Inside Dentistry
April 2006
Volume 2, Issue 3

Practice Essentials

Super PoliGrip® Comfort Seal Strips™
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare’s Super PoliGrip Comfort Seal Strips provide denture adhesive in premeasured strips for easy application. By recommending Comfort Seal Strips, dental professionals now can help patients who prefer an alternative to cream adhesives improve their denture-wearing experience, there by increasing confidence, comfort, and security. Super PoliGrip Comfort Seal Strips are premeasured to provide the right amount of adhesive every time, without any ooze or mess upon application. The adhesive strip forms a soft, light gel that acts as a barrier to fill gaps between denture and gums, which may not only increase comfort but bite-force as well. Comfort Seal Strips’ advanced technology helps prevent food particles from getting trapped underneath dentures. The strips are designed to hold dentures securely in place for strong, all-day hold and are easy to remove. For more information about Super PoliGrip Comfort Seal Strips visit www.dental-professional.com or call 1-800-652-5625.

Brochure Outlining BioDental Models

A brochure from Biomedical Modeling Inc. outlines how BioDental models clearly distinguish between bone and soft tissue while highlighting the inferior alveolar nerve channel to aid in visualizing, planning, and placing dental implants. Photos show how these models clearly depict teeth, roots, and sinus features; provide a surgical guide; and can be incorporated into articulated models. The brochure explains how BMi translates CT scans into accurate models of a patient’s mandible or maxilla. A laser sculpts photopolymer resin to create a stereolithographic model that can be used to make the precise measurements needed to fabricate drilling guides. Working with these models, dental labs can fabricate custom drill guides, as well as bone, tooth, or gingival supported stents, and diagnostic wax-ups. For a copy of the brochure or for more information, contact Biomedical Modeling Inc. at 1-888-246-6633 or www.biomodel.com.

Gutta Percha Cutter

The Gutta Cut from Dent Corp. cuts gutta percha in a predictable, repetitive, and completely safe manner, saving time and stress. Place the Gutta Cut into the pulp chamber when it is still cold. When correctly positioned, press the operating button and the tip heats to the correct temperature within a fraction of a second. As soon as the gutta percha has been cut, release the operating button and the tip cools immediately. The Gutta Cut can be then safely removed from the patient’s mouth. All this can be performed without the need for an assistant. Lightweight and ergonomic, the Gutta Cut is rechargeable and can carry out up to 50 gutta percha cuts on a single charge. To order or for more information please call your supply house or Dent Corp. Research & Development at 1-800-454-9244.

TempBond®Auto-Mix Syringe
Kerr Corporation’s TempBond® cements are now available in convenient auto-mix syringes, joining a complete line of formulations and delivery systems that includes convenient, single-patient Unidose® packets and easy to mix tubes. Available in TempBond® Original, TempBond® NE™, and TempBond® Clear™, the TempBond family of temporary cements offers the perfect formulation for every clinical situation. TempBond Original is a self-cure, eugenol-based material with a long record of clinical excellence. TempBond NE, a self-cure, noneugenol temporary cement, will not inhibit the polymerization of resin cements and acrylic temporaries, and it offers an alternative to patients allergic to eugenol. TempBond Clear, a resin-based, dual-cure temporary cement, is pending FDA market clearance, expected soon. For more detailed information on TempBond provisional cements or any Kerr dental products, please visit www.kerrdental.com, contact your local Kerr representative, or call Kerr Customer Service at 1-800-KERR-123.

RealSeal™ Endodontic Filling Material
RealSeal, SybronEndo’s clinically tested, resin-based endodontic filling material, has the same radiopacity of gutta percha, resulting in radiographs that the doctor will be comfortable with. RealSeal made with Resilon™ creates a true monoblock between the resin-based filling material and the sealer, resulting in substantially less leakage. RealSeal also is completely and easily retreatable. RealSeal can be used with any obturation technique, from cold lateral to warm vertical techniques. The practitioner has the option to choose from nonstandard or standard points as well as pellet filling material. The handling properties and thermoplastic qualities of RealSeal are similar to that of conventional gutta percha. Please contact SybronEndo 1-800-346-ENDO or your authorized SybronEndo dealer to try RealSeal today.

Bone Chips for Tissue-regeneration
MinerOss™, the newest tissue-regeneration product from BioHorizons®, is a mineralized blend of cortical and cancellous bone chips sized from 750 to 1400 microns. MinerOss provides the unique benefits found in each bone type and delivers a clinician-preferred size range to suit a wide range of indications. The faster resorbing cancellous chips provide an excellent osteoconductive scaffold for early bone formation. The slower resorbing cortical chips provide space maintenance and serve as a radiographic marker. MinerOss is processed by Osteotech, which, according to the manufacturer, has processed over 1 million grafts without a single documented incidence of disease transmission. Call 1-888-246-8338 or visit www.biohorizons.com for more information.

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