October 2005
Volume 1, Issue 1

Product Launches

Orthoralix 8500 Panoramic System Offers Highest Image Quality Within Everyone’s Reach

KaVo Dental Corporation/Gendex Dental Systems have introduced a new market-changing imaging product: the Orthoralix 8500 Panoramic System. An entry-level panoramic radiograph system, the Orthoralix 8500 provides superior imaging performance as a result of the multi-motorized rotation and tubehead with a 0.4 mm focal spot.

The unit is available for film or digital imaging. The film-based system can be upgraded in the future to direct-digital imaging using a dedicated DDE digital upgrade kit or an indirect-digital system, such as the Gendex DenOptix QST phosphor plate technology.

Simple and stable patient positioning is achieved through the use of multiple laser references, lateral positioning is achieved through the use of multiple laser referenced, lateral positioning devices, a handgrip, and integrated chin rest. With its contoured and esthetic design, the unit easily integrates into every office. The telescopic column makes the unit extremely compact and easy to clean.

To ensure the most efficient workflow, the Orthoralix 8500 features 2 control panels that are mounted directly on the unit, eliminating the need to operate the system through a dedicated computer. One touchpad manages the system movements, while the other controls the technique factors. The Orthoralix 8500 connects directly to the office network and works with virtually all practice management software. For more information, call 1-888-275-5286, or visit www.gendex.com/8500.

Introducing BisCover™ Low Viscosity (LV) Brush-On Liquid Polish From Bisco

Bisco, Inc. is pleased to introduce BisCover LV, a new low-viscosity, light-cured, brush-on liquid polish and esthetic sealant. The light-cured resin formulation is used to seal restorations while leaving a smooth polished/glazed surface. Due to its unique proprietary chemistry, BisCover LV cures without a sticky oxygen-inhibited layer. In addition, BisCover LV may reduce or even eliminate the need for manual polishing. It is recommended for use both intra- and extra-orally on direct and indirect composites, provisionals, acrylic appliances, and resin-modified glass ionomers. BisCover LV cures to a hard, smooth-polished surface, eliminating the patient discomfort that often results from manual polishing techniques. BisCover LV is sold individually in a 5-ml bottle or as a kit. Sealing and polishing with BisCover LV helps increase patient satisfaction while saving time, making it ideal for every general dental practice. To order or for more information, call Bisco at 1-800-247-3368, or visit www.bisco.com.

With Endo-Express™ and SafeSiders™, You Can Stop Running In Circles

The Endo-Express is an engine-driven instrumentation system that uses reciprocation and SafeSiders reamers to make rotary irrelevant. The marriage of the SafeSiders with the reciprocating handpiece produces outstanding results, without the complications and fears typically associated with rotary nickel-titanium (NiTi) instrumentation. Better yet, it’s a fraction of the cost!

Unlike rotation, reciprocation places less stress on instruments because the instrument is only moving 45 degrees in either direction. This motion prevents binding, which can lead to instrument distortion and separation. When reciprocation and SafeSiders reamers are combined, you will discover that due to the patented flat side of the SafeSiders, the reamers are more efficient than files and NiTi instruments. This flat side works as a chisel in both the clockwise and counterclockwise motion, allowing you to proceed through the tooth and remove debris with unexpected ease.

Testimonials about the Endo-Express include:

“For me, the SafeSiders and the Endo-Express make sense from an efficiency, result, safety, and cost point of view!”... Dr. Arturo Garcia

“I have to say, the Endo-Express/SafeSiders combo is incredible. It makes using the SafeSiders more effortless and much more efficient in my hands.”... Dr. Jim Hazlett

For more information, visit www.edsdental.com, or call Essential Dental Systems, Inc. at 1-201-487-9090.

Zenith Dental Products Introduces “Lines™” Water Line Cleaner

Zenith Dental Products, working with an exclusive distribution agreement with Micrylium Laboratories of Canada, introduces Lines water line cleaner. Lines meets and exceeds the Centers for Disease Control standard of care specifications and is environmentally safe for dental office equipment, as well as dental staff and patients. Lines is a chlorhexidine-based product and can also be used for hygiene procedures, protecting the dental staff and patients from bacterial aerosols generated by scaling. It is glycerin-free and will not jeopardize dental bonding. It does not contain peroxide, so it won’t corrode metals or clog valves in dental instrumentarium. For more information, contact Zenith Dental Products at 1-800-662-6383, or visit www.zenithdental.com.

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