticky residue or overpowering fragrance will remain on hands. Its low viscosity formulation makes it easy to spread and cover the entire hand surface. The no-touch design of the TOUCH-LESS™ Sanitizer Dispenser helps reduce the risk of cross contamination that can occur with pump type dispensers. For more information please contact Sultan Customer Service at 1-201-871-1232 or 1-800-637-8582, or visit www.sultanhealthcare.com.

ParaPost® ParaCore™ Automix 5 ml
Coltène/Whaledent Inc.’s ParaPost ParaCore Automix 5 ml syringe is ideal for automatic mixing and precise direct application. With the smaller mixing tips, there is up to 80% less waste compared to larger cartridge systems. The ParaPost ParaCore Automix 5 ml cuts like dentin and has a nonslumping, stackable consistency that allows build-up either free-hand or with the assistance of ParaForm™ core formers. ParaCore has excellent strength characteristics, comes in 2 shades (white or dentin), is radiopaque, and has fluoride release. It can also be used as a post cement as well as a core material. ParaCore Automix 5 ml Introduction Kit comes with free ParaBond® adhesive and ParaForm core formers. For additional information, call 1-800-221-3046.

Patient Brochure on Sealants
Pulpdent Corporation, manufacturer of Embrace™ WetBond™ Pit and Fissure Sealant, is offering an informative patient brochure that promotes patient education, oral health, and also serves as a practice builder. The new Pulpdent patient brochure explains how sealants are applied and why they work. Frequently asked questions such as “When should teeth be sealed?” and “How long will the sealants last?” are answered. Clear illustrations show how the fast, easy, painless procedure is performed. The brochure includes a brief summary of a clinical study to demonstrate the success of Embrace sealant use. The study showed that after a minimum of 2 years, none of the 1,102 teeth sealed with the Embrace WetBond Pit and Fissure Sealant had developed caries on the sealed occlusal surfaces. The Pulpdent Sealant Brochure is available upon request by calling 1-800-343-4342 or via e-mail at pulpdent@pulpdent.com, subject: sealant brochure.

Piezo Advantage from Vista Dental
Vista Dental Products is proud to announce the versatility of its Piezo Advantage. The Piezo Advantage is powerful enough to remove the most tenacious of calculus while eliminating hand fatigue and patient sensitivity. The Piezo Advantage offers a compact, functional design utilizing a small profile, removable and autoclavable control covers, and the versatility of being either wall, stand, or pole mounted. The Piezo Advantage offers an extensive range of over 40 hygiene/periodontal and endodontic tips to suit your needs. Modular units of the Advantage are also available to build into your chair or cart systems. Additional product information is available through Vista Dental Products at 1-877-418-4782 or by visiting www.vista-dental.com.

Cytoplast® Ti-250 ?Singles?
Cytoplast Ti-250 “Singles,” the newest addition to the Cytoplast® Line of GTR Membranes, are ideal for buccal wall defects, and the unique construction of high-density PTFE and titanium provides support for the underlying surgical site. Cytoplast membranes do not require primary closure and are simple to use. Osteogenics Biomedical, Inc. offers a full line of GTR Membranes, both resorbable and nonresorbable as well as PTFE suture. For more information, visit t www.cytoplast.com or call 1-888-796-1923 or 1-806-796-1923.

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